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Here is the article on which the Twitter thread is based.

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Hell, at this rate, maybe I should just bring the Trump tweets tag back. ¬_¬
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Latest addition: May 31, episode 80.

All previous episodes can be found in this tag.

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Latest addition: May 5, episodes 69 and 70.

All previous episodes can be found in this tag.

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We all know Hanlon's razor, right?

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

In many cases, that's a good philosophy to live by. However, when it comes to Donald Trump and his administration (as well as those currently leading Congress who back him), I believe that the inverse can and perhaps should be applied.

"Never dismiss as mere stupidity that which is indeed actively malicious."

For example, take the recent brouhaha over crowd sizes at the inauguration. Yes, it might seem incredibly stupid for Sean Spicer to hold a press conference in which he blatantly, clearly lied. Yes, it might seem absolutely asinine that Kellyanne Conway then doubled down on it with that "alternative facts" bullshit. "Alternative facts," otherwise known by sane people as blatant, clear lies.

But here's the thing. I don't think the above things were just stupid. Don't get me wrong, they are stupid, but I don't think they're only stupid. I think that these people, more than simply being stupid, are being indeed actively malicious. For a long while now, Trump has been very critical of the press (except, of course, for a few outliers that Trump treats, for the most part, as golden children, such as Faux Noise and Bratbarf Noise [after all, fucking Steve Bannon, former head of Bratbarf, is Trump's Chief Strategist now, heaven help us all]). Lately, Trump's go-to ploy when a piece of news comes out that is critical of him is to simply label said piece of news as "fake news" and dismiss it out of hand.[1] Trumpster fires and sockpuppets on social media then repeat Trump's bawling and amplify it by several orders of magnitude.

Yes, they could have ignored the whole inauguration crowd size thing. That, one would think, would have been the smart thing to do. Had they done so, most people would have simply chuckled over it for a day or two, and then it would have been completely forgotten within a week. But now, thanks to the Streisand effect, because they have focused in on this relatively trivial issue, it has been in the forefront of news for days now, and likely will remain so, especially if they continue to harp on it. (EDIT) Which they are. (/EDIT)

The purpose for this is two-fold. For one thing, it serves quite well as yet another petty distraction from all of the terrible shit that Trump has done in just his first few days in office. Diversion from the real issues with infantile bullshit like this is yet another of Trump's unfortunately successful tactics. In other words, they have weaponized the Streisand effect. So there is that.

However, more importantly, this fracas over crowd sizes is, again, yet another small cog in the ongoing machinery employed by the Trump administration, the sole purpose of which is to discredit the press. And, as I've said before and as I'm sure I'll say again, this machinery has been running far too smoothly. Far, far, FAR too many gullible morons take Trump's claims at face value. They treat his words as unvarnished, gospel truth. They believe him when he says that the press is lying, and that the press is only out to "get him." And, of course, they also believe all the other blatant, clear lies that Trump and his administration (and before that his transition team, and before that his campaign, and before that just Trump, the man) have been incessantly telling.

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."
"Never dismiss as mere stupidity that which is indeed actively malicious."

One of these statements applies to the Trump administration. I believe it to be the latter, but I also believe that it ultimately will have to be left up to posterity to determine which was the more applicable of the two. Are Trump and his flunkies and his Trumpster fires merely stupid? Or are they actively malevolent? Or, perhaps, are they some degrees of both of those things? Because, indeed, stupidity and malice are not mutually exclusive states of being, and have never been. Even if it's hampered by stupidity, ham-handed malice is still malice. Anyway, time will tell. But the one thing I can absolutely assure you of is that it is at least one of those two.

[1] - And, no, it obviously doesn't help at all when overzealous reporters jump the gun and report on something that didn't happen, instead of pausing and making sure they had their goddamn ducks in a row first. It doesn't even matter that this "story" was merely a few tweets by one guy, and that the guy has already apologized and retracted his erroneous statements. The damage has already been done, and now Trump has more ammunition for his otherwise ludicrous "fake news" hysterics.
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Yes, this is indeed a thing that happened on Christmas Day. You cannot make this shit up.

Breitbart, an "alt-right" source of "news" which makes even Faux Noise seem legit by comparison, calls it "fake news," because of course it does.

In any case, it's actually somewhat refreshing to see an actual, relatively subtle dogwhistle again. It was beginning to seem like something of a lost art, after all the blatant bullhorn shit that was Donald Trump's campaign and is Donald Trump's transition and will be Donald Trump's administration. Of course Trumpster fires are going to consider Trump to be the new God-King of the United States, who can apparently do no wrong. They are mistaken, obviously, but it's easy to understand why they might think like this.
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Basically, Bill O'Reilly is trying to excuse and mitigate slavery. Simply because Michelle Obama mentioned it in her speech to the DNC.

That is all. I can't make much more of this that will somehow make it seem stupider than it already is. This is already at the zenith of asininity. Or should that be nadir?
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Of course he did.

Of. Fucking. Course. He. Did. I wouldn't have expected anything less, up to and including the completely non sequitur nature of his response.

In any case, it doesn't make Jon Stewart any less absolutely right, though, and it doesn't make Sean Hannity any less of the fucking blithering moron he's always been, obviously.
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I'm no fan whatsoever of Megyn Kelly or Faux Noise, mind you, but yeah... fuck Donald Trump.

Really, fuck Donald Trump. I can't say that enough. It was bad enough when I had to see this assclown on commercials for The Apprentice or whatever, but now that he's fucking running for President, I am so beyond sick of hearing his stupid voice and seeing his ugly face, which seems to be perpetually stuck in a duckface, and his horrendous hair. (The fact that that is Trump's real hair and not a butt-fugly, badly worn toupée somehow makes it even worse. With a terrible toupée, at least, he'd have an excuse.)

As much as I strongly dislike Ted Cruz (currently the guy second to Trump in the polls... somehow), I'd probably take him before I'd want Donald Jackass Trump in there. Really, though, I'd rather have either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton or even that O'Malley guy in there before any of the GOP candidates, but I'd take just about any of the other GOP candidates before I'd want Donald Jerkass Trump in there. Hell, as much as I absolutely loathed George W. Bush and thought he was the worst President we've ever had, at least while I've been alive, I'd be in favor of fucking amending the Constitution to allow his dumb ass to be President again before I'd want Donald Jackhole Trump in there.

Truly, Trump's involvement in this Presidential race has turned the whole thing into a goddamn farce. (Well... by that, of course, I mean a bigger farce than it usually already is, anyway.)

Youtube embeds behind cut )

Seriously, this is the man who is currently the frontrunner for the GOP nomination for President of the United States of America. This is the guy who has been endorsed by the failed joke of a (Vice Presidential) candidate from the previous election cycle. Just sit for a moment and process that bit of asininity. Truly mull it over for a while.

Hell, I'd vote for Vince McMahon to be President before I'd want Trump in there. And by that, I mean either the actual real life Vince McMahon who is currently running the WWE into the ground with his piss poor decisions or the cartoonishly evil "Mr. McMahon" character. That's how shitty a job I think Trump would do if he became President: on par with a bad decision-making, out-of-touch old fogy and/or a Snidely Whiplash-level professional wrestlingsports entertainment heel. Take your pick.

I think America could stand to have Stone Cold Steve Austin come out and put Trump in his place again. The dumbass could certainly stand to have an ego deflation or three, and that's the bottom line.
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Man, fuck Faux Noise.

Just... no, seriously, fuck FOX News, as well as anyone and everyone who takes it even remotely seriously as anything more than the abject travesty of a "news" source that it is.
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(EDIT) The Republicans, Big Cable™, and Faux Noise blowhards are super buttmad over this. Because of course they are. Somehow, according to the ludicrous moon logic in which they believe, Net Neutrality threatens "freedom of expression." What. (/EDIT)
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I've been kind of sort of half-assedly following the brouhaha being talked about in this post, over on Twitter and Facebook (and even, occasionally, Tumblr, which is how I found, via a repost of that Tumblr page on FB, that post from Mr. Wheaton's website), so I thought I'd post a link to it here, because I found it interesting. From that, among other things, I learned two new phrases: The Dunning-Kruger effect and Epistemic closure. And I learned of the existence of something called DuckDuckGo, which is apparently a different (some claim better) alternative to Google and something I'll have to look more into at a later time. It also led to me reading this post, which in turn led to this post on his older site.

As for the political stuff, I'd never even heard of that whole "Obama turned NASA into a 'Muslim outreach program'" idiocy before this, which as Mr. Wheaton pointed out is just some typical Rush Limbaugh horseshit from a few years ago.


Mr. Wheaton also says this: "And the whole thing actually makes me kind of sad. The Stupidsphere HQ and its leaders are all making money off of their gullible followers, and they’re all helping to prop up a political establishment that deliberately makes things worse for working class people. The Stupidsphere HQ and its leaders don’t give a shit about the people who follow them and leap into action when told to do so. All they care about are their clicks, and they’re laughing at them all the way to the bank."

However, that reminds me of something I said myself a few years ago. Since that particular post is friend-locked and not likely to ever be removed from that status, and thus is not visible to anyone not already on my LJ friend list, I'll copy/paste what I said there to here: "You know, to go off on a tangent, I rant about Faux Noise a lot and how it and guys like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and the like are brainwashing and otherwise deluding and hoodwinking people like the above. I'm going to revise my opinion now. It's not that Faux Noise and such are controllers of these people, but more that they are simply facilitators and enablers of them. Faux Noise/Beck/Limbaugh/etc. are, just like any other work of fiction, merely a means of escape for these people from the rigors of reality. They allow these people to live in a make-believe fairyland reality for a little while, divorced from common sense and logic. And if that's what it takes to get them through their days, well... whatever floats their boats I guess. *shrug* The only annoying part is when that kind of crap intrudes upon others, such as me, who simply don't want anything at all to do with it."


In any case, I've always liked Wil Wheaton. He's good people, in my opinion, and for a great many reasons. Mind you, I don't know him personally at all outside of his Twitter and Facebook, and have never met him in person, but I still feel that way. As such, it annoys me that a bunch of asshats have been dogpiling him lately, though at the same time, it amuses me to watch him wreck their shit so effectively. (And, just for the record, I didn't even mind Wesley Crusher all that much either, both when I was originally watching TNG back during its original run, and when I was watching it again more recently, during that whole Star Trek marathon thing I did. Also, for the record, I have never seen Stand By Me, which is an oversight that I should probably correct someday [nor did I know before today that the film was based on a Stephen King novella, which I similarly have not read yet].)
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One of the less great things about moving back to North Carolina from Washington is that reading the local newspaper, in particular the editorials and opinions section, is usually about as useful as poisoning one's mind by watching Faux Noise regularly. Yes, it really is that bad, usually.[1]


Sometimes, though, there will be a column by Leonard Pitts, Jr. These columns, such as the one that ran in today's paper, are breezes of fresh air in the otherwise stale miasma that usually permeates that part of the paper.

I was going to copy/paste some choice quotes from his column for today, but when I found myself almost just copy/pasting the whole thing, I figured I'd scrap that and just say "Read the whole thing" instead. It's not all that long.

I don't always fully agree with Mr. Pitts, but in this case I do.

Oh, and speaking of Faux Noise as I mentioned them earlier, Mr. Pitts wrote a good, though somewhat depressing, column about them as well.

[1] - I do like reading fiction, though, and some of those super-religious/super-conservative people who write in letters to the editor are very good for that purpose. It's kind of like reading something horrifying like Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft, but in bite sized paragraphs, instead of sprawling novels.[2]

[2] - Actually, I should probably take that back, as I don't want to insult Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft by comparing their fine works of horror to the typical, banal Republican/Tea Party letter to the editor. They are often just as scary, though. The only difference being that King and Lovecraft really are just fiction, whereas the horrendous things that so often appear on the editorial pages of the newspaper represent the actual beliefs of actual people. That's even scarier, truth be told. I guess it's more akin to reading Youtube comments or something than a King or Lovecraft novel. Hell, Youtube comments are often more horrifying than those novels as well. (Unless, of course, Poe's Law is coming into play here, and I'm just being duped by a bunch of satirists writing blatant overblown parody as letters to the editor, but I somehow doubt that this is the case. That thing is that there are people out there who really are that stupid, which is the scariest thing of all. [It's why we have a Republican majority in the Senate now, after all.])
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Kotaku link.

I'm not always a big fan of Nancy Pelosi, generally speaking, but she had our (gamers') back this time. Despite the headline, however, she actually didn't explicitly say that "they're not the cause of violence." She just pointed to Japan and its low gun crime rates as a counterexample, and then said, generally, that the possible link between media and violence needs to be studied, as part of a much broader initiative. I'm okay with it being studied. I have no problem with that at all.[1]

That inane Faux Noise talking head, on the other hand, with his "We don't need another study, respectfully. I mean, we know that these video games where people have their heads splattered, these movies, these TV shows. Why don't you go to your friends in Hollywood and challenge them, shame them, and say 'Knock it off'?" and his "You have a lot of friends in Hollywood. Why don't you go to them and publicly say 'Stop the video games.'" and his "Here it is, liberals like Nancy Pelosi want to go after gun owners, but when it comes to mental health laws, when it comes to their liberal friends in Hollywood, they don't want to make them ante up." ...ugh. Just... just ugh. -_- What can I say, though? It's Faux Noise, after all. *shrug* This type of blinding stupidity is par for the course with them. *eyeroll*

Okay, ignoring the fact that video games aren't generally made by the apparently monolithic entity that is "Hollywood"[2], even if that were the case, this is still merely Faux Noise just doing what Faux Noise typically does in this type of situation: trying to find an easy scapegoat for societal ills.

[1] - With that in mind, however, why exactly is the NRA so adamantly opposed to gun violence research? What do they have to fear? Why does it seem like they, and their Faux Noise cronies, have such a vested interest in having these studies shut down, which has been the case for at least around two decades now? ¬_¬

[2] - If anything, "Hollywood" is actually a direct competitor to the video game industry, and would like nothing more than to see it taken down a peg or three.
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For the benefit of those not on my FB list:

HAHAHAHAhahahahahahaha..... that's awesome. Seriously, FOX, when you've got the frickin' MUPPETS successfully calling you out on your BS, it's time to hang it up.
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Really, Faux Noise? Seriously? Flower (i.e. the game shown on the right panel at the very beginning of the embedded video when they're talking about the "green police") is corrupting America's youth now?

"Obviously there’s no real point in getting too worked up about FOX News for every specific story relating to a subject you care about. Instead it’s better to simply maintain a permanent worked up state about the network at all times. Because it’s genuinely frightening to watch the host’s slimy pretence to offer the alternative arguments, before explaining why they’re wrong and dangerous."

Yep, that sums up Faux Noise in a nutshell on just about every subject they ever cover, generally speaking. Though, for me, "a permanent worked up state about the network" nowadays just translates to "a permanent state of contempt and ridicule for the network." It's just not worth actually getting truly worked up over them anymore. At best, they're worth maybe an eyeroll and a weary sigh. Everyone but their most diehard supporters already knows that they are, they always have been, and they always will be full of crap, anyway. It's just too bad and more than a little scary that they have a lot of diehard supporters, is all.
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In the interests of completeness, here is the whole thing, if you care to watch it:

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Or more appropriately: "Out-of-touch old fogeys display inane, Precambrian attitudes about video games." (Fair warning, the article is written by Jim Sterling, who is being quite Jim Sterling about the whole situation, as he is wont to do. But even so, I still generally agree with his assessment in this case.)

Of course, as far as Mr. Deutsch is concerned, this certainly wouldn't be the first time that he's been a douche[1] regarding video games.

[1] - Yeah, I apologize.[2] It's trite, I know. Hell, Sterling himself made the same dubious joke in that very article, even. And I'm sure it's being repeated ad nauseam in the comments as well, though I'll never see it due to my policy of trying to avoid Destructoid comments like the plague. I'm also well aware that isn't how his name is pronounced, similar to how "faux" isn't pronounced the same as "fox," but I don't care. It's a visual thing. (Oh, and speaking of Faux Noise, this is a pretty good example of the fact that they actually don't have the exclusive monopoly on ignorant windbags, despite how it may seem most of the time, given that Donny Deutsch is, of course, associated with NBC.)

[2] - No, not really.
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As before, this is not news, but this is a particularly egregious example in a very long list of examples.

Once again, I'm just going to steal this from [livejournal.com profile] rabbitucker since he explains things a lot more clearly than I probably would have. (My version likely would have been a whole lot more long-winded and ranty, I'm sure.) I mean, the simple fact that even her own Faux Noise cronies are calling her out on this speaks for itself, as does the fact that she is asininely digging in her heels over this.

But regarding Mr. Tucker's last point, concerning the morons trying to edit Wikipedia... well, on the one hand I'd like to say that Thomas Jefferson said it best: "In the fevered state of our country, no good can ever result from any attempt to set one of these fiery zealots to rights, either in fact or principle. They are determined as to the facts they will believe, and the opinions on which they will act. Get by them, therefore, as you would by an angry bull; it is not for a man of sense to dispute the road with such an animal." (Emphasis mine, because it is especially relevant to this particular situation.) On the other hand, however, he didn't live in the current age, when it is so relatively easy to rewrite history like this, or at least make the attempt (and I'm not just talking about simple vandalizing of Wikipedia here). So, no, while I wish we could live by Mr. Jefferson's advice, I don't think we safely can. I don't think it's wise to simply ignore idiots like this and give them the "right-of-way," so to speak, even if one is in danger of being gored or trampled in the attempt to turn the angry bull aside.
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Good riddance, and it's about time. (EDIT: link replaced because the old link no longer works.)

That's a fine first step. He still has his radio show though, which is arguably even worse. And the "Ailes emphasized that Fox and Beck will continue to work together." line is a bit troubling. Not sure what that's about, but it can't be anything good. Oh well, his Faux Noise show ending is still a good start, though.
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"Right-Wing Media Respond To Japanese Nuclear Crisis By Attacking Renewable Energy"

"Fox Attacks Obama's Brazil Trip As A 'Vacation' Then Refuses To Air His Speech"

No comment, because it's just too early in the morning for this crap, and I have to leave for work now.


And here's Glenn Beck, being typical Glenn Beck:

"Beck: 'The World Is About To Be Plunged Into Complete And Utter Darkness, Despair,' And 'Famine'"



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