Apr. 11th, 2017

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After leaving Livejournal for good and migrating all my old entries over here to Dreamwidth, here is my first true entry to Dreamwidth. So... yay!

On looking back through my old, imported-from-LJ entries, the only issue I see right off is that none of the <lj-embed> tags made it through (i.e. Youtube videos). I might go back through my old entries and fix those, since I know I haven't used very many of those, but I might not bother, except with entries that are easier to find, like those in the resistance tag and such.

(EDIT) Well, and there's the issue where every single link to a previous entry is apparently still pointing to LiveJournal, instead of the equivalent Dreamwidth entry. I'm not even about to go back and fix every one of those instances. ¬_¬ I'll fix them as I see them, though. (EDIT)

Beyond that, though, aside from waiting for the importation process to complete, it has been a pretty painless transition.

(Ooh, and it looks like Dreamwidth still has the feature that they inexplicably removed from LJ where you can mix custom moods with existing mood icons. I remember when they removed that from LJ, I reported it as a bug, and they replied with "working as intended." Yet another reason to say "Fuck LiveJournal," I guess.)

(EDIT 2) Another plus for Dreamwidth: it supports https, whereas LiveJournal does not. (/EDIT 2)


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