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I started to say "Late night" instead of "Late-at-night," but didn't want it to be confused with Late Night as in the television genre. Can "Late Night" be considered a "genre" now? *shrug* Hell, if I know. I don't watch it anyway, except when it's reposted on Youtube or something and then linked to me via Twitter or Facebook or whatever.


Warning: incoming bizarre, tangential, fucked up, quasi-stream of consciousness Twitter thread embeds.

Shit behind cut )

(Note: "My Immortal" has a rather extensive page on "the other wiki" as well, for what that's worth.)

And then, instead of going to bed, I wrote a Dreamwidth post about it, and then crossposted it to Facebook. And then went to bed.
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(EDIT) Added some more tweets, 4-19-2017, which show that I'm kinda a bit dumb. ^^; (/EDIT)

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TL;DR version: It seems that I am a "Goodreads Author" now, thanks to some fanfics I wrote that someone other than me added to Goodreads.

Mostly unrelated issues: 1) Twitter embeds obviously don't look the same on Dreamwidth as they did on LiveJournal, though that's okay as long as the content is there, and 2) I've got to get used to using just <cut> instead of the old <lj-cut> tag.

(EDIT) And I could edit my page all along. It's just that I was trying to change my name to... well... my name, but apparently someone else who has the same name as me already had an Author page on Goodreads. I was able to use my full first name instead of the nickname, though, and that worked okay. (/EDIT)
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Details here. It sucks, but oh well. :/ Hope to be able to come back to this sometime next yearwithin the next decade.
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Okay, the second episode of "Star Trek: Pegasus" has gone up.

It can be found here and here.
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What is it with me and posting these things on or near April Fools' Day? It's not a joke, I assure you.

Anyway, yeah, I've written yet another Star Trek / My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover fic, called "Star Trek: Pegasus" this time.

It can be found here and here. It is the sequel to my previous fic "Where Nopony Has Gone Before", which was itself a sequel to my first such fic, "The Quandary of DisQord".
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So yeah...



...this is what I've been doing off and on for around the past, oh, two or three months now. ¬_¬
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No, this is not an April Fools' Day joke.

I have written a Star Trek / My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover fanfic called "The Quandary of DisQord."

It can be found here and here.

It is my take on Discord's past, with the added premise that Discord is actually Q (you know, given that they're both played by John de Lancie and are already similar characters anyway [i.e. Discord was pretty much explicitly based on Q, after a Star Trek TNG binge by Lauren Faust, so it's not too much of a stretch to say that he could very well be Q]).
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It took a lot longer than I thought it would (mostly due to my computer going on the fritz not long after I started), but like I said I would[1], I finally got around to posting my Castlevania/Sailor Moon crossover fanfic to FanFiction.net. Not sure when it'll go live, but it should be there sometime relatively soon. I'll edit this post with a link when it does, I guess. Okay, according to the email(s) I got after publishing it, it can be found here.

I was going to post the MST there too, even had it uploaded and formatted and everything, but they apparently have a policy against posting MSTs there. I considered posting it anyway, but in the end I decided not to. The updated version of the MST can be found here[2] instead. (I even added some new stuff to the MST part while I was in the process of doing the html formatting and crap for FanFiction.net, even if I ended up not actually posting it there, after all.) (EDIT) I have since, several years after this post, re-uploaded it to my Google Drive, found here. Hopefully, that is easier to deal with than the older Google Sites broken shit. (/EDIT)

Not really sure why I'm still futzing around with this stuff after ten eleven twelve(?!) years. No reason, other than just for the sheer hell of it, I guess.

[1] - If I ever made a post about this to my own LJ, I don't remember it and can't find it if I did, so I'll assume for now that I never got around to doing so.

[2] - I don't know how to make Google Sites load html directly from links (and if someone does know, please tell me how, because it's kind of annoying), so you'll probably get a download prompt if you click that link. It's just a TOC site for the MST itself. Likewise, clicking on the individual chapter links on that page will probably bring up a download prompt as well. Same deal.


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