Apr. 17th, 2017

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After making the change on LiveJournal that I mentioned in a previous post and starting a second import, importing of both entries and comments completed without a problem. All the entries that I'd already imported and edited (mostly to fix Youtube embeds, though I still have a ton more of those to manually fix at some point) weren't affected by the second import, which is nice.

So yeah, if you got a lot of errors during importing entries, you might want to try the above fix and do a second import. It'll still take another two or three days or so, but it might be worth it.
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(EDIT) Added some more tweets, 4-19-2017, which show that I'm kinda a bit dumb. ^^; (/EDIT)

Twitter embeds behind cut )

TL;DR version: It seems that I am a "Goodreads Author" now, thanks to some fanfics I wrote that someone other than me added to Goodreads.

Mostly unrelated issues: 1) Twitter embeds obviously don't look the same on Dreamwidth as they did on LiveJournal, though that's okay as long as the content is there, and 2) I've got to get used to using just <cut> instead of the old <lj-cut> tag.

(EDIT) And I could edit my page all along. It's just that I was trying to change my name to... well... my name, but apparently someone else who has the same name as me already had an Author page on Goodreads. I was able to use my full first name instead of the nickname, though, and that worked okay. (/EDIT)


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