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While I'm ranting about video games at the moment and all...

I bought Batman - The Telltale Series a couple days ago, because it was on a 75% off sale for $6.25.

Apparently, right around that same time, they released a huge patch that seems to have just completely broken the game. Just look at the Steam forums for the game right now.

I played the game for 46 minutes, according to Steam, and then just gave up and uninstalled it. I may go back to it later, some day, if they fix this shit, but for now, I am very disappointed in Telltale.


And this isn't the first Telltale game that I've quit before finishing it lately, either. A while back, I broke down and got Minecraft Story Mode, because it and the Adventure Pass bullshit were available together for dirt cheap. I played through the first five episodes (i.e. the main storyline) fine, but when I started the "extra" episodes, I ran into a problem where the info boxes were showing up as completely empty. I went so far as to send a tech support ticket to Telltale about it, and the response I got (almost a full two months later) was banal, form letter, useless bullshit like... well... hell, I'll just copy/paste the email reply I got from them here:

Uselessness behind cut )

So, yeah, I used to be a huge fan of Telltale. Not so much, anymore.

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So this bullshit is happening yet again. *weary, frustrated goddamn sigh*

Twitter rant embedded below.

Embedded tweets behind cut )

Just to note: it was only on the weekends that my brother was putting the newspaper in the box himself. The rest of the week, I was reporting it every single time I'd go out there to get the newspaper and it wasn't in the box like it should have been. Had I known that my brother was the one putting it in there on the weekends, and not the paper carrier, I would have been reporting the fuck out of it on those days as well.

For shits and giggles, here are copy/pastes of the complaint emails I sent, starting as of about six weeks ago:

Copy/paste behind cut )

So very MUCH beyond sick and tired of this goddamn fucking horseshit.
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Hey, look, it's the rarely seen pissy rant that, for once, isn't about Trump and/or the video game industry.


Ma and I went to Walmart today (among other places). We were going to buy groceries. We had her checkbook with us. We did not have her NC ID card with us. Walmart refused to accept her check without her ID card.

Okay, fine, if this had been the first time that we'd tried to use her checks to buy groceries in Walmart and they had told us this, then that still would have been super annoying, but understandable. Store policy is store policy and all that. It's why we always bring her ID card with us when we buy stuff at Ingles in Walnut Cove, since they also require ID cards/driver's licenses to use checks there.

However, the reason that this pisses me off so much is that the previous time we were in Walmart and bought groceries with Ma's check and didn't have her NC ID card with us, the cashier let me use my ID card (aka my driver's license). The cashier told us that it was okay to use mine as long as I was with Ma. Hell, it was the cashier who fucking suggested it in the first place, as I wouldn't have thought to try that myself. Then, when I explicitly asked that cashier if we needed to bring Ma's ID card next time, she told us no, we didn't, because Ma was "in the system now."

Today, though, both the (different) cashier and the manager that they called over said nope, we couldn't use Ma's check without Ma's NC ID card. So, honestly, I don't know if I should be more pissed off at these ones from today, or the one from the previous visit who apparently told us fucked up horseshit.

In any case, I said, well, okay, Ma and I will just be going to Food Lion instead. They offered to hold the groceries for us while I went home and got Ma's ID card. As that would have taken around 30 minutes or so, I declined. And so, we simply walked out of the store and left the cart full of groceries for them to deal with. Fuck 'em all. *shrug*

This actually turned out as a net gain for us, aside from the time wasted and annoyance caused in Walmart. At Food Lion, not only did we get what we wanted for $10 less than what we would have paid at Walmart, we also got twice as many boxes of Diet Mist Twst[1] 12-packs than we would have at Walmart, because they were on sale at Food Lion for pretty much half what they cost at Walmart. And, of course, they did not require Ma to have her fucking NC ID card to use her checks at Food Lion (and never have).

So, lesson learned: Walmart can go fuck itself, as far as I'm concerned. I have no more use for them, at least for the foreseeable future. (On a semi-related note, the men's room in that Walmart was one of the vilest, most disgusting public restrooms I've ever had the displeasure to use in quite a long while.)

[1] - The fact that the product that used to have the perfectly okay name of "Sierra Mist" was recently renamed to that asinine, misspelled "Mist Twst" bullshit is a whole other rant entirely.
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Welp, they arbitrarily jacked up my Internet bill by $10 once again. And this, mind you, is $10 above the $5 increase that they already "lowered" it to last year.

During the first call to TWC that I made about this a few minutes ago, answered by a fellow named "Jason," the line mysteriously disconnected after a brief moment of silence when I expressed that I was not happy about this situation.

I called back and got a lady named "Winnie" or something along those lines. She told me she "tried her best" but she "couldn't" return me to the price I was paying previously, because the "promotional rate" had "expired" and it was "not possible" to reinstate it to my account. I think that is "bullshit."

"Winnie" did, however, convince me to hold off until May before doing anything about it, because they are apparently going to be doing a speed upgrade of some sort on May 25th, at which point I will supposedly be able to downgrade my Internet service to the next lower tier, which will, after May 25th, supposedly be at the speed that I am currently getting now. That is to say, the cheaper speed tier below my current one will be increased to what my current one is now.

She also told me that she would credit my account by $10 for this month and next month, such that I should be paying the same amount that I was paying before (well, what I was paying after the arbitrary increase that already went into effect last year) at least for the next two more months. If she hadn't said this, I probably would have told her to go ahead and bump me down to the lower tier shit right then.

When May rolls around, we'll see how it goes, I guess. For now, my Time Warner Cable bill is due tomorrow, but I'm not paying it today like I had planned. I'm going to wait and see if that credit that "Winnie" promised me actually goes through by tomorrow, first. Though, I'm not sure what I can do besides pay it anyway, even if it doesn't get applied. It's not like I can go without Internet altogether. Well... I could, but I don't want to. Though I suppose that if I did pay the currently jacked up price and then the credit does go through, then that will be $20 less I have to pay next month (assuming that the additional $10 credit also gets applied next month, of course).

I still idly wish I could find that guy I talked to when I originally set up this Internet plan with TWC, the guy who I explicitly asked if my bill would arbitrarily be increased after a year, the guy who blatantly lied in response and said that it would not, and kick that guy as hard as I can right in his nutsack, repeatedly.

...and the TWC robot just called back with their customer satisfaction survey while I was in the middle of typing this. In general, I gave "Winnie" fairly high marks (8s and 9s), gave TWC itself a 3 when the robot asked "How likely are you in general to recommend Time Warner Cable to others," and then left a brief comment saying that while "Winnie" did a decent job, the call I made before that which "Jason" answered was disconnected mid-call and that they might want to look into that.

Anyway, between this and Blue Cross Blue Shield arbitrarily jacking up my health insurance bill by around $70 back in January, for a total increase of $100 per month since I switched back to them in 2014 from Regence Blue Shield out in WA, I'm getting sick of all this shit. Back when I first started with Regence in 2004, I was paying something like $90 per month. By 2014, when I moved back to NC, I was paying $230 per month. When I switched to BCBSNC, the supposedly same plan (the plan which, as I found out when I needed to buy new glasses in February 2015, doesn't have vision coverage, but does apparently have pediatric vision coverage, which is utterly useless to me) was $240 per month. Then last year, it was jacked up to around $270 per month. And this year it was jacked up to around $340 per month. I can't wait to see what it'll be jacked up to next year. I'm seriously thinking of looking into alternatives to BCBSNC before that time rolls around, though.

It seems like the so-called "free market" is built on lies and deceit. I'm certainly not alone in feeling that way, though, to be sure.
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Finally, finally, after almost four months, I finally just dropped off my still non-functional laptop with Fedex this morning to be shipped off to a Dell depot for repair. Now, to be fair, the previous month of that was just me sitting on my ass because I was tired of fucking around with the whole rigmarole for the time being, but the rest of it was pure customer service bullfuckery. It took until almost the end of January before I finally got the warranty bullshit straightened out. Or, rather, I suppose I should say that it took until near the end of January before anyone, from either Dell or NewEgg, deigned to inform me that the warranty bullshit was finally straightened out. For all I know, they could have had all that shit fixed just a day or two after the Dell guy told me they could not fix it.

Well, anyway, after a month of sitting around, since they finally fixed the warranty shit, I filed a support ticket with Dell last week, they sent me a box with a return label on Friday, and I loaded up my laptop and sent it back to them today. Hopefully all that is left is them fixing it and getting it back to me "in 7-10 business days" or however long it actually ends up taking, and there won't be any more bullshit for me to rant about.
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As I said in a reply to a comment on a previous post, here is a huge, frothy rant...

Embedded tweets behind cut )
Which I have already made, in tweet form, as seen above...

Yeah, that's the gist of it. I was looking at my Amazon and GameStop accounts in reference to the above mentioned comment I made, to see when I bought what and for how much. Had no problems with the Amazon stuff, but the GameStop order history simply wasn't there, at all.

So, in other words, to paraphrase what I said in those tweets, fuck GameStop forever, as far as I am concerned. (And by that I mean the online store, too, not just the brick-and-mortar stores. But then, even before this, I already had plenty of other reasons to say "fuck GameStop forever," I guess.)

This isn't the first time I've been plagued by this "gotta verify your ID before we deign to let you do anything with your own account" issue.

First with Impulse...

More tweets behind cut )
And then again later, with Yahoo...

Even more tweets behind cut )
The only real difference today is that I was actually fucking successfully logged in to my GameStop account, but it still wouldn't fucking let me change my email address without wanting to "verify [my] ID" first, by sending a verification to the old-ass defunct email that doesn't work anymore which is the very fucking goddamn reason I was trying to change it in the first fucking place you goddamn fucking idiotic morons.

Really, in most cases, I guess that "verify your ID" bullshit is actually a good thing, since it helps to prevent fucking shitbag assholes from screwing you over (in theory). But in cases like the above, it is the absolute opposite of a good thing.

Interesting tidbit: Impulse was apparently bought out by GameStop back in 2011, which is apparently when it went to complete shit, from what I can tell. Before I uninstalled Impulse altogether, I let it update, and it just became "GameStop," obliterating any references to "Impulse" in the software at all, and that was when the "gotta verify" bullshit kicked in and broke everything anyway. "Back in 2011" shows you exactly how long it had been since I ever tried to log into Impulse prior to January 2015, since the app on my computer was still called "Impulse" until I tried to run it, and then let it update. This is another reason for me to say "fuck GameStop forever," I suppose. ¬_¬

(Anyway, I'm not sure why I never bothered to make a LJ post about this fucking horseshit until now. At least, I don't recall doing so, or, if I did, I can't find it now. I guess that just goes to show that I post about more shit on Twitter [rather than to LJ] than I thought...)


Of course, the terrible thing about all of this is that this could very easily be my Steam or GOG account at some point (as opposed to stupid bullshit that I no longer much care about, fortunately), assuming something happens and they want to "verify" and I'm not able to do so, for whatever reasons. That's part of the reason that I tied not just my email but also my cell phone number to at least Steam (GOG apparently doesn't have the option [and it should indeed be an option if such a thing is implemented, never mandatory] to do this, or I'd probably do it with them as well), but then that has its own share of risks. (...and I guess that link there shows that I did actually make a post about this very issue, already. Huh. How about that.)

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Concerning this issue, I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against the Greensboro News & Record. Hopefully the BBB will have a better chance of getting something done about this than we have, trying to deal with the N&R on our own.

So goddamn sick of this bullshit.
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Youtube embeds behind cut )

Bullshit like this is why I am not, have never been, and will never be interested in doing much of anything at all, ever, on Youtube.
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First complaint, sent to the Greensboro News & Record on December 2, 2015:

First complaint, sent to the Greensboro News & Record on December 2, 2015 )

Second complaint, sent to the Greensboro News & Record on December 31, 2015:

Second complaint, sent to the Greensboro News & Record on December 31, 2015 )

Third complaint, sent to the Greensboro News & Record about ten minutes ago:

Third complaint, sent to the Greensboro News & Record about ten minutes ago )

I could also include the several complaints I sent to their online complaint service last year and the year before about this same exact goddamn issue, but they're just variations on the same theme as above, i.e. increasingly angry complaints about this fucking horseshit.

And this, of course, doesn't even include all of the phone-based complaints we have made about this bullshit, both to the automated computer system and to actual live humans. All of which has amounted to jack and shit, because apparently nothing is being done to fix this. It's fucking asinine that this has been going on for well over a month now, and it's even more fucking asinine that it happens every goddamned year around this time of year. The motherfucking asshole paper carrier just arbitrarily decides that he's going to stop delivering the paper like he's supposed to, for no good or valid reason[1], and that instead he's just going to toss it out on the end of our long-ass private road. And then all the people who we talk to who say that they're going to talk to the paper carrier and get him to properly do his fucking job end up not actually doing their fucking jobs, either. Fuck this shit. I'm so fucking sick of it, and I don't even give a shit about reading the newspaper, myself.

(Also, I should note that I underestimated the distance between the house and the end of the road. I said "one-tenth of a mile" in one of the complaints above, which is a little over 500 feet. It's actually around twice that distance, at least according to Google Maps, right around 1000 feet, almost a fifth of a mile. That may not seem like all that much, but it's too damn far for a 77-year old to be expected to walk every damn day to get her fucking newspaper. Not that she does, anyway, because my brother picks up the paper off the ground on his way to work and brings it to her when he gets home in the evening.)

[1] - The road gets the least little bit muddy after a rain or whatever, and the douchenozzle just up and stops bringing it out here, even after the rain stopped and the road dried out again. And, yet, everyone else who uses that road has no problems at all with it. I could understand it if he didn't deliver it after a big snow or something, sure, but this is fucking ridiculous.
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Bull. Shit.

So, because I hadn't heard anything at all back from Dell since last week, I sent them an email today, requesting the status on this issue.

I got back a single line response: "Well I am really sorry to inform you that we are unable to attach the warranties as it was already invoiced. In this case I would request you to check with the New Egg people and they will help you in this case."

Again, I say: Bull. Shit.

So now I have to try to contact NewEgg to see if they will resolve this issue. God fucking dammit.

This has taught me to never buy another Dell product ever again, if nothing else, but that still leaves me with a non-functional Dell laptop that I already bought.

(EDIT) I've now contacted NewEgg via their chat thing, and then emailed some additional info to the NewEgg customer service guy, which was supposedly part of a release of info authorization on my part to the manufacturer (Dell) via NewEgg, so hopefully that has gotten the ball rolling on that and they'll be able to fix at least the warranty issue, if nothing else.

Now, however, I am still without a laptop for the upcoming job-related training thing that's supposed to take place next Monday and Tuesday. (EDIT 2) Which ended up not even happening, anyway. *weary fucking sigh* (/EDIT 2) I sent my potential employer an email today to let them know that I'll probably need to use one of their laptops for that, but haven't heard back from them yet. But then, I also haven't heard back from them at all since last Wednesday, when I went out there to do another job-related training/evaluation thing (to which I brought the now non-functional laptop, though it was still functional at the time, even though I ended up not even using my own laptop since they already had one of theirs set up for me to use), even though I sent them a follow-up email on the day after. It's somewhat ominous that I haven't heard back, but hopefully there's no issue with that. Anyway, I'm getting off-topic, so I'll just leave it at that, for now. (/EDIT)
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(Continued from part one.)

Copy/paste from Facebook again:

"Just got off the phone with TWC. They agreed to 'lower' my bill to $5 above what I had been paying up to now, prior to the "promotional price period" or whatever running out, rather than the even higher rate that they were going to jack it up to. And that's just for the next year, so I'll probably have to do all of this all over again next year when the price goes up yet again, which I find to be incredibly ridiculous. It sucks, and I still feel like I'm getting ripped off, especially after the guy I talked to last year had blatantly lied about how the price wouldn't be going up arbitrarily, but I guess that's about all I can do, aside from just cancelling TWC altogether and looking for a different ISP. The problem is, there really isn't any other broadband ISPs in this area. And they know that. That's because they've intentionally set it up to be that way through deals with other Big Cable™ companies. It's been that way for years now. The little guy is always going to get screwed over by big companies like this, and that's just how the world works, I guess. *shrug*

"Oh, and I forgot to mention... I had to call them twice, because the first time I tried, they 'transferred' me to someone, which consisted of me being on hold for five minutes before the line just disconnected."
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Here's a copy/paste of a post I just made on my Facebook page:

"Looks like I'm going to have to call Time Warner Cable at some point tomorrow, or Monday if their customer support isn't available on the weekend. When I set up this Internet service a year ago, I *explicitly* *asked* if the price on my bill would be going up after a year, and I was told that, no, it would not be going up after a year. And yet, here it is a year later, and they've arbitrarily raised the price on my Internet bill. I just talked to someone on the 'live chat' thing and he/she wasn't able (or willing) to do anything about it (aside from try to get me to buy a TV/Internet/phone bundle that costs twice what my bill is now [even after the arbitrary price increase], so that I could 'enjoy a new promotional price'), and he/she suggested that I call customer service to see if they could do anything. Isn't the live chat person considered to be customer service? Anyway, I think this is crap, especially after I expressly asked them if this was going to happen and was told no, it wouldn't. Either someone was misinformed or they blatantly lied about it. In either case, I'm not very happy about it."
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Man, I sure am getting an awful lot of use out of my "customer service sucks" tag these past few days or so.

This situation was pretty much the exact opposite of this one, in that this time it was the live human agents who failed and the automated phone robot to the rescue.

So, I finally unboxed by Comcast DTA box and hooked it up to my TV, after just letting it sit in a chair beside my computer for about a month or so. Everything went fine with the actual hooking it up process. It wasn't until I tried to go online to activate it that I ran into a problem. Just as before, I got an error message (the same one as before, in fact) telling me that they couldn't process my stuff online, for whatever reason. However, unlike that last time, the live chat thing completely failed this time. All three times I tried it (twice in Chrome and once in Firefox), I would get into a chat room, an agent would say something trite like "Hope you weren't waiting too long. How can I help you?" and I would tell them what I needed. Invariably, they would almost immediately leave the chat room at this point without saying anything else. I can only assume there was some sort of connection issue, rather than all three different agents just, I don't know, being assholes or something.

Anyway, after the third attempt at the online chat crap, I got fed up and just called the number instead. A computer answered, and things went swimmingly after this. The computer bot asked me a few simple yes/no questions and then my DTA box was activated and now seems to be working just fine. They didn't even require any personal info, since they had the phone number I called them from already tied to my account, which was nice.
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Yeah, I know, I've ranted about ORCA several times before.

Here's what they do. They send you an email with a number to call. However, you don't just call that number and have someone (even if it's just a robot) answer it and then things happen from there. No, instead you have to call the number, leave a voice mail, and then they call you back from a different number "within 2 business days."[1] So, I called them yesterday concerning this issue and, to my slight surprise given previous interactions I've had with them, they actually called me back with a reasonable time frame, i.e. today. It was, however, at a point where I wasn't able to answer my phone immediately, so they left me a voice mail to call them back at a different number from before. So... I had to call them a second time, leaving another voice mail message. And then they called me back again a few minutes later from a third number, different from either of the first two. Go figure.

So, anyway, the gist is that, yes, my autoload thing did indeed fail because of credit card fraud and, yes, I'm perfectly willing and able to send them a check for the amount of the autoload (because I already knew that they wouldn't be able to just let me load the amount due onto the card itself and let them pull it from that because of whatever stupid reasons). She then told me that she'd send me an email with the details on how to do this and where to send the check. And I'm sitting there thinking "Um, so why couldn't you have just sent that email to start with and skipped all this stern, mildly threatening 'this is a serious issue and you need to pay us' phone rigmarole?"

*weary sigh + temple rub*

But here's the thing, see? When they're the ones holding on to my $20, they're slow as molasses to get the issue resolved, but when the situation is reversed, of course they jump right on that crap.

[1] - And when I mentioned this to my coworkers yesterday, a couple of them just laughed and scoffed and said, "Yeah, good luck with getting a response anytime soon." So yeah, I'm definitely not the only one who thinks ORCA's customer service is pretty shitty.
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CareCredit has to have the most abysmally obnoxious robot automation phone thing that I have ever tried to interact with. Once I finally got past it and talked to an actual human being, my issue was resolved in literally around 30-60 seconds[1], but I had to wrangle with that frickin' computer voice for around 10-15 minutes before it finally deigned to let me speak to an actual person. Every time I would say that I needed "online assistance", it would go into some 30 second monologue about how the best browsers to use are either IE, Safari, or Firefox and how most questions can be answered in their FAQ, and to go to blah blah blah website URL and so on and so forth. And then, after saying that, it would say "If you're finished, say goodbye or just hang up." It repeated this whole spiel at least six times during the course of the call. Ugh. Just utterly ugh.

I actually said to it that "I want to talk to a human" and it replied with something like "I know you'd like to talk to a human, but it would helpful to know why" or some such shit. This being after I had said "online assistance" around four hundred times or so. The second time I asked to speak to a human, after messing with it for another several minutes or so, it finally said that it was connecting me to a person. Then I had to wait on hold for about 5-10 minutes.

Seriously, it reminded me a lot of this. Except, you know, not funny at all. Oh well, at least the robot didn't pretend to be a human. I did come pretty close to threatening to stab it in the EEPROM, though.

[1] - My issue was that I could not create my account online because the "provided info does not match [their] records". The guy said that they probably had the wrong date of birth, and that was indeed the case. I told him the correct one, and I was able to successfully log in while still on the phone with him. It really did take only around a minute at most, once I got past that horrid robo-voice crap.
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So, because my credit card had to be cancelled due to fraud on Tuesday, this means that the ORCA card autoload bullshit on Monday apparently failed. Goddammit. Why it didn't actually go through on the day when I actually used the ORCA card, I don't know. Now I have to fucking call them now as well, according to the email I got from them about 30 minutes ago. Just great. -_-
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My Target credit card is now useless until they send me a new one in the mail, thanks to some jerk in Canada somehow getting a hold of my card number and purchasing something from Chaz Dean (which is apparently some sort of hair care thing that I'd never even heard of prior to doing a Google search on them after seeing the name in my credit card transactions).

Read more... )

In any case, this is the first time I've ever had to deal with credit card fraud, and I dearly hope that it is also the last time as well.
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I just tried to order one of those new digital box things that Comcast is requiring by January 22, but both times I tried (once in Firefox and once in Chrome), I got an error message saying that they couldn't process it.

So, I tried the Comcast Customer Service live chat thing. It was pretty painless. After submitting the required info prior to starting the chat, all I was asked to do was verify the last 4 digits of my SSN, and they took care of the rest. I should be getting whatever equipment it is that I need in 3-5 business days.

(Putting the "customer service sucks" tag on this, because I don't really have another suitable tag, and also to show that this is one of the very rare exceptions where I actually didn't think it sucked.)
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I said I wasn't going to buy any more BOSS chairs in the future.

Well, I may relent on this, given how quick and relatively hassle-free their customer support was.

I sent them an email about my situation, they emailed back asking for a proof of purchase, I sent them my invoice from NewEgg, they emailed back one more time asking me to confirm my address, and a few days later I had a new right (and left, even though I didn't need it) armrest for my chair.

We'll see in a few months whether this was just a one time fluke or defective piece, or if BOSS chairs actually do suck so much that they'll break after only three months, though.

(Putting the "customer service sucks" tag here just to show that this situation here is one of the very few examples of good customer service that I have encountered during the few times that I have tried to deal with any customer service at all.)
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The "A" in my address for the building unit number "A102" stands for "building A." The "A" does not mean "Apt." as some people like to replace it with, nor does it mean that it can just be left off entirely or replaced with a "#" sign either. Don't just assume things. If I provide my address to you for you to mail things to me, use exactly what I give you, and don't go making unnecessary changes to it.


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