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As of two nights ago, I am no longer living with the same sister with whom my mother is currently living, the one mentioned in this post. I am now living with my eldest sister in a different location. This is likely going to be the more permanent arrangement than the temporary situation of the past week.

The purpose of this post is simply to say that, because where I'll be living now does not currently have dedicated Internet, I will next have access to the Internet on a timetable of "when the hell ever." Might be next week, might be next month, I don't know. She does have a hotspot which she uses for work purposes and the occasional checking of her own Facebook, which I could use in a pinch for necessary things like paying bills online and such, but I wouldn't want to be using that for just futzing around on the Internet doing whatever.

After I make this post, I will be unhooking this computer (my desktop at the old house my mother and I used to live in), loading it up, and taking it to my sister's house, where it will most likely remain unhooked until such a time as A) space is made for it in the room in which I will be residing and B) we have Internet access there.

So yeah, bottom line TL;DR version is this: definitely don't expect me to post on here or Facebook or Twitter anymore any time soon, and don't be expecting me to answer emails or anything like that for a while. I won't be gone forever, I hope, but it might be a while before things stabilize to a point where I can starting giving a shit again about social media and whatnot (and this may continue to be the case for a while even after I get access to dedicated Internet again).
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I'm linking to this more for the attached recording of the radio interview than for the article, but the article's okay, too.
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FYI/PSA/whatever: My living situation has changed, probably permanently, definitely for the short-term, and is highly unlikely to go back to what it was before, in either case. My elderly mother and I are no longer living by ourselves in my elderly mother's home, for reasons that I don't feel at liberty to discuss in a public forum like this. As of two nights ago, we are now living in the home of one of my sisters.

What this means for me as far as computer-related stuff is concerned is that I currently have access only to my laptop, not my main desktop computer. I do have Internet access (obviously), but I will most likely not be online nearly as often as I used to be, for the foreseeable future. For one thing, I will not be gaming nearly as much (if at all, at least within the next several days), though that's not necessarily a bad thing. Will probably still try to check email/Facebook/Twitter/etc. at least once a day, whenever possible.

So, yeah, don't expect to see nearly as many posts from me on here or Twitter or Facebook or wherever.
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Latest addition: September 14, episode 122.

All previous episodes can be found in this tag.

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So, I turned my laptop on for the first time in months, and the fucking battery is dead. And I don't just mean dead as in uncharged, but dead as in "permanent failure" or "battery cannot be identified." I could probably count on one hand with fingers left over the number of times I've turned this goddamn thing on since the last instance of having problems with it. It still works, obviously (because I'm using it), with the power cord plugged in, but the battery is just straight up dead as shit, "0% available (plugged in, not charging)".

I tried updating the bios, which some people claimed help to solve erroneous "battery cannot be identified" issues, but could not do it normally, because it wouldn't let me do it without the battery being above 10% charge. *facepalm* Well, I found a way to force it to update the bios via USB boot drive anyway, but in the end, it didn't help, so I guess the battery is actually fubar.

This is the last time I ever buy a Dell device, that's for goddamn sure.
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Latest addition: September 12, episodes 119 and 120.

All previous episodes can be found in this tag.

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Just gonna copy/paste from Facebook (which mostly just links back to here, so whatever):

Initial post:

So Pewdiepie is currently trending on Twitter because he said a racist slur during a Twitch stream. That tells you something about Twitter, I guess.

As far as this particular Pewdiepie bullshit goes, I think Scalzi said it best, so I'll just link to his tweet here:


As for Pewdiepie in general, I've pretty much already said far more than I'd have thought I'd ever need to say about this asshole, so I'll just link to that as well:


First follow-up comment:

Also, this: https://www.polygon.com/2017/9/10/16285188/pewdie-pie-racist-slur-firewatch-retaliation-dmca

All the luck and good fortune to you, Mr. Vanaman.

Second follow-up comment:

Also also, this: https://twitter.com/AnneWheaton/status/906997271241277440

Bwahahaha, fuck Pewdiepie.


Third follow-up comment:

Oh, and for all the morons trying to claim something along the lines of "Well, if Pewds had just said 'nigga' instead of hard-R 'nigger,' it would've been fine" or whatever nonsense as that... nope, sorry, that's not how it works, either.

A white dude like Felix Kjellberg does not get to throw out any variation of that word to an audience of thousands without consequences.

See also: https://kane-magus.dreamwidth.org/49410.html

And no, once again, this is not a fucking "free speech" issue. Here, have that xkcd explaining this yet again: https://xkcd.com/1357/

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...and I will switch to Linux when Windows 7 is no longer viable to use, because fuck Windows 10 with a rusty eggbeater.

So yeah, this thing happened again, just like the last time it happened.
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So, Firefox "upgraded" recently, and several add-ons, including uBlock Origin and NoScript, have been disabled, and marked as "Legacy" in the Add-ons list. Clicking the "Legacy" button leads to this page.

So, basically, until this shit gets straightened out and uBlock Origin an NoScript are reenabled for it, Firefox is pretty much useless to me.

(EDIT) Well, I managed to get uBO and NS working again by reinstalling them. But they're still marked as "Legacy" in the Add-ons list. This is some bullshit on Firefox's part, to just straight up disable people's add-ons without warning. (/EDIT)
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Article found via Nathan Bashore on Facebook.

All I can say is: ^This

(The article doesn't mention Donald Trump even once, but I'm going to put the Donald Trump tag on this post, for what should be fairly obvious reasons.)
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Ah, looks like we've now reached the next slippery slope on the way to hell.
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Latest addition: August 22, episode 110.

All previous episodes can be found in this tag.

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This post here is essentially a sequel to an earlier post I made back in March. I'm just going to copy/paste some rantage I did over on Facebook into this post.

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(Fak)e-sports are being considered for inclusion in the fucking Olympics, of all things.

(EDIT) I know this isn't the first time this has been brought up before, but this is the first time I've seen it being actually considered as a real thing. And that's terrible. (/EDIT)
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...and has been for a few days now, at the very least.

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While I'm ranting about video games at the moment and all...

I bought Batman - The Telltale Series a couple days ago, because it was on a 75% off sale for $6.25.

Apparently, right around that same time, they released a huge patch that seems to have just completely broken the game. Just look at the Steam forums for the game right now.

I played the game for 46 minutes, according to Steam, and then just gave up and uninstalled it. I may go back to it later, some day, if they fix this shit, but for now, I am very disappointed in Telltale.


And this isn't the first Telltale game that I've quit before finishing it lately, either. A while back, I broke down and got Minecraft Story Mode, because it and the Adventure Pass bullshit were available together for dirt cheap. I played through the first five episodes (i.e. the main storyline) fine, but when I started the "extra" episodes, I ran into a problem where the info boxes were showing up as completely empty. I went so far as to send a tech support ticket to Telltale about it, and the response I got (almost a full two months later) was banal, form letter, useless bullshit like... well... hell, I'll just copy/paste the email reply I got from them here:

Uselessness behind cut )

So, yeah, I used to be a huge fan of Telltale. Not so much, anymore.

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Interesting. Less because of the games, but because GameMaker itself is in the bundle, as well as source code for most of the games (or only the source code, in some cases).

I'm considering biting on this just to get GameMaker, if nothing else. Well, I have about two weeks to decide, at any rate.


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