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I'm going to stop making the "Trump Tweets" LiveJournal posts (though I'm almost assuredly not going to stop tweeting about Trump). It just takes too much time and effort to copy/paste the embed codes for all of that shit over here, for little to no gain aside from catharsis on my part, and even that dubious benefit is draining away to nothing, now that the asinine asshat has somehow actually fucking won the presidency. If you still want to see my tweets or whatever (and I [occasionally] do [re]tweet about things other than Trump and politics, believe it or not), and aren't already on my Twitter follower/followee lists, there's an easy enough way to do that. Or not. *shrug*

(EDIT) I've since switched over to Dreamwidth (obviously, since you're reading this on Dreamwidth), so all of the below is pretty much irrelevant now. (/EDIT)

I know I've said this at other times in the past, but I pretty much think I'm just about done with LiveJournal, anyway. I'm still not definitely committing to giving up on it altogether yet, and I doubt I ever fully will (i.e. I currently have no plans to straight up delete my LJ, even if I were to ever stop actively posting to it), but my apathy to continue posting here is gradually strengthening with every passing day.

As such, I'm still half-assedly looking for better alternatives to doing more-than-just-140-characters-repeatedly blogging on the Internet. While I am admittedly more active on Twitter than I used to be, I still don't really care to make that my "main" online "presence" (such as it is), though I suppose that Twitter has sort of de facto become that lately. I'm still not too awfully interested in Tumblr, though I'm willing to have my mind changed on that score, if compelling enough reasons present themselves. As for Facebook, I'm more and more coming to the conclusion that Facebook can simply go fuck itself. Lately, I've been disallowing the members of my direct family who also happen to be on my FB "friends" lists from seeing my posts, thanks to political bullshit (on the ever increasingly rare occasions that I bother to make posts to Facebook at all). And I'm not really interested in posting general blogs on the more "specialist" sites like Steam or Goodreads or whatever else, either.

I guess my main (only?) criteria for switching to a new actual blog service is probably "how easy is it to backport LiveJournal posts into the new shit, and does the new shit have comparative (or better) functionality/features to (than) LJ" at this point, because if I don't find a service that allows easy importing of old LiveJournal posts and which maybe lets me preserve the tagging and such, I doubt I'll ever bother to make the switch at all, even if LiveJournal (and my usage of such) is more or less dead otherwise.
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And it's not even really Trump himself at the moment, but all his fucking dumbass supporters (and, also, even some anti-Trump people doing some seriously goofy shit).

Previous post, as always.

Tweets behind cut. )

I almost feel like I'm going to need to "detach and detox" from social media, or even just the Internet in general, for the entire next four years, at this rate. Guh.
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Previous post.

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Just... man, fuck Donald Trump. I'm already way long past sick of this asshat, and he's not even in office yet and won't be for over two months.
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I know I'm pretty much shouting into the void here with these Twitter rehash posts on LJ, but fuck it, I don't care. It's cathartic, if absolutely nothing else.

Previous post in this annoyingly ongoing series.

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Yep, the previous one has turned out to not be the final one after all.

Tweets behind cut )

Just don't forget, President (*ugh*shiver*) Trump: half the country still hates your goddamn guts and thinks you are a fucking disgusting asshole. Prove us wrong.
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So, unless the anti-miracle happens and Trump actually wins, this will hopefully be the final of these posts, as I don't intend to post about Trump's inevitable whiny bitching when he does lose (though I'll most likely change my mind and do so anyway *shrug*).

Previous post for reference and all that.

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Just a few more days... just a few more days... ;_;

Here's the previous post, as always. (Also, this one will have a few more "generally political" tweets mixed in with the "Trump-specific" shit.)

Tweets behind cut )

(EDIT) Adding in a few more...

A few more tweets behind cut )

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Link to previous, which has links to all the others before that. A few of these are less Trump-specific and more just generally politics-related.

Tweets behind cut, as usual. )
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Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, if you care.

These aren't all the tweets I make (and retweet) lately... just the vast majority of them.

Twitter embeds behind cut )
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Yeah. Same deal as always.

Tweets behind cut )
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This sort of thing is probably all I'm gonna do between now and November 8, maybe. ¬_¬

Twitter embeds behind cut )
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For the (dubious) benefit of the, like, one person on my LJ friends list who isn't also on my Twitter followers/followees lists. You know who you are. But mostly because I just feel like doing this for its own sake. (In lieu of writing actual posts anymore, I guess? *shrug*)

This time it's mostly just a bunch of retweets, rather than tweets of my own. Though since some of those are retweets of other retweets, and the original tweets don't show up properly in the embeds, I've also included the original tweets that were retweeted which I then reretweeted, even though I didn't retweet the original tweets myself. Ugh, Twitter terminology sucks ass.

Embeds behind cut )

That last one there by Starla I feel is especially important.

(Previous round ups here and here.)
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Because that's easier than writing an actual post, apparently.

In the order that I (re)tweeted them, since the previous such post:

More embedded tweets behind the cut )
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Since I haven't posted here about him (or anything else, for that matter) in the past few days...

A bunch of embedded tweets behind cut )

Lately, it seems like I've been posting more to Twitter than I do here, regardless, whether I repost it here or not. :/
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Embedded tweets behind cut )

So, last week, Donald Trump Jr. posted an incredibly racist tweet in which he compared Syrian refugees to Skittles. And now, as seen above, Eric Trump shows just how mindnumbingly boneheaded the Trump clan is with regards to money.

So yeah... like father, like sons.

It makes me wonder if Donald Jr. and Eric may share similar creepy interests in their sisters with their father as well. ¬_¬
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Another LJ post that is just Twitter embeds )

(Oh and it looks like Livejournal still to this fucking day hasn't fixed the bug that turns single quotes and apostrophes into double quotes in the <lj-cut text=""> tags.)


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