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Basically, they apparently didn't finish the story satisfactorily in the base game and were planning to finish it via DLC, but now that DLC is no longer going to happen.

So glad I already stopped giving any fucks about Mass Effect, or EAWare in general, years ago, precisely because of asinine horseshit just like this.
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So I clicked the first link in this thing out of morbid curiosity, and now I will quote up to the exact point where I lost any and all interest in it:

"We're excited to announce today the release of a BioWare project that's unlike anything we've done before. Over the past few months, the BioWare Online Services team..."

Right there. At the phrase "BioWare Online Services team." *weary, apathetic sigh*
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Remember Shadow Realms? That "4v1 asymmetrical online RPG" thing that I had some tiny amount of interest in, until I found out it was going to be a "4v1 asymmetrical online RPG"?

Yeah, as the headlines says, it got canceled. Imagine my utter astonishment at this news. *eye-roll*
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The Humble Bundle going on right now is a shitload of Star Wars games, with more to be added next week. I'd say this Bundle is worth it just for KotOR 1 (i.e. a BioWare game made back in the days when BioWare was actually still awesome, before it started sucking ass) and KotOR 2, if nothing else, though I went ahead and paid the $12 to get all of them.

Seriously, KotOR is my second favorite BioWare game of all time, after Jade Empire, even ahead of the awesome Baldur's Gate series.
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I've talked more than a little about Planescape: Torment and how I think it's the best old-school BioWare-style game that wasn't actually made by BioWare (and better than the ones that were made by BioWare)... well, now I'm going to mention what I think is the best old-school BioWare-style game that actually was made by BioWare: Jade Empire.

Okay, so Jade Empire isn't as "old-school" as Planescape: Torment is, given that the combat is more an action-oriented beat-'em-up style instead of the pseudo-real-time turn-based combat of their previous games, and the graphics are 3D models rather than sprites, but that didn't bother me at all. The thing I like most about it, though, is that the story is just as good as, perhaps even better than, their previous games such as Baldur's Gate and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (the latter of which was my previous "favorite BioWare-style game that was made by BioWare," until Jade Empire came along and bumped it off), and the fact that it was near to the last game of theirs to use the old-school dialog trees (the actual last being Dragon Age: Origins), as opposed to the dumbed down dialog wheel that was introduced in the Mass Effect series and carried over into Dragon Age II. Anyway, overall, it's a BioWare game set in a mythical country inspired by ancient Imperial China, and it was made back when BioWare games were still amazing and weren't the EA-tainted shit they are today. If that sounds even a little bit good to you, I'd highly recommend checking it out.

And it's currently on sale on GOG.com, along with a bunch of other EA games. (The fact that I have to refer to Jade Empire as "an EA game" now makes my gorge rise a little, but whatever. Rest assured, though, that Jade Empire doesn't have the EA-taint, since it was released well before BioWare became an undead husk back in 2007.)
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So that new BioWare game is apparently "a 4v1 asymmetrical online RPG". And... there goes any interest I may have had in it, dwindling down to nothing. Oh well.
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And the downward spiral of BioWare continues.

Then again, this guy leaving might not necessarily be an entirely bad thing. That said, though, I think some of the guys in the comments under that article are being way too vicious and vindictive. The dude was involved in other stuff besides just Mass Effect 3, a lot of which was actually pretty damn cool. It just seemed like he might have been losing his touch, is all, which is probably another reason why it's good he's leaving, for his sake as well.
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The idea of a new BioWare IP would have been so much more exciting to me prior to seven years ago than it is now. From what very, very little I've seen of this, it looks like it might be something like BioWare's take on The Secret World. Well, as long as it isn't yet another MMO game (which was, ultimately, the reason I never got into The Secret World), then I might take a casual look at it when it comes out, and if it doesn't completely suck, perhaps I'll check it out, maybe. On the other hand, I have plenty of reasons not to.
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Hmm. HMM.

Well, better it be Obsidian than fucking BioWareEA, definitely. The only reason KotOR 2 got panned as much as it did wasn't really Obsidian's fault, given that they were heavily rushed by LucasArts and had to cut a lot of content and make a shitty, rushed ending to what otherwise would have been a masterpiece. And yet, even in its shoddy, rushed state, KotOR 2 is still one of my favorite games. Maybe not as good as KotOR 1 was (requiescat in pace, BioWare), but still pretty damn good, and it had the missed potential to be so much better.

BioWare, on the other hand, sold out to EA and then made what could have and should have been KotOR 3, but wasn't, because it was made as a shitty MMO game.

Oh well, in any case, this is definitely some pie in the sky shit right here, regardless.
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"Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made." -- John Godfrey Saxe.

Personally speaking, I believe we can add video games to that as well. This has been my experience over the past decade or two, anyway.
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Well, like I said in the past, if that's actually true, then it just makes what happened with BioWare even worse. I'd actually rather be able to blame it squarely on EA executive meddling, given that the alternative is that BioWare flushed itself down the shitter of its own accord.

Of course, I don't buy it for a single second. You can't tell me that BioWare went from being super-awesome pre-EA to being super-shit post-EA and then honestly expect me to believe that this was due to terrible decisions made solely by BioWare itself with no influence at all from EA. Come on, get serious. You're not fooling anyone with this crap. Especially given the evidence to the contrary with all of the other companies that have been destroyed by EA over the decades in the exact same manner as BioWare is currently being destroyed. Are you going to tell me next that all of those other companies also just coincidentally went from being mostly awesome to being mostly shit after they were gobbled up by EA through no fault of EA itself? Really now.

Also, if being bought by EA was so great, then why exactly is he then advising companies not to sell out to big publishers like they did? Seriously, everything Mr. Zeschuk is saying here positively reeks.

I mean, really, this is the same as how all of the shit going on with SimCity is purely the fault of "Maxis," with EA taking no responsibility for any of it at all.

Man, there have been quite a lot of blatant whoppers coming out of people associated with EA over the past few weeks or so. I mean, even more than is normally the case, that is.
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Is it bad that all I get out of this article is to lament the loss of the days when BioWare was just, you know, BioWare, rather than a bunch of separate studios loosely connected by the BioWare name? I mean, I don't really care one way or the other about the whole "gay planet" issue or whatever. I don't play The Old Republic, and while I could care less about it, it wouldn't be by much. BioWare is what it is, these days, for good or for ill, that's all. They'll never again be the same BioWare from back in the day, the one I kind of grew up with. I've pretty much given up on them after Dragon Age II and Mass Effect 3, similar to how I've given up on Blizzard after the fiasco that was Diablo III.

In other words, all I really get out of this is that EA sucks, as usual.
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Right. It's totally the fans' fault that these guys left. I'm sure the fact that they headed a company that began producing demonstrably inferior video games after they sold themselves out to EA had nothing whatsoever to do with it. I'm sure that definitely had no effect on the matter at all. Poor, pitiful, tiny baby doctors. I feel so sad for them and their wittle hurt feewings. *eyeroll*

Well, as the old saying goes, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." Looks like they got out of the kitchen all right. I'm sure they're crying into their huge piles of money this very minute.

Seriously though, I do shed a real tear for the BioWare that used to be. This shambling corpse that exists now is BioWare in (diluted and abused) name only.
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Why am I not surprised by this? (EDIT 4) RPS and PCG articles on this story. (/EDIT 4)

Oh, right, because I sort of predicted it.

I expect BioWare's spiral down the toilet of EA's incompetence and subsequent destruction to accelerate to warp speed now.


And look, we're already seeing the typical "hey don't worry, just because the top guys jumped ship doesn't mean we're actually sinking" poppycock that always follows this sort of thing.

(EDIT 2)

For the record, I still haven't even bought Mass Effect 3 yet, and I'm almost assuredly also not going to buy any future ME game headed by Casey Hudson, of crappy ME3 ending trolling fame.

(EDIT 4)

I did eventually buy Mass Effect 3 for the Xbox 360 for dirt cheap, but I never even took the shrink wrap off of it before I ended up selling it (along with everything else), much less actually played the damn thing.

(/EDIT 4)

(/EDIT 2)


(EDIT 3)

And all the people in the comments of the joystiq article calling the two doctors "scum" and "sellouts" and what not (which I don't really agree with, even though I do think those two guys made a terrible mistake when they let their company get bought up by EA) are fully balanced out by the people on the other side talking about "sanctimonious" and "nerd rage" and "whiners" and "sniveling babies" and "entitled" and so on and so forth blah blah blah ad nauseam. I really and truly need to stop reading the asinine comments on sites like this, and I keep telling myself that every time I end up doing so anyway, but I never learn. Seriously though, at this point in time, anyone who uses any variation of the word "entitled" in any way while they are discussing the video game industry automatically loses whatever argument they may have been in, as far as I am concerned, no matter how well reasoned they may have been otherwise. I am that sick of hearing it.

(/EDIT 3)
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I was pretty sure this game was going to suck the first moment I heard about it.

Well, as it turns out, I was right.
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I don't have a large enough vocabulary to describe just how mind-numbingly stupid this is.

I miss the days when BioWare was a cool company that I used to care about and whose games I actually used to look forward to. Not anymore, sadly, because of shit like this. :/

Aside from indie games and whatever I happen to get for $5 in a Steam sale or whatever, I'm seriously just about done with video games altogether, thanks to this kind of crap.
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Via PC Gamer.

This is probably the same as how "Bioware" is making a new "Command & Conquer" game.

Yeah, let's just say that the level of Do Not Want™ from me on this one is pretty much off the scale.

I don't feel so bad for the "Ultima" name at this point (since EA has already more or less killed that almost two decades ago with Ultima 8 and especially Ultima 9), but I am rather sad and annoyed (but not surprised in the slightest) with how EA has been dumping shit all over the Bioware name these past few years now. :/
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Yeah, I'm not surprised in the slightest. Will this actually fix anything or appease any of the angry players out there? No idea. At least they did what I thought they should do with it, i.e. add stuff that may clarify the endings or whatever, but not change it entirely.

On the plus side, the DLC will apparently be free, so I'll give them that much credit at least. Glad to see that EA didn't sink to its typical low nature in that regard, for once.

Honestly, though, I just can't bring myself to care much either way anymore, outside of the occasional post like this.

/me goes back to refusing to buy the game at all until the inevitable price cuts start going into effect, in tepid defiance of all the other crap that has already been ranted about in previous posts ad nauseam.
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PC Gamer asked several game writers and designers what they thought about BioWare potentially changing the ending of Mass Effect 3. Very interesting read, I thought. (No spoilers that I can tell, at least not in the article itself, anyway. Beware the comments, but then, that's generally good advice for any article on a site like this.)

I don't really have a horse in this race, at least not yet, since I've already decided for separate[1] reasons that I'm simply going to hold off on getting ME3 at all until some point in the nebulous future. Generally speaking, however, I think I have to side with the "don't change it, even if it's terrible" crowd. Whether or not they insert DLC later that adds to it and perhaps explains or clarifies it or whatever is a whole other kettle of fish altogether, and one that I've ranted about more than enough in the past and won't get into here, but I don't think they should change or remove what is already there.

Then again, as I said, I haven't actually seen the endings yet (though I've been moderately spoiled on the gist of them, and what I've heard does indeed sound rather blah), so maybe the (seemingly) very many people who are truly enraged over the whole thing are right and BioWare should completely scrap and redo the whole thing. I don't know. That's the problem with vocal minorities... you never know if there is a multitude of others out there who are nodding their head in agreement with them, or if there is a multitude of others who wish they'd just stfu with their whining already.

Of course, at this point, I also don't know that I trust EA/BioWare to even have the ability to fix this mess in a proper manner, no matter what they end up doing.

[1] - Looking back on that, though, I'm not sure how the multiplayer is able to "affect the ending" when most people seem to generally agree nowadays that all of the possible endings are crap, and have little or nothing to do with any decisions you do or don't make prior to reaching that point. Huh.


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