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...and I will switch to Linux when Windows 7 is no longer viable to use, because fuck Windows 10 with a rusty eggbeater.

So yeah, this thing happened again, just like the last time it happened.
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Hey, look, yet another reason to say fuck Windows 10. As if we needed more reasons to do so.
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This is an article from a couple of months ago (which, coincidentally, was when I last bothered to actually install any updates), but it's still relevant now.

Here, I believe, is the take away: "Frankly, I don't think Microsoft is intentionally slowing down Windows 7 updates. But I think it's sufficiently focused on Win10 development that problems with Win7 fade into the background, not rising above ambient noise level. And paying customers get it in the jaw."

Of course, it takes even longer when one must vet every single update, just to be safe. But I can't even do that much until the "Checking for updates..." bullshit ever completes. Unlike the guy in the article, I'm not totally convinced that Micro$hit isn't intentionally bogging down Update on Windows 7. I have no proof of it, of course, but at this point I seriously wouldn't put it past them. As someone in the comments says, "Somebody tell me the difference between intentionally slowing updates up for W7 or knowing about the issue and intentionally not doing anything about it."

(EDIT) As for me, I didn't check the time when I actually started checking for updates, but I know when I did check the time at 1:00pm, it had already been running for quite a while by that point. Current time as I write this is 1:37pm, and it is still "Checking for updates..." There is no good reason for this. Micro$hit is shit.

Also, since it hasn't been giving me any notifications for new updates for over half a year now (if not longer, since that's merely the first time I bothered mentioning it anywhere), I've decided to switch my Windows Update settings from "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them" to "Never check for updates (not recommended)". (/EDIT)

(EDIT 2) And now, current time 2:00pm, it was still "Checking for updates..." so I just closed the window, since, quite honestly, updating Windows 7 is no longer a real priority for me anymore, given the whole issue with them trying to sneak Windows 10 bullshit into the updates. I might try it again later when I have time to just let the computer sit and idle, but that's not right now, and I've already wasted too much time on this horseshit as it is. (/EDIT 2)

(EDIT 3) Interestingly enough, I'm seeing more recent stuff that says an update from a few days ago actually does finally fix the slowness issue. Remains to be seen for myself, as I haven't downloaded or installed any recent updates yet. (/EDIT 3)

(EDIT 4) So... I've manually downloaded KB3161608 (which includes KB3161647 that is supposed to fix the slowness of Windows Update). And... guess what it started doing when I ran it. Yep, started looking for updates. Why? I don't know. But now, this update that is supposed to fix the slowness of updates is slooooowly looking for updates before it installs. *facepalm* (/EDIT 4)

(EDIT 5) It literally took over two hours before the fucking update that is supposed to stop the updates from being so slow finally stopped looking for updates and popped up the dialog asking me if I wanted to install the actual update that is supposed to stop the updates from being so slow. Hell, I'd actually forgotten that I'd even started the thing and was in the middle of a game when it kicked me back out to desktop via the installation prompt. (/EDIT)

(FINAL EDIT 6) After rebooting, since the aforementioned update required a reboot, I ran Windows Update again. To Micro$hit's credit, in this particular case, the "Checking for updates..." phase only lasted around eight minutes this time, which is decent, so it looks like they did indeed fix it finally. I have to remove props for them once again unhiding/republishing KB3123862 and KB2952664 though. (No sign of KB3035583 for once, however, which is surprising.) I checked all of the other security updates and whatnot and saw nothing immediately suspicious concerning Windows 10 or "upgrading to the next OS" or whatever, so that's good.

So anyway, yeah, if you've been having issues with Windows Update taking forever, then install KB3161608 and that should fix the issue, for now at least until they manage to break it again. (/FINAL EDIT 6)
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Blargh. Said all I wanted to say about this ever increasing horseshit over there.


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Article found via George Takei.

So, you see these people described in the above article? Assuming that even a tiny fraction of those stories are actually true and not made-up bullshit, those are the type of people most likely to be suckered by Micro$hit and the abusive, overly aggressive, malware "upgrade" known as Windows 10, probably without even realizing that they're being suckered to begin with. All the people in the comments on sites like Slashdot, going all "Herpity derp, if you fall for it, it's your own fault, durr hurr" and the like, never take into account that it's people like this who are usually the hardest hit victims of deceptive bullshit like what Micro$hit is doing (or, you know, any other computer-related scam). Doesn't mean those commenters on Slashdot are wrong, necessarily, it just means that they need to take those people into account before they get up on their self-important high horses. Some people simply do not computer very well at all. And Micro$hit knows this just as well as the rest of us do. They're banking on it.

I used to find articles like that amusing, in the same sort of smug way that those Slashdot commenters must feel when they leave their snarky comments (and when I see some of those animated images that were in the article itself [particularly the one with the guy throwing his arms up in the air in the triumphant pose], that's how I picture a lot of those commenters).

Now, though, it just makes me kind of sad.
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[livejournal.com profile] owsf2000's post, my comment.

Yet more Micro$hit bullfuckery regarding Windows 10. They're now trying to sneak that shit into the security updates for Windows 7 and 8, as well as in the "optional" shit.


Here, have some Twitter embeds )

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Got my laptop back today. It seems to be working fine. They didn't even need to replace the OS, because all the shit I'd installed on it, including Synergy, was still there. I should look into getting a new (probably free) anti-virus on it at some point, though, because the McAfee trial that came with it has already long-since expired. I've already had several popups nagging me to buy McAfee since turning the damn thing on a few minutes ago, so I guess I'm going to have to uninstall McAfee entirely to stop that shit.

The repair they said they did was to replace the "main logic board." They also included a new Windows 8 product key, to activate it if necessary, but the old one still says that it is activated. Good to have the other one if I need it, I guess.

I'm currently going through and removing all the Windows 10 related updates from it, though. It still has Win8.1 on it, but it has a bunch of of that Win10 nagware bullshit installed on it. Hell, there's even a big "Get Started" thing for installing Windows 10 that supersedes the usual Windows Update list that I had to click past to get to the regular Windows Update screen, and in the regular Windows Update, there's an "Upgrade to Windows 10 Home" thing under the "Optional" updates, which I've now hidden (until Microsoft decides to arbitrarily unhide it again, of course [EDIT] which, of course, they fucking did, just a few days later [/EDIT]).

So anyway, yeah, after four months, I have my laptop working again, finally.
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I ran Windows Update today. Looks like there's yet another new "recommended" update that wants to install shit related to Windows 10 and probably Windows 10 itself, if you let it.

KB3123862 says:

"Updated capabilities to upgrade Windows 8.1 and Windows 7

"About this update

"This update adds capabilities to some computers that lets users easily learn about Windows 10 or start an upgrade to Windows 10."

I don't fucking want to "easily learn about Windows 10 or start an upgrade to Windows 10." As such, of course, I will not be allowing this update to install.

I found this shit on my own, by running Windows Update and checking each individual update, but here is what Google and DuckDuckGo have to say about it. Basically, from what I can tell, it's more or less KB3035583 again, but with a new paint job (i.e. a new KB number, as predicted by [livejournal.com profile] owsf2000 here). It may not be exactly the same thing, but it may as well be, apparently. Here's what you get if you search for both together.

Fuck Windows 10, and fuck Microsoft for these scuzzbucket tactics. As I've said in the past, the more they do duplicitous bullshit like this to try to force/trick people into downgrading to Windows 10, the more I will actively oppose ever installing the shit. And the instant they make it no longer viable to continue using Windows 7 is the instant I install Linux and never look back.
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[livejournal.com profile] owsf2000's post (leading to this Slashdot post) and my comments.

Fuck Microsoft. That is all.
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For those of us who might have been avoiding Windows 10 for various reasons, it looks like some of those reasons are being installed onto Windows 7 and 8. I checked my installed updates and, indeed, all of those were installed on my system. No longer. So, essentially, in addition to updates that mention Windows 10 or "the next version of Windows" or "the next Windows operating system" or whatever, I now have to also be on the look out for updates that mention "telemetry" so that those don't get installed either.

(EDIT 2) Also, of note: that Forbes article is incorrect when it says that KB3075249 and KB3080149 are "Optional" updates. Similarly, Microsoft's own pages there about the updates also claim that they are "Optional." However, when I checked for updates again, it brought up all three of those, including KB3068708, as "Important Updates," i.e. separate from and higher priority than the "Optional" updates.

(EDIT 3) Actually, that's a mistake on my part, because I had the "Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates" setting checked in my WU settings, for whatever reason. This setting has now been disabled, and the updates now show up under the "Optional" section as appropriate. (And yet, even so, I still recall getting other "Optional" updates separate from the "Important Updates" sometimes, even with the setting checked. Go figure.) In any case, all three of those updates have now been hidden in WU on my machine, regardless of their supposed "importance." (/EDIT 3)

Well, to be frank, all updates on my machine are now "optional," by the actual, true definition of that word, regardless of whether Microsoft deems them to be "Important" or "Recommended" or whatever. (/EDIT 2)

Seriously, Microsoft, you might just want to ease up a bit on the thermite you're using on that bridge between yourself and me, before it burns away entirely.

(EDIT) I am now also opted out of the Customer Experience Improvement Program. I don't explicitly recall ever opting in to this program, but it's likely that I did, back in those halcyon days when I didn't think that Microsoft was increasingly full of shit. Those days are long past, though.

I also went into Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler and manually disabled all tasks associated with "Application Experience" and "Customer Experience" (some of which were still marked as "Ready" instead of "Disabled" even though I'd opted out of the CEIP).

Really, it's like Microsoft almost wants everyone to switch to Linux or something. Go figure. (/EDIT)


Sep. 11th, 2015 11:56 am
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Wat R U doin?



This is some serious bullshit on Microsoft's part. Fortunately for me, I think that I've managed to avoid this, because I've been diligent about blocking Update KB3035583 (and will continue to do so when they inevitably try to bypass my previous blocks yet again).

(EDIT) However, I did find that updates KB2952664 and KB3021917 were installed on my computer. Those have now also been uninstalled, as per the suggestions in this article. And, of course, as soon as I checked for updates again, there they fucking were, right there in "Important Updates," wanting to be downloaded and installed again. Those have now been hidden as well. Goddamn it, Microsoft. Truly, this whole situation is beyond the pale. (/EDIT)
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Even though I already hid that shit in Windows Update before, apparently Microsoft has decided to ignore my decision to hide the update, because it appeared in my "Important" updates list again just now. In fact, it was the only update in that list, as the other 5 or so were "Optional" updates (one of which also supposedly "helps Microsoft make improvements to the current operating system in order to ease the upgrade experience to the latest version of Windows.")

So, I'm going to hide it again and see if it shows up again later on.
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If you're running Windows 7/8 and see a little icon in your system tray that looks like the Windows 10 logo, that's thanks to Microsoft update KB3035583, which installs nagware for upgrading to Windows 10. If you don't want that shit, uninstall KB3035583, and then hide the update in Windows Update (where it is scuzzily marked as an "Important Update").

(EDIT 02-02-2016) Actually, it was probably just a "Recommended update" and I didn't realize it until later, after I had unchecked that fucking "Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates" bullshit. Still, the fact that it was showing up as "Recommended," instead of purely optional, even as far back as May 2015 is some serious bullshit. (/EDIT)


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