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As cool as the rest of the video may have been, the first five minutes or so demonstrate why I will most likely never be buying this game, unless I see it on a 90% Steam sale or maybe as part of a Humble Bundle or something.
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Just putting this here so it'll be more easily accessible for future use. It has already gotten a lot of use lately, as it is, and I'm getting tired of looking it up on Facebook.

Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.
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That's pretty interesting. I'd heard of the Broadcast Satellite stuff before, but had never actually seen any of the games from it until now.
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Just want to pause for a moment before I go to bed to say that Dragon's Dogma is a pretty damn good video game. Yeah, I know, I'm behind the times on this by around five years or so, but whatever. Better late than never.

(Yes, I know it's a Capcom game, but still. If you've got Capcom on your shitlist these days, as I do, for the most part, I'd still recommend potentially making an exception for this. For what it's worth, I didn't pay attention to the fact that this was a Capcom game until after I bought it on a dirt cheap sale on Steam.)
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The Moscow Project

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I'm going to embed my tweets below, but if you'd rather read it on Twitter itself (where it'll probably be prettier), here is my Twitter thread response to this other Twitter thread (as retweeted by [personal profile] tokoz's [protected] Twitter).

Huge Twitter thread behind cut )

This is, of course, assuming that we still actually have a chance to pull the emergency brake on this runaway train before it sails over the cliff. This is assuming the original thread above isn't correct about the GOP allowing Trump to somehow get away with something utterly, ridiculously, irreversibly[1], abjectly asinine, like getting rid of any further elections altogether.

[1] - Well, not irreversible in the sense that the rest of the country would let him get away with it, of course. (Civil War 2.0, anyone?)
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I say with no exaggeration whatsoever that anyone and everyone who uses the Internet in any way for any reason needs to watch this video.

Also, visit the following page, click the "+ Express" link, and leave a comment: http://www.gofccyourself.com/

Now, that should redirect you to the following: https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/search/proceedings?q=name:((17-108%29%29

If it does not, just use the second link.
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Here is the article to which they are referring: "Video Games Are Better Without Stories"

Ah, yes... that old "video games don't need/shouldn't try to have stories" chestnut, yet again. So banal. Without going into much of a long-winded, tiresome rant again, I'll just say that I agree with Pat and Ian here, and mostly disagree with the article in question.

If you took a game like, for example, Planescape: Torment and removed the story, what you'd have is something vastly inferior. So yeah, to say that video games (as though all video games are some sort of homogeneous, monolithic entity) are better without stories is a rather asinine declaration, in my opinion.

"All literature is just fanfiction of The Epic of Gilgamesh." I don't know who originally said that, and I'm not sure I agree with the statement, but still, that's what I kept thinking of every time the guy in the article kept going on about how video games just restructured stuff from older games (i.e. Gone Home coming from BioShock, etc.) and such.

Also, the guy talking about "teen fare," as if literature intended to be enjoyed by a younger audience is somehow innately inferior, is a rather noxious premise as well.
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Latest addition: May 5, episodes 69 and 70.

All previous episodes can be found in this tag.

Youtube embeds behind cut )
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I recently sent messages via their websites to Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr and to House Representative Mark Walker concerning the Trump FCC attempt to destroy Net Neutrality, undoing the good work that President Obama had put into place supporting it.

This is the response I received from Senator Tillis:

Stupid bullshit behind cut )

In other words, to put it bluntly, Senator Tillis has opted to be a part of the problem, rather than the solution. I don't know why I was expecting otherwise. As such, as I did in the past, I will be voting against him again the next time he is up for reelection in 2020.
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"This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for every American."

As I said on Facebook: We've long known that this was coming, but that doesn't make the ass it sucks any less encrusted.

Let me just say this, yet again: Fuck Donald Trump. Fuck all of Donald Trump's lickspittles. Fuck everyone who still supports Donald Trump even a little bit or who still think he's somehow doing a good job.

And, most importantly in this case, fuck anyone and everyone who is benefiting in any way from this destruction of net neutrality.
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The ridiculous extent to which companies are going on this whole "licensing vs owning" horseshit is egregiously, abjectly, asininely beyond the pale at this point. It's honestly difficult for me to express in mere words just how goddamn out of fucking hand I think this is.

(Article via [personal profile] tokoz via Facebook.)
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Latest addition: April 18, episode 60.

All previous episodes can be found in this tag.

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(EDIT) Added some more tweets, 4-19-2017, which show that I'm kinda a bit dumb. ^^; (/EDIT)

Twitter embeds behind cut )

TL;DR version: It seems that I am a "Goodreads Author" now, thanks to some fanfics I wrote that someone other than me added to Goodreads.

Mostly unrelated issues: 1) Twitter embeds obviously don't look the same on Dreamwidth as they did on LiveJournal, though that's okay as long as the content is there, and 2) I've got to get used to using just <cut> instead of the old <lj-cut> tag.

(EDIT) And I could edit my page all along. It's just that I was trying to change my name to... well... my name, but apparently someone else who has the same name as me already had an Author page on Goodreads. I was able to use my full first name instead of the nickname, though, and that worked okay. (/EDIT)
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After making the change on LiveJournal that I mentioned in a previous post and starting a second import, importing of both entries and comments completed without a problem. All the entries that I'd already imported and edited (mostly to fix Youtube embeds, though I still have a ton more of those to manually fix at some point) weren't affected by the second import, which is nice.

So yeah, if you got a lot of errors during importing entries, you might want to try the above fix and do a second import. It'll still take another two or three days or so, but it might be worth it.
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Angry Joe, ranting about more bullshit copyright claims on his videos, shows once again how absolutely fucking broken current copyright laws are and also demonstrates why I personally have less than zero interest in ever trying to use Youtube for anything at all.
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...as I am, then this might be of some help, especially if you have a journal with really old entries in it. I don't know for sure if it will help, just that it might.

The gist: go here and change (or initially set, if both are blank) both settings to "Western European (Windows)" and it might help stop all the errors.

(EDIT) Seems like it might have helped. When I turned my computer on and checked just now, the only other messages I've gotten since then were two "Your entries have been imported successfully" and "Your comments have been imported successfully" messages. Even so, I started a second import that will hopefully snag any entries that didn't get imported in the previous one. Hopefully a bunch of duplicate entries won't show up on this journal, because that would really suck. >_>; I don't think that will be the case, though, since one of the extra options mentioned something about "re-importing previously imported entries" and I didn't check that one. (/EDIT)
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After leaving Livejournal for good and migrating all my old entries over here to Dreamwidth, here is my first true entry to Dreamwidth. So... yay!

On looking back through my old, imported-from-LJ entries, the only issue I see right off is that none of the <lj-embed> tags made it through (i.e. Youtube videos). I might go back through my old entries and fix those, since I know I haven't used very many of those, but I might not bother, except with entries that are easier to find, like those in the resistance tag and such.

(EDIT) Well, and there's the issue where every single link to a previous entry is apparently still pointing to LiveJournal, instead of the equivalent Dreamwidth entry. I'm not even about to go back and fix every one of those instances. ¬_¬ I'll fix them as I see them, though. (EDIT)

Beyond that, though, aside from waiting for the importation process to complete, it has been a pretty painless transition.

(Ooh, and it looks like Dreamwidth still has the feature that they inexplicably removed from LJ where you can mix custom moods with existing mood icons. I remember when they removed that from LJ, I reported it as a bug, and they replied with "working as intended." Yet another reason to say "Fuck LiveJournal," I guess.)

(EDIT 2) Another plus for Dreamwidth: it supports https, whereas LiveJournal does not. (/EDIT 2)
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Russian-Owned LiveJournal Bans Political Talk, Adds Risk of Spying

This will be my final LJ post. Once I've exported my LJ entries out to xml or whatever (assuming I even end up bothering with that) Already exported all my entries to XML, and while it was tedious as all hell, it was nowhere near as difficult or time consuming as I thought it would be (though apparently some things will be lost in the export, like pretty much any lj-embed, i.e. Youtube videos, etc., which is bull fucking shit, but oh well), I will be deleting this journal I will probably just leave this here until it gets deleted on its own, unless I am given a more compelling reason to go ahead and delete it myself, though once I migrate everything that I can to a new site, wherever that may be, I'll probably never use or even look at this one again, and will likely just go ahead and delete it at that time.

(EDIT) And I've already started the import process to Dreamwidth. (/EDIT)


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