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For reference.

Yeah, that is still ongoing. I'm not sure whether it rates a "Holy shit, really?!" or a mere eye roll, because of course it is still ongoing because of course the fat cats in the video game industry are still being utter shitbags about the whole thing.

Twitter thread embeds below.

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As cool as the rest of the video may have been, the first five minutes or so demonstrate why I will most likely never be buying this game, unless I see it on a 90% Steam sale or maybe as part of a Humble Bundle or something.
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TL;DR version: Atlus is threatening to file content claims on anyone who LPs Persona 5 beyond a certain point, ostensibly because they don't want the game to be spoiled, and I think that's bullshit for a multitude of reasons, even if I had zero interest in watching any such LPs myself.
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I appreciate Pat's attempt to be as diplomatic as possible, but I fully agree with Ian on this issue, as is usually the case.

For the record, and for what it's worth, watching the above video is the first time I've ever heard of the game in question or that JonTron had anything to do with it. My interest remains near to zero, either way (and I similarly have never played nor had much interest in playing Banjo-Kazooie games either), but I have to say that if the company making the game is willing to piss off a bunch of Irredeemably Toxic Shithole-types and Trumpster fires by removing JonTron from the game, then more power to them.

Also, I think it's another relevant opportunity to post this again:

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I would have been pretty ecstatic for this... if I hadn't already bitten on a Steam sale for this game a few months ago (which, apparently, I never even bothered to post about here on LJ). *weary sigh*

Oh well, maybe the redesigned and (hopefully) improved combat will get me back into it. I only made it up to the third area (Blue Mountains) before losing interest in it, before. The setting, the storylines, the general atmosphere of the game were great. It was the tedious gameplay that was not so great.
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If a) I was getting a Nintendo Switch anytime soon, which I'm not, and b) was still into buying used games, which I'm not, this here would be something that would definitely put me off of ever buying used Switch games. o_O
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"So what you're getting, if you didn't know by now, you're getting an open beta that you paid $300 for with the Nintendo Switch."
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*weary goddamn motherfucking sigh*

Welp, Nintendo finally did it (with one of their flagship console titles, anyway, as this certainly isn't the first time Nintendo has messed around with that sort of thing). It was, of course, only a matter of time. Welcome to the modern video game industry, Nintendo.

(It's actually vaguely refreshing to have something concerning the video game industry to be annoyed with again, rather than having all of my wrath directed solely at SCROTUS Trump all the time.)
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So... I've gotten Youtube notifications about reaction videos from at least Super Best Friends, Cinemassacre, and Angry Joe (EDIT) and Pat the NES Punk (/EDIT) so far, but I haven't watched it (or any of those) myself yet.

I dunno... I'll just embed the tweets I made about this yesterday or whenever, because I'm too apathetic to even honestly rehash it here.

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I'll transcribe what I wrote in my pencil-and-paper journal yesterday, as well.

"A bunch of people I follow on Twitter were talking about the Nintendo Switch yesterday. Apparently, Nintendo had some kind of presentation about it, and they were reacting to that. I don't know... I just can't bring myself to care about it too much. The new Legend of Zelda game looks interesting, I guess. I didn't (and probably won't) watch the presentation, though, so that's still all I know is coming out for the new console. Meh."

I seriously don't know. I haven't even cared enough to watch shit about the Nintendo Switch, yet. Maybe if I ever get around to doing so, maybe I'll change my tune on it. I'd like to care, but... meh. I really haven't cared about any of the new consoles all that much lately. The only one that's even kind of interested me is the PS4, what with Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian and the upcoming Persona 5 (which I know next to nothing about, except that it's Persona 5) and all, but even then... fuckin' meh. It's not that I'm out of gaming altogether, because I still buy a ton of (dirt cheap) shit on Steam and GOG and such, but for the foreseeable future, I guess I am out of console gaming altogether.
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I watched this video only up until right around the 3:30 mark, then I stopped. It should be easy to see why.


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