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I started to say "Late night" instead of "Late-at-night," but didn't want it to be confused with Late Night as in the television genre. Can "Late Night" be considered a "genre" now? *shrug* Hell, if I know. I don't watch it anyway, except when it's reposted on Youtube or something and then linked to me via Twitter or Facebook or whatever.


Warning: incoming bizarre, tangential, fucked up, quasi-stream of consciousness Twitter thread embeds.

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(Note: "My Immortal" has a rather extensive page on "the other wiki" as well, for what that's worth.)

And then, instead of going to bed, I wrote a Dreamwidth post about it, and then crossposted it to Facebook. And then went to bed.
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(EDIT) Added some more tweets, 4-19-2017, which show that I'm kinda a bit dumb. ^^; (/EDIT)

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TL;DR version: It seems that I am a "Goodreads Author" now, thanks to some fanfics I wrote that someone other than me added to Goodreads.

Mostly unrelated issues: 1) Twitter embeds obviously don't look the same on Dreamwidth as they did on LiveJournal, though that's okay as long as the content is there, and 2) I've got to get used to using just <cut> instead of the old <lj-cut> tag.

(EDIT) And I could edit my page all along. It's just that I was trying to change my name to... well... my name, but apparently someone else who has the same name as me already had an Author page on Goodreads. I was able to use my full first name instead of the nickname, though, and that worked okay. (/EDIT)
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(For reference to the above, see also this.)

Relevant Wikipedia and TVTropes links.

Given my own currently utterly non-existent writing pace, I'll just say that, as far as I am concerned, George R. R. Martin can take as long as he damn well pleases to finish the rest of the series (and if the worst does come to pass, as some fear, then tough shit, I guess).

Now I can maybe start on the TV show[1] and, eventually, the Telltale Games series (though unlike the books and show, the game needs to be actually complete and released before I'll be starting on that).

I'm not going to talk about the actual book series itself, though, because if I started into that, I'd be here typing into this LJ edit box for at least the next twelve hours or so, most likely. Suffice it to say that if you haven't read it yet, you should. It's good stuff.

[1] - Even though the creators of the show apparently have taken quite a few liberties with Mr. Martin's own plotlines, from what I hear... well, I'll just consider the show as Alternate Continuity, given that this is exactly what it is, and just go with it.
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A while back (in 2010 to be precise), I said I was going to look for all the old stories I wrote for fun as a kid. I haven't found (all of) those yet, but I did find something else that is about as interesting. It was a story that I wrote for school, when I was in the seventh or eighth grade, meaning I'd have been around 10-12 years old or so when it was written.

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Anyway, I give you (complete with accurate transcription of any and all misspellings and grammatical hiccups from the original hand-written version)...

Night of the Fang

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Spoiler alert: Yes, it's the end. So... yeah, there was that. A funky weird little vampire story I wrote when I was in middle school.

A few comments:
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"The truth is that the only way not to feel really terrible is to work.

But sometimes it seems easier just to feel really terrible."

-- Rust Hills, Writing in General and the Short Story in Particular (from the final chapter "Afterword: Writing in General")

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I just walked in the door to my Redmond, WA condo from the airport about an hour and a half or so ago. Up until then, I'd been in North Carolina, since December 22, 2013.

What I did during the past month-plus, in no particular order:

What I did )

Here is what I plan to do now:

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When I go home to North Carolina for Christmas, I'm going to try to dig around in the mountain of junk in my old room and see if I can find all (or at least some) of the funky old stories I used to write as a kid. Hopefully they won't be too awfully moth/rat eaten. >_>

Fast forward to these days, I get home from work and indifferently flick away my screen saver, which is set to display fancy, reflective 3D text with the words "WORK ON YOUR BOOK", and then proceed to do idle things that are decidedly not working on my book.

It's kind of sad, in a vague, apathetic sort of way.
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After reading [livejournal.com profile] tokoz's post about the cool dream she had, it reminded me of something.

I wrote a short story about a year ago or so for a creative writing class I took at DigiPen. The subject of this particular story was the "false awakening" dreams that I have from time to time and which I loathe so very much. For a while, I'd kept meaning to post it here, because I was actually rather pleased with how it turned out (unlike the first one that I wrote for that class, which was utter shit). But then, I just completely forgot about it until now.

Well, for what it's worth, here it is finally. I've copy/pasted it directly from the doc into this edit window, but it looked like crap when I previewed it so I had to format it a bit, but it still looks a bit bad. The tabs were simply replaced with 5 non-breakable spaces, but the double spacing has been lost, sadly. Also, I had to go back and html-ize the italics and such, because those were lost in the copy/paste as well. I think I got them all. Meh.

It's a bit long for a LJ post too )

A few notes:
-- The game I mention is Planescape: Torment.
-- Yes, we read Kafka's The Metamorphosis prior to being given this assignment.
-- The line "At that moment I notice a mouse standing on its hind legs: a bald mouse." was required by the teacher to be worked into our stories somehow, whether it made sense or not. I think I stuck it in at a pretty good point in mine, if I do say so myself. It was a bit better in the printed version compared to this LJ version though, since it came directly after a page break.
-- No, I didn't actually have any of these dreams IRL (that I can recall, anyway).


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