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First complaint, sent to the Greensboro News & Record on December 2, 2015:

I am writing on behalf of my 77-year old mother, <name redacted>. This is the third day in a row that my mother has not properly received her newspaper in the News & Record box near her home. Either the paper has not been delivered at all, or it has simply been tossed out on the end of the road, one-tenth of a mile from her house, which is much too far to be expected for her to walk to get the paper. Last year, around this same time of year, the paper carrier became similarly lax in properly delivering her papers as well, and I do not want this year to become a repeat of last year. In any case, this is unacceptable. There is no good or valid reason that the paper cannot be delivered to the box near her home, like it has been, for the most part, up until now.

Second complaint, sent to the Greensboro News & Record on December 31, 2015:

I am writing, yet again, on behalf of my 77-year old mother, <name redacted>. She did not receive her newspaper in the News & Record box outside of her home yet again today. When I tried to call the automated system just now at 336-274-5476, I was informed, for some unknown reason, that it would not be accepting complaints about the delivery of the paper for today. Well, I don't know what that is about or why that is the case, but you *will* receive another complaint about this, via one means or another. I called two days ago to 336-274-5476 and spoke with someone about all of the trouble that my mother has been having with getting the paper properly delivered to her home for the past month or so. The person that I spoke with claimed that she would be "escalating" the issue to her supervisor, who would then supposedly speak with the carrier about him not properly delivering the newspaper. Yesterday, for the first time in almost a month, my mother actually properly received her paper in the News & Record box outside her home, as *should* have been the case *every* day. We thought that this might be the end of the problems she was having with not getting the paper, finally. And yet, today, once again, she did *not* receive a paper. Therefore, quite simply, someone is not doing their job properly, and this is leading to headache and frustration for my mother and for everyone else who is having to deal with this issue. And this is not just a one-off thing, either. Every year, around this time of year, this same issue reoccurs. Every year, for at least the past three years or so, at least as far as I personally am aware, paper delivery to my mother becomes lax, and she doesn't receive it in the News & Record box outside her home like she's supposed to. I don't know why this is the case, or why it happens every year. All I know is that something *needs* to be done about this, or I will be doing everything in my power to convince my mother to simply cancel her subscription to the newspaper, once and for all. If she is not receiving the paper like she's supposed to be, after all, then why should she continue to pay for it?

Third complaint, sent to the Greensboro News & Record about ten minutes ago:

Once again, I am writing this complaint on behalf of my 77-year old mother, <name redacted>. Once again, instead of being delivered to the News & Record box outside of her home like it should be, the paper was just thrown out on the end of the road. Today, the paper was waterlogged to the point of unreadability. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL THE PAPER CARRIER TO STOP THROWING THE PAPER OUT ON THE END OF THE ROAD. SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL THE PAPER CARRIER THAT HE NEEDS TO PROPERLY PUT IT IN THE NEWS & RECORD BOX LIKE HE WAS BEFORE. I am utterly sick and tired of continually filing complaints about this issue, and yet nothing at all is being done to correct the matter, or even to simply acknowledge the matter as far as I can tell. I talked to someone at the News & Record on the phone a couple of weeks ago, and she told me that this issue of the negligent delivery of my mother's paper was going to be "escalated" to her supervisor and that someone would be contacting my mother about it "within 48 hours." Nobody ever called my mother about this. And, obviously, nothing whatsoever was done to address this issue, which has been ongoing for around two months or so now. This issue needs to be fixed. This is absolutely unacceptable.

I could also include the several complaints I sent to their online complaint service last year and the year before about this same exact goddamn issue, but they're just variations on the same theme as above, i.e. increasingly angry complaints about this fucking horseshit.

And this, of course, doesn't even include all of the phone-based complaints we have made about this bullshit, both to the automated computer system and to actual live humans. All of which has amounted to jack and shit, because apparently nothing is being done to fix this. It's fucking asinine that this has been going on for well over a month now, and it's even more fucking asinine that it happens every goddamned year around this time of year. The motherfucking asshole paper carrier just arbitrarily decides that he's going to stop delivering the paper like he's supposed to, for no good or valid reason[1], and that instead he's just going to toss it out on the end of our long-ass private road. And then all the people who we talk to who say that they're going to talk to the paper carrier and get him to properly do his fucking job end up not actually doing their fucking jobs, either. Fuck this shit. I'm so fucking sick of it, and I don't even give a shit about reading the newspaper, myself.

(Also, I should note that I underestimated the distance between the house and the end of the road. I said "one-tenth of a mile" in one of the complaints above, which is a little over 500 feet. It's actually around twice that distance, at least according to Google Maps, right around 1000 feet, almost a fifth of a mile. That may not seem like all that much, but it's too damn far for a 77-year old to be expected to walk every damn day to get her fucking newspaper. Not that she does, anyway, because my brother picks up the paper off the ground on his way to work and brings it to her when he gets home in the evening.)

[1] - The road gets the least little bit muddy after a rain or whatever, and the douchenozzle just up and stops bringing it out here, even after the rain stopped and the road dried out again. And, yet, everyone else who uses that road has no problems at all with it. I could understand it if he didn't deliver it after a big snow or something, sure, but this is fucking ridiculous.


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