Feb. 25th, 2017

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After trash-talking Irredeemably Toxic Shithole for at least the past two years now, a few of the whiny shitbags have finally started harassing me on Twitter over it. *eye roll* Half of me is vaguely annoyed by it, and half of me is idly wondering what took them so long. Either way, it doesn't matter at all. It just lets me put Twitter's Block button to good use.

In particular, they're taking offense at my recent repetition of something I said long ago, which is that many GamerGaters try to claim that any of the asinine dumbshit that GamerGaters are wont to do is actually not done by GamerGaters at all but is instead the result of "false flag" operations by anti-GGers/trolls in some vast conspiracy to discredit GamerGate. Additionally, trying to counter that by saying that one, as a GamerGater, actually did try to legitimately call out the doxxing, rape-threatening dumbfucks in GamerGate is like saying "Just because I'm a member of the KKK doesn't mean I hate black people. I totally called out the KKK members who are acting like white supremacists and burning crosses."


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