Mar. 22nd, 2017

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It happened yet again.

I went to pay my Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum) bill, and, once again, I saw that it had been jacked up arbitrarily by $10 more than what it had been. I immediately called them again and was told, both by the computer and by the agent the computer transferred me to, that it was because my previous rate was yet another goddamned "promotional rate" that had "expired." I wasn't aware that my previous rate was a "promotional rate," but whatever. Bullshit is bullshit.

So, I told the guy to just downgrade me from the "standard" package to the "basic" package, which is around 20mbps, down from the 50mbps that it (ostensibly) was before. Honestly, I doubt I'll see much of a difference, outside of the occasional Steam download or torrent or whatever.

And now, I am supposedly going to be paying the same as what I was paying before (but for lesser service), but this time, at least, the guy told me that it's a "retail" rate and not a "promotional" rate. As such, he said I should not expect it to be jacked up again arbitrarily next year, unless there is a "company-wide change" and subsequent increase in quality of service, similar to what they did last year. Because I explicitly asked him if my rate would be arbitrarily jacked up yet again last year, and I also told him that I had been told in the past, on more than one occasion, that my rate was locked in and wouldn't be jacked up due to "promotional rates," which of course turned out to be utter horseshit, obviously.

So, anyway, the bottom line is that I am now paying the same as what I was paying prior to this month's arbitrary jack up, which is $10 more than what I was paying last year, for the level of service that I had last year (which is the level of service that the "standard" package had last year), after downgrading from the service that I'd been getting this year. However, that is somewhat understandable, I suppose, given that they did actually improve the overall quality of the service across all tiers, so that's mostly fine. I.e. the service that I'm getting now (at the "basic" tier) is indeed actually the same as or perhaps even a bit better than what I was getting before (at what used to be the "standard" tier, before they did the upgrades). So I won't complain about that too awfully much, just so long as the don't jack my fucking bill up for no good reason again next year. We'll fucking see, I guess.

Hmm, I wonder if the "Jason" I talked to this year was the same "Jason" I got disconnected from last year. He was a lot more helpful this year, if it was the same guy, so I guess I won't be adding the "customer service sucks" tag to this one.


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