Mar. 29th, 2017

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"The man known as the world’s worst director is now retired and running a Vancouver restaurant. But he’s still not done waiting for the world to give him his due."

Via [ profile] rabbitucker, over on Facebook (friends-only post, so no link).

I'll just copy/paste the comment I left over there:

Well, I hope he does a better job of running a restaurant than he did making video game movies, because if he does *worse,* people will probably literally die, somehow, through food poisoning or cutlery mishaps or like in that Canadian PSA where the woman spills the boiling oil on herself.
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I would have been pretty ecstatic for this... if I hadn't already bitten on a Steam sale for this game a few months ago (which, apparently, I never even bothered to post about here on LJ). *weary sigh*

Oh well, maybe the redesigned and (hopefully) improved combat will get me back into it. I only made it up to the third area (Blue Mountains) before losing interest in it, before. The setting, the storylines, the general atmosphere of the game were great. It was the tedious gameplay that was not so great.


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