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Warning: incoming Twitter rant.

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"Media Criticism From 'a Proud Deplorable'"

In case it wasn't already clear, this right here is what sane, Trump-opposing citizens of the United States of America and the rest of the world are up against. The fact that these irredeemable idiots are supposedly proud to be called "deplorable," and, in fact, call themselves "deplorable," tells you pretty much everything you'll ever need to know about them. Words mean things, after all, and these dumbasses are indeed 100% absolutely accurate when they call themselves deplorable.

Seriously, even if Trump himself came out and said, "Yes, I'm a traitor and, yes, I stole the election with the help of the Russians," and then started playing video involving himself, his children, and Vladimir Putin, all of them performing the contents of the worst Aristocrats joke you've ever heard, it wouldn't matter at all, because these goddamned unrepentant asshats would still shriek "FAKE NEWS!" and "WHERE'S THE PROOF?!" and "PROUD TO BE DEPLORABLE HERPITY DURRR!"

Once again, as I've said numerous times in the past, the sheer stupidity, grievous gullibility, incredible ignorance, and horrendous hatefulness of these militant morons never ceases to astonish me. You think I'd be fucking used to it by now, but my befuddlement that these people can be so goddamn terrible (or, hell, that they can continue to exist at all) grows with every passing day and every example of their asininity that I witness, such as the above opinion piece.
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So this bullshit is happening yet again. *weary, frustrated goddamn sigh*

Twitter rant embedded below.

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Just to note: it was only on the weekends that my brother was putting the newspaper in the box himself. The rest of the week, I was reporting it every single time I'd go out there to get the newspaper and it wasn't in the box like it should have been. Had I known that my brother was the one putting it in there on the weekends, and not the paper carrier, I would have been reporting the fuck out of it on those days as well.

For shits and giggles, here are copy/pastes of the complaint emails I sent, starting as of about six weeks ago:

Copy/paste behind cut )

So very MUCH beyond sick and tired of this goddamn fucking horseshit.
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I'm going to embed my tweets below, but if you'd rather read it on Twitter itself (where it'll probably be prettier), here is my Twitter thread response to this other Twitter thread (as retweeted by [personal profile] tokoz's [protected] Twitter).

Huge Twitter thread behind cut )

This is, of course, assuming that we still actually have a chance to pull the emergency brake on this runaway train before it sails over the cliff. This is assuming the original thread above isn't correct about the GOP allowing Trump to somehow get away with something utterly, ridiculously, irreversibly[1], abjectly asinine, like getting rid of any further elections altogether.

[1] - Well, not irreversible in the sense that the rest of the country would let him get away with it, of course. (Civil War 2.0, anyone?)
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There are two different cons that have been pulled on the conservative/Republican rank and file, and even on more than a few liberals/Democrats and independents and such.

Huge fucking rant behind cut )
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Hey, look, it's the rarely seen pissy rant that, for once, isn't about Trump and/or the video game industry.


Ma and I went to Walmart today (among other places). We were going to buy groceries. We had her checkbook with us. We did not have her NC ID card with us. Walmart refused to accept her check without her ID card.

Okay, fine, if this had been the first time that we'd tried to use her checks to buy groceries in Walmart and they had told us this, then that still would have been super annoying, but understandable. Store policy is store policy and all that. It's why we always bring her ID card with us when we buy stuff at Ingles in Walnut Cove, since they also require ID cards/driver's licenses to use checks there.

However, the reason that this pisses me off so much is that the previous time we were in Walmart and bought groceries with Ma's check and didn't have her NC ID card with us, the cashier let me use my ID card (aka my driver's license). The cashier told us that it was okay to use mine as long as I was with Ma. Hell, it was the cashier who fucking suggested it in the first place, as I wouldn't have thought to try that myself. Then, when I explicitly asked that cashier if we needed to bring Ma's ID card next time, she told us no, we didn't, because Ma was "in the system now."

Today, though, both the (different) cashier and the manager that they called over said nope, we couldn't use Ma's check without Ma's NC ID card. So, honestly, I don't know if I should be more pissed off at these ones from today, or the one from the previous visit who apparently told us fucked up horseshit.

In any case, I said, well, okay, Ma and I will just be going to Food Lion instead. They offered to hold the groceries for us while I went home and got Ma's ID card. As that would have taken around 30 minutes or so, I declined. And so, we simply walked out of the store and left the cart full of groceries for them to deal with. Fuck 'em all. *shrug*

This actually turned out as a net gain for us, aside from the time wasted and annoyance caused in Walmart. At Food Lion, not only did we get what we wanted for $10 less than what we would have paid at Walmart, we also got twice as many boxes of Diet Mist Twst[1] 12-packs than we would have at Walmart, because they were on sale at Food Lion for pretty much half what they cost at Walmart. And, of course, they did not require Ma to have her fucking NC ID card to use her checks at Food Lion (and never have).

So, lesson learned: Walmart can go fuck itself, as far as I'm concerned. I have no more use for them, at least for the foreseeable future. (On a semi-related note, the men's room in that Walmart was one of the vilest, most disgusting public restrooms I've ever had the displeasure to use in quite a long while.)

[1] - The fact that the product that used to have the perfectly okay name of "Sierra Mist" was recently renamed to that asinine, misspelled "Mist Twst" bullshit is a whole other rant entirely.
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I've already made my opinion of the whole Hillary Clinton email brouhaha evident in previous posts here and elsewhere, most recently over here in this Twitter thread.

But since Trump and Trumpster fires, as Keith Olbermann said, cannot. Leave it. Alone. Let's talk about this shit, one more time.

Let's talk about how the Clinton campaign had already floated the possibility that the leaked emails, at least some of them anyway, were probably fake. Whether this was done by the Russians who first got their hands on the emails prior to handing them to Wikileaks or by Wikileaks itself, we don't, won't, and can't know, really. But the possibility is there and has always been there.

However, this possibility that at least some of the emails (likely the most damaging ones) were doctored has flown almost entirely under the radar. It seems to me like just about everyone, on both sides of the issue, has more or less just accepted at face value that all of these leaked emails are legit, when there's a very real possibility that they're not to be trusted, considering the source.

The source? Russia, again. This was a calculated operation, ordered by Putin, specifically to cause to happen what did happen, i.e. Trump is now the Dumbass Elect of the United States of America. Why would Trump help the Russians? They probably have dirt on him. Trump says it's all "fake news," but then, of course, Trump is a well known pathological liar, so...

As such, it is my not at all humble opinion that anyone and everyone who has been within smelling distance of Donald Trump and his presidential campaign for at least the past year or more needs to be investigated to within an inch of their lives. Start with Trump himself and work down, or start from the outside to build a case and save Trump for last, I don't care, but it needs to happen. This includes everyone on his campaign staff. This includes everyone on his transition staff. This includes Mike Pence. This includes everyone Trump has picked for his Cabinet. This includes Trump's staunchest supporters in Congress. This includes Trump's potential SCOTUS picks. And this includes, at the very least, James Comey of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (but likely others within that organization), given that it was Comey's asinine letter to Congress just a couple weeks before the election which brought the whole email issue roaring back into the public consciousness (not that Trump or his Trumpster fires had ever truly allowed it to leave the public consciousness), even as Comey admits now that the Russians hacked the Republicans as well, but just didn't leak any of their shit.

And, hell, if anything, this should throw a shadow of doubt over everything that has ever been leaked by Wikileaks, not just the DNC and Clinton emails, but also the stuff that had Sarah Palin calling Assange "an anti-American operative with blood on his hands" and had Donald Trump musing about death penalties. (But if it's something that helps their side, they're all for it. Go figure.)

But but but Hillary... but what about her emails...

Hillary Clinton has been mostly out of the public eye since the election. (Though the few times she's been seen, she appears to be doing okay.) Hillary Clinton is more or less a non-factor at this point. I don't think anyone, now, is truly still expecting a bona fide miracle to happen that will somehow get her into the White House, and for Trumpster fires to continue to harp on Hillary and her emails just shows how desperate they really are.

No, this is about Donald Trump now, pure and simple. Trump, as I said in that Twitter thread above, is the one still in the news, still saying and doing asinine bullshit. Still harping on about the Russian hacks, even though it actually would be in his best interests to shut his stupid fucking mouth, for once, before he really sticks his foot in it. Though, by all means, if Trump wants to continually risk saying something that he truly can't walk back the next day, he should go right on ahead and do so. The more fuel on the fire building under him the better, as far as I'm concerned.

Trump and his Trumpster fires called her "Crooked Hillary" and chanted "lock her up," when it's really Crooked Donnie who should be in prison, rather than in the Oval Office. It's actually kind of amusing that it was this attempt by Trump and his Russian buddies to discredit Hillary that will, in a truly just world, be the thing that is the ruination of Trump. Sadly, though, we don't live in a truly just world.
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Man, I miss the days when it was merely the video game industry that was doing stupid shit that pissed me off so fucking much. Nowadays, that sort of bullshit is hardly even a blip on my radar anymore, it seems.
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Transcribed from my pencil-and-paper journal entry from today:

Wall of text behind cut )

The more I think about it, though, the less sad or dejected or depressed or whatever I feel. The main thing I'm feeling right now is bitter, unvarnished rage. Rage that our country could be this goddamn stupid.


However, not everything is completely gloom and darkness. There is this, at least:

It doesn't help for this particular horrible moment in history, but it is heartening for the future.

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Yep, the previous one has turned out to not be the final one after all.

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Just don't forget, President (*ugh*shiver*) Trump: half the country still hates your goddamn guts and thinks you are a fucking disgusting asshole. Prove us wrong.
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Wait wait wait wait wait just a damn minute...

Donald Trump, for years a key figure in the Birther movement, is actually trying to claim that said movement was started by Hillary Clinton? Are you seriously fucking shitting me? The implication here being that he's saying it all like, hey whoa now, Hillary started that shit not me, I'm just the one who put an end to it, get mad at her not me, it's her fault this mess got as out of hand as it did not mine, tsk tsk bad Hillary, shame on you Hillary. (By the way, Trump "finished" exactly jack and shit. It was Obama who finished it when he released his birth records, mainly just to finally shut up asinine assholes like Trump, and yet, even that wasn't enough to silence the asinine assholes like Trump.)

(EDIT) And let's pause for a moment and pretend that it was actually true that Hillary did start the Birther movement, even though it has already been proven not to be true. Even if it was true, how does that in any way mitigate the fact that it was Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, who was the biggest, loudest, brayingest jackass in the whole thing? Seriously, Trump saying that Hillary started it as though it was a bad thing makes no sense. If she actually did start it, you'd think Trump would have been praising her for it, given how big into it he was (and, honestly, despite his words to the contrary, given that Trump is a huge goddamn liar, probably still is) rather than condemning her for it. If it's bad that Hillary started the Birther movement, as Trump is implying, then it's even worse that Trump himself jumped into it with both feet and sunk himself up to the eyeballs in the shit. On the other hand, if Trump being proud of the fact that he "finished" it is a good thing, then why would it be a bad thing that Hillary started it? Really, the more I try to parse this, the more I don't get it. Either way you look at it, it's really fucking stupid on Trump's part. Trump's razor in full effect, I guess. (/EDIT)

No, really, let's recap here. First, Donald Jankass Trump makes the asinine claim that Obama and Hillary Clinton started ISIS, and now he's saying Clinton started the Birther movement. Is this idiotic man truly out of his goddamn fucking mind? I mean, all joking and ridicule aside, this is an actual, legitimate concern for me, now. The fact that this seemingly almost literally insane, pathologically lying man is as close to being the POTUS as he is is utterly horrifying. He's starting to reach Nineteen Eighty-Four levels of doublethink with the stupid shit he says. In this case, he wants the "benefit" that being a Birther got him, while at the same exact time trying to foist the blame for the Birther movement onto Hillary, despite Trump himself being one of the biggest proponents of it.

I don't know what is worse. Is it worse that Donald Trump so brazenly bald-faced lies his fucking orange ass off like this? Or is it worse that he knows that he can pretty much get away with it, regardless, because he knows that there are far too many mentally deficient people out there who want to believe the ludicrous filth he spews and, thus, will believe it, no matter what else? This is what Stephen Colbert meant when he coined the term "truthiness." Trump's bullshit has a certain "truthiness" to his supporters. (And "truthiness" feeds into "Trumpiness.") "They are determined as to the facts they will believe, and the opinions on which they will act," indeed. It truly is deplorable. (Hmm, so is "deplorable" the new "racist"? Well... second verse, same as the first, I guess.)

NB4 Trump backpedals yet again and says he was just joking.


Also, this:
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Youtube embed behind cut )

(And, of course, obviously, the comments under this video are chock full of grody creepers and Irredeemably Toxic Shithole-types. Just a fair warning.)

At that point, if you're going to be doing this, I'd say just go play a straight-up damn hentai game and be done with it, already. Sheesh. Or maybe it's that Team Ninja itself should just go ahead and turn the DOA Xtreme series into a straight-up hentai eroge and be done with that, already. You can tell that they really, really want to.

On the whole, I once again mostly agree with Ian here. As for the characters being "uncomfortable" with the "advances" of the player, yeah, it's creepy as shit. Still, "realistically" speaking, if Kasumi truly didn't want you touching her tits or whatever, she, being a ninja, would kick your fucking ass. To me, it seems mostly like she's acting out of character to just stand there and let some schlub in a VR mask fondle her like that while doing nothing else beside repeatedly saying "ya da" and "da me" (both of which basically mean "no" or "I don't want this.") There's also a bit of cultural divide here between Japan and "the West" as well, at least as far as I can understand it, but that's a different kettle o' fish altogether and beyond the scope of this post.

Of course, the crux of the matter here is that Kasumi isn't a real person. Kasumi is a collection of polygons that has been programmed by Team Ninja to react this way. I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse, honestly. No, the entire point of this, no more and no less, is to allow the player to get their rocks off. And again, at that point, I'd say just go play a flat-out hentai game and stop pretending.

And yeah, as Pat says, VR Grand Theft Auto (or something like it) is coming, too. VR Mortal Kombat. VR Manhunt. VR Thrill Kill. VR Super Columbine Massacre RPG. And so on. It has always fascinated me that, outside of a few stick-up-the-ass "moral guardian" types, most people (in the USA, anyway) are pretty okay with excessively violent, gory death in video games, but when it comes to risqué stuff like this, that is where the line gets crossed? As for me, I consider the above to be a "sexual assault simulator" in the same way that those other games are "murder simulators," and I've ranted about all of that shit multiple times in the past. They are what they are, for good or bad. Personally, I'd much rather have sexual deviants getting their jollies wearing a VR headset and poking Kasumi's ass in some dank basement somewhere than to have them out and about doing this shit to actual, real-life people. And if an otherwise normal, well-adjusted person wants to also get their jollies off poking Kasumi's ass with their virtual fingers, then more power to them, I guess? It'd be either that or ripping the characters from Mortal Kombat in half, whenever the VR version of that comes out. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. It's not my cup of tea.
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This is the game I'm talking about. It's free to play (with a microtransaction store that I had absolutely zero intention of ever using), so if you want to give it a shot, you'll lose nothing except time (82 minutes in my case). Like I said above, the game was shaping up to be an amazing experience... but then I got randomly disconnected from the server for no apparent reason and was booted out to the main menu, and when I logged back in I was in the town hub. This utterly annihilated any and all interest I have in ever trying this game again.

Seriously, FUCK this online-only horseshit to hell and back and then to hell again, where it should forever remain, since that's where it came from to start with. This is why I never bought and will never buy Diablo III. But I thought I'd at least give Path of Exile a chance, given that it was free and I'd heard good things about it. If it had an offline option, I actually might be willing to pay money for it, given that what I did play of it was pretty great. But if I can only play online, with the ever looming threat of being randomly disconnected and booted out of the game for no good reason, then Path of Exile can fuck off and die for all I care.
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And, yep, I've now uninstalled The Sims 3 and all its expansions for the first time in... a really long time. It really sucks, because I'd actually played it as recently as only a few days ago. On the bright side, I suppose, this has freed up many gigabytes on my D drive.

Fuck goddamn EA for this asinine horseshit. This is yet another reason for me to utterly despise them, as if I didn't have more than enough reasons to do so already. Well, that's what I get for being idly curious to see if they'd finally implemented a fucking wishlist function by now on their useless, piece of shit Origin client. (And, no, they still have not implemented a fucking wishlist feature.)

(EDIT) I might try to reinstall The Sims 3 again at some nebulous later point in the far flung future, maybe, from the discs. I'll just have to make mega-sure to never, ever run the Origin client again after that, though. Honestly, at this point, now that I've uninstalled The Sims 3, there's no point in keeping Origin itself installed anymore, either. *immediately uninstalls the fuck out of that useless bullshit* (/EDIT)

(EDIT 2)(/EDIT 2)
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I don't want Donald Trump's stupid robot ass calling our house at any hour of the day, much less this fucking late. And this is twice now in just the past couple of days that we got a fucking robocall from him and his campaign like this, though at least the first one was at a more reasonable time of day (though, as far as I am concerned, there is no time that is reasonable for Donald Jackass Trump to be calling).

And I'll say the same goddamn thing if/when it's Hillary Clinton or whoever else calling at 8:30pm too.
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"Until the next summer rolls around," I said.

Welp, guess what it is now. That's right. It's now the next summer. And now the bugs are out in force once again. And summer only just officially fucking started a week ago (and they'd already been out in force a while before that). *weary goddamn sigh*

I don't mind the heat or even the humidity so much, as long as I'm not out in it for too long (e.g. long enough to go out and water my mother's tomatoes and flowers and such is fine, but much more than that is pushing it). It's the fucking asshole bugs inside the house, which cause me to have to spray on bug repellent inside the house, that piss me the hell off. -_-

I still like summer better than winter, on the whole... but not by much.
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The only "community" or fandom that I've had first hand experience with seeing the stupid bullshit they do is the Souls fandom, in the comments under any given SBFP Souls game LP.

Anyway, here is the Smooth McGroove acapella mix in question, which is of my personal favorite track from the game.

Comments under it are either about how good the mix is, or how bad and "toxic" the Undertale fandom supposedly is.

Just another example of why "Hate Dumb" is an actual thing that exists, and isn't just a page on TVTropes. Far, far too many people confuse the concept of "this is a thing that simply doesn't interest me" with "this is a thing that everyone should despise and it makes no sense why anyone would like it and those who do like it should be mocked incessantly." (The latter, of course, should be reserved only for actually important things that actually matter, like the very real possibility of Donald Trump becoming the next POTUS. ¬_¬)

(And yeah, in all cases, I guess I deserve what I get for making the mistake of looking at Youtube comments in the first place. You'd think I'd learn some fucking day. *shrug*)
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I was writing in my pencil and paper journal this morning. I don't usually care to talk about what I write in that thing on public forums like this, but in this case, I think I will make an exception. And yes, I know, I said that my previous post would be the last one on the subject, unless I changed my mind. Well, I changed my mind, obviously. Consider this post here to be the very-definitely-last-post-I-ever-make-about-the-James-Rolfe-nuBusters-brouhaha-until-I-decide-to-change-my-mind-yet-again-and-make-another-one.

Transcribed from my pencil and paper journal (with a few small additions that weren't in my journal, but you'll never know what I added here and what was already in the journal itself):

Wall of text behind cut )

Unlike James Rolfe, I haven't completely written off watching the nuBusters movie at some point, just as I haven't completely written off ever watching any more of the nuTrek movies either. I've said in the past that it's kind of dumb to dislike a work simply because you may not like the person who made the work, for whatever reason, rather than judging the work on its own merits. Similarly, I think it's kind of dumb to judge a work based on whatever fucked up stupid controversy may surround the work, rather than judging the work on its own merits. (To restate: judging and refusing to see a movie because said movie's trailer looks like complete ass is a valid reason, but judging and refusing to see a movie because "durr hurr feminism bad SJWs suck herp derp" is a dumb reason.)

However, even with that said, I have to admit that the ridiculous, distraught, pompous, self-righteous, priggish overreaction to James Rolfe's video about nuBusters by all these extremist radical feminists (including some people who I had thought were more level-headed than this, but I guess I was mistaken) has certainly dampened what little enthusiasm I may have had to see nuBusters down to a level that is even lower than my enthusiasm to see more nuTrek.
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...used by incredibly shitty guys in a pathetic attempt to belittle something that they irrationally fear and don't understand. I used to say that anyone who tried to seriously and unironically use the term "social justice warrior" in their "argument" immediately and automatically lost whatever "debate" they were trying to have.

And, for the most part, I still believe that to be the case, even now.

However, after all the stupid bullshit surrounding James Rolfe and the nuBusters movie these past couple of days, I have to admit... there is at least some minuscule merit to the term, or at least, perhaps, the sentiment behind the term (when used as a pejorative, that is).

Because I honestly cannot think of a more... apropos ...term to describe all the fucking idiots out there who have been and still are dogpiling on Mr. Rolfe. (Well, I suppose "fucking idiots" is a good one, too.)

I really don't want to go down this route, because I still believe that Irredeemably Toxic Shithole is indeed an irredeemably toxic shithole, and that the men's rights "movement" and whatever else is just the silliest, dumbest dogshit to ever be shat out of a dog's asshole, and it always has been and always will be...

...but I have to admit that this is my first real experience with "the other side" of this goddamn imbecilic shit-encrusted coin. The side represented by the term "SJW." It has not been a pleasant experience, at all. There are insane, raving loonies on both sides of this foul-smelling piece of metallic legal tender. I mean, yes, I already knew that, of course, at least in the abstract, but until now, I've never directly witnessed them in action before, never been right in the thick of it when they all came out of the woodwork in force before, never been at goddamn ground zero at near the exact moment when one of these Twitter dumpster fires first got sparked before.

It really isn't a cool feeling at all.

It sucks.

(With apologies to Randall Munroe. Original, unaltered comic can be found here. The xkcd font can be found here.)

And, yes, I do feel superior to both.

Until and unless something else noteworthy happens concerning the James Rolfe/nuBusters thing (or until and unless I just arbitrarily decide to change my mind tomorrow or something), this will be my last post on the subject.


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