Mar. 17th, 2017

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Hey, look, it's the rarely seen pissy rant that, for once, isn't about Trump and/or the video game industry.


Ma and I went to Walmart today (among other places). We were going to buy groceries. We had her checkbook with us. We did not have her NC ID card with us. Walmart refused to accept her check without her ID card.

Okay, fine, if this had been the first time that we'd tried to use her checks to buy groceries in Walmart and they had told us this, then that still would have been super annoying, but understandable. Store policy is store policy and all that. It's why we always bring her ID card with us when we buy stuff at Ingles in Walnut Cove, since they also require ID cards/driver's licenses to use checks there.

However, the reason that this pisses me off so much is that the previous time we were in Walmart and bought groceries with Ma's check and didn't have her NC ID card with us, the cashier let me use my ID card (aka my driver's license). The cashier told us that it was okay to use mine as long as I was with Ma. Hell, it was the cashier who fucking suggested it in the first place, as I wouldn't have thought to try that myself. Then, when I explicitly asked that cashier if we needed to bring Ma's ID card next time, she told us no, we didn't, because Ma was "in the system now."

Today, though, both the (different) cashier and the manager that they called over said nope, we couldn't use Ma's check without Ma's NC ID card. So, honestly, I don't know if I should be more pissed off at these ones from today, or the one from the previous visit who apparently told us fucked up horseshit.

In any case, I said, well, okay, Ma and I will just be going to Food Lion instead. They offered to hold the groceries for us while I went home and got Ma's ID card. As that would have taken around 30 minutes or so, I declined. And so, we simply walked out of the store and left the cart full of groceries for them to deal with. Fuck 'em all. *shrug*

This actually turned out as a net gain for us, aside from the time wasted and annoyance caused in Walmart. At Food Lion, not only did we get what we wanted for $10 less than what we would have paid at Walmart, we also got twice as many boxes of Diet Mist Twst[1] 12-packs than we would have at Walmart, because they were on sale at Food Lion for pretty much half what they cost at Walmart. And, of course, they did not require Ma to have her fucking NC ID card to use her checks at Food Lion (and never have).

So, lesson learned: Walmart can go fuck itself, as far as I'm concerned. I have no more use for them, at least for the foreseeable future. (On a semi-related note, the men's room in that Walmart was one of the vilest, most disgusting public restrooms I've ever had the displeasure to use in quite a long while.)

[1] - The fact that the product that used to have the perfectly okay name of "Sierra Mist" was recently renamed to that asinine, misspelled "Mist Twst" bullshit is a whole other rant entirely.


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