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This is not Nintendo being overly aggressive about their IPs. Super Mario 64 is not abandonware (as though that makes it okay if it were). This is Nintendo being relatively sensible about a game that they are still actively selling today on their current generation console. This is not them shutting down Youtube videos of LPers playing their games, like the Slashdot article tries to equate it to, which I agree is kind of stupid evil on Nintendo's part. This here is not Nintendo being stupid evil, though. Nintendo has every right and expectation to have this shut down, and in this case I honestly don't blame them for doing so, and I also don't think "fair use" applies in this case, like some of the not-a-lawyers on Slashdot are trying to claim. And all the "fuck Nintendo"s down in the comments under this thing just shows that there are stupid people on both extremes of the whole "copyright, should we or shouldn't we" brouhaha.

At least the guy himself who made the thing has some sense: "I received a copyright infringement notice on both the webplayer as well as the standalone builds. Which is fair enough, really. In light of Nintendo recently making a deal to release some of their IPs on mobile platforms, it's probably not in their best interests to have a mobile-portable version of Mario 64 sitting around." Then again, if he'd had more sense, he wouldn't have made the thing in the first place, because he couldn't have not known that this is how Nintendo would react when they found out about it.
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As of today, I no longer own any video game consoles or associated games. I sold all of that stuff to Lost Ark Video Games in Greensboro, NC. Well, actually, I do still own a Xbox 360, because Lost Ark wouldn't buy the old fat model, a Playstation 2, which I didn't even take out there to bother to try to sell because it was already on its last legs, and an old, modded Playstation 1 that I didn't even take with me to Washington when I moved out there in 2004, let alone to Lost Ark to try to sell. (EDIT) Oh, and I still have a Wii Fit board, even though I no longer have a Wii to connect it to, because I forgot to bring the stupid thing with me when I sold all the other crap. (/EDIT) Everything else is gone, though, including the handheld stuff. And, weirdly, I don't feel too awfully bad about it. I thought it would probably feel like the rough equivalent of selling one's children to do it or some such, but no... nothing all dramatic like that. (EDIT 2) I have to say that going into my Backloggery and tagging all those games with the little "Formerly Owned" ghost was somewhat sad, though. Some of them I had to actually (stealth) add as new games, since they weren't previously even in the list given that I hadn't bothered to update my Backloggery page in forever, only to then mark them as "Formerly Owned." >_> (/EDIT 2)

Now, though, I still have a ton of old PC games, which Lost Ark also wouldn't buy, that I need to do something with. I'll probably end up selling those individually on eBay or Amazon Marketplace or something. I actually could have done the same for the consoles and console games as well, and probably would have gotten more money out of them in the long run if I'd done so, but I just wanted to unload them somewhere relatively convenient, so that's what I did.
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Physical disc/cartridge games, that is. I'm not even talking about digital stuff on Steam or GOG or whatever. A bunch of old shit that I'll almost assuredly never play again. Some are duplicates, even. For instance, I own three copies of Chrono Trigger (original SNES, Playstation, and DS versions). Hell, some of the games are stuff that I've since re-bought on Steam and/or GOG. I came to this realization while trying to get my final stuff packed. I know I've said in the past that I don't sell video games anymore, but... I think I'm going to be selling a shit-ton of video games... once I get them all back to North Carolina. -_-; Yeah, I probably should have sold them before moving if I was going to sell them at all, but it's too late for that now, and I'm not going to just leave them here. I suppose I could just take them to Half Price Books, same as I did all those old textbooks the other day, but, unlike all those old textbooks, I'm thinking I can potentially get a whole lot more money by selling the games on eBay or something. I'll need it if I can't get a new job in NC relatively quickly.

In any case, I will be leaving for North Carolina for good next Friday, Feb 21, so I have between now and then to finish packing and schedule a pick-up for the USPS to come get all of this crap (as I'm shipping the majority of it in Flat Rate USPS boxes). The sooner the better. Most everything is already boxed up, and I hope to have the boxes sealed and the shipping labels printed out by end of day tomorrow, for a Monday pick-up. I just hope there isn't some sort of limit on the number of boxes that can be picked up in a single day. >_>;
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I turned on my Wii for the first time in a few months today, and this was waiting for me:

Wii message behind cut )

Sure enough, none of that shit works anymore. But, of course, half it can't be removed from the Wii Channel list, even though it's completely useless and just taking up space now.

So, like Microsoft and the original Xbox (not to be confused with the X-bone, of course) before it, Nintendo has essentially severed support for the Wii. Yeah, that makes me real interested in getting a Wii U or a 3DS now. </sarcasm>

Oh, but they will still let you spend money on old shit on the Wii Shop Channel though. Whoop-de-doo. Then again, they're not actually releasing any of the new stuff that I might have actually been interested in buying on the original Wii Virtual Console anymore, so why bother leaving even that much up and running? ¬_¬ I guess the main reason is if they'd gotten rid of Wii Shop Channel and access to shit that people have already spent money on, they'd have had a revolt on their hands. Maybe. I don't know. Gamers are generally fairly weaksauce about that sort of thing even so (the backlash against the X-bone being one of the few exceptions, and even then you have some dumbasses trying to get it put back the way it was before, and I'm pretty confident in saying that the X-bone still would have sold like gangbusters even if Microsoft hadn't backpedaled on their DRM and such).

In any case, people still using the Xbox 360 and the PS3 better be prepared for the inevitable day when Microsoft and Sony respectively kill support for those platforms as well. Welcome to the future, everyone. -_-
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As I said last time, I intended to make the next Game Music Thing be one based on the Ace Attorney series. Here is that one.

To make this somewhat simpler (since otherwise I'd just be posting the entire soundtracks for all of the games), here are some rules. For each game that has the same type of track throughout the series (courtroom, objection, pursuit, etc.) I am going to pick the one (1) that is my favorite from one (1) game. Beyond that, however, for game/character specific stuff, I'll just go with whatever.

You know the drill. )
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This... this is... I must see this. Wikipedia says there are plans for an international release. Sounds good to me.
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(Please note that the below post was written by a guy, me, who has never played Modern Warfare 3 and has no plans to ever play Modern Warfare 3 and only played MW1 and MW2* for a handful of minutes a piece before just plain getting bored with them and moving on to more interesting games. Note, also, that I had zero interest in playing the multiplayer aspects of those games even when I did try them, which most people apparently agree to be the meat-and-potatoes of Call of Duty games, rather than the single-player. Make of that what you will. Yes, it's true that I've ranted in the past about other people who bash things without really playing/watching/reading them for themselves, and if someone wants to try to take me to task for possibly being a hypocrite in this case, feel free. That said, however, I respect John Walker and the other guys at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, much more so than I do the reviewers at most other gaming blogs/news/reviews sites these days, and tend to agree with their views 9 times out of 10, so I'm pretty sure if I ever actually played the game myself, also based on what I've played of the previous two games, my opinions would still be similar.)

I would like to follow up this post about this article with these two articles. (And, for the sake of fairness, this, to which the second article was responding.)

Read more... )

* - I'm sorry, but when I see MW in reference to a video game, I can't help but think "Mech Warrior" rather than "Modern Warfare," similar to how SMB will always be "Super Mario Bros." rather than "Super Meat Boy" or whatever.
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As far as I'm concerned, virtual applause is even more meaningless than achievements/trophies, and I already (mostly) don't care about those. (Besides, the Super Smash Bros games already had the virtual crowd reactions thing long before Super Mario 3D Land, so this isn't really anything amazing and new either.) I mean, it's not something that will prevent me from playing a game, obviously, but it's still something that simply doesn't matter to me, outside of when it gets explicitly talked about in articles like this.

If people feel like they must have achievements or applause or whatever in their games before they feel like they're worth their time to play (and some of the commenters under that article explicitly and depressingly stated this was the case), then, well... I feel like that's just one more bullet point to go on my "Things I Find Sad And Wrong About The Video Game Industry/Community Today" list. A minor one, mind you, but it still goes on there. If playing the game isn't innately its own reward, then perhaps they should reevaluate why they play video games at all to begin with.

Really, I've long felt that people actively seeking out incredibly crappy games that they otherwise wouldn't have touched with a ten-foot pole, just because those games allow them to get easy achievements scores, is bad enough. But if the opposite is true and people are actively avoiding games, no matter how awesome they may be, merely because they don't have achievements... well, that's even more retarded, in my not at all humble opinion.

Also, on a related note since it was mentioned in the article/comments as well, I think the very concept of being able to redeem achievements for tangible, real life rewards is an abominable one, and I hope it never becomes a realit- oops, too late. Huh... it never really occurred to me until this moment, but... why does it seem like it's Ubisoft lately, more so even than the more likely suspects of EA or Activision, who are the ones actually pioneering a lot of these incredibly terrible new ideas such as this and, of course, the always online DRM crap that we've seen way too much of lately? Seriously... Ubisoft came up with that asinine always-connected-even-for-singleplayer crap, and people justifiably went apeshit over it. But later, Blizzard comes along and does pretty much the exact same thing, and yet now people are actively defending their decision to do it as though it's all of a sudden somehow a good thing just because it's Blizzard doing it. What the hell?! The Uplay achievements-for-rewards thing isn't nearly as obnoxious as the always online crap is. Why couldn't the others have latched onto that, as dumb as it is, rather than the other, which is many orders of magnitude worse?
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I wasn't even aware that you could hack Brawl like this.
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Today is the 25th anniversary of the Castlevania series. Here is 1up's retrospective of the series as a whole. They were quite a bit more negative in the middle part than I would have been, and the best/worst bit on the third page was kind of silly and very subjective, as such things usually are (and, worse, they blatantly spoil several key plot points of some of the later games, so be forewarned), but on the whole I think it was a pretty fair look at the series.
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I was playing Metroid Prime the other day, and I was going through the crashed frigate, most of which is underwater. After the third or fourth trip back through this level, I was thinking something along the lines of "Man, the only thing I like about this level is the music." That's when the lightbulb for the idea of this post appeared over my head.

I'm just going to post a bunch of music from various underwater levels in games I've played. (I thought about including ice levels as well, but that would have doubled the size of this post. Besides, that means I can now do a "Ice Edition" or something later.) I know I'm leaving out a lot of stuff, and I might come back later and add more if I have a "I can't believe I forgot that!" moment. But for now, this is just whatever I thought of off the top of my head. (If you feel like posting your own "I can't believe you left out this!" comments, please do.)

Youtube videos behind cut )

That's it. For now, at least.
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Even so, rather than stick with Epic Mickey, I may just switch back over to Fable 3 anyway when I get home from work this evening. I've played maybe 4 hours or so of Epic Mickey thus far (up to the European Boat Ride, just after the Gremlin Village), and while it's kind of cool and all, it just hasn't really grabbed me yet. I'll probably wait until after I get back from NC and then restart Epic Mickey and give it another shot.
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I am about to start playing it.
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I've heard arguments both for and against consoles having the ability to patch games. The arguments against it are along the lines of "It allows devs to be lazy and let game-breaking bugs remain in their games when they otherwise likely would have been caught with more rigorous testing" and arguments for are along the lines of "Well, if game-breaking bugs do manage to slip through, it's nice that they can be fixed."

They apparently can't be fixed on the Wii. At least, not easily.

So, yeah, in this case, it would have been a good thing if the Wii had the ability to patch games. But since there isn't, if you want your save game fixed, you have to physically mail Nintendo a SD card with your save on it. Note, this doesn't actually fix the game itself, just your particular save. Personally, I think it would probably be easier, cheaper, and quicker to just start a new game, as annoying as that may be. *shrug*
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"Yoshio Sakamoto, the co-creator behind the popular Metroid franchise has stated that he may make some significant changes to the next entry in the well received series if the fans demand it."

Well, if he does what some fans seem to demand, then he'll simply have to remake Super Metroid exactly. Not even new graphics or levels or anything, otherwise RUINED FOREVER. Samus will have to be incredibly butch and incredibly mute, otherwise RUINED FOREVER.

Personally, as I've already made pretty clear, I had no real problems with Other M, and wouldn't mind it if it stayed similar to that (story and all). On the other hand, I also wouldn't mind a more traditional game, like Super or Fusion or whatever, either. Nor would I mind another FPS like the Prime series. I'm not hard to please. (Just don't make it a dating sim or a sports game or something. ¬_¬)
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You know, the game actually got generally good reviews, and deservedly so.

Therefore, I'm just going to stop worrying about the relative highly vocal minority of semi-famous, self-important dbags who are going above and beyond the call of duty to crap all over the game.

I think I will be calmer and happier in the long run. *deep breaths*
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While I'm still in rant mode here and all...

People seem to be getting hung up over this whole "Samus doesn't use her weapons unless Adam authorizes them" thing. They make this out to be like Samus is being all subservient and a boot lick to Adam, as if she needs a big strong man to tell her when she can play with her toys or whatever other complete BS as that.

No, Samus is in essence saying, "Nah, I don't sweat this. Sure, I could use all my super powered gear from the get go if I wanted to, but I don't really need it. I can still kick ass and take names without it. I'm going to let Adam call the shots just to show him that I'm not the same stupid teenager I was when I last saw him."

It's like an exercise to herself. She wants to see if she can work together with a team and take orders precisely because she's been working mostly solo missions up to this point.

Also, compare this to a real life military exercise.

Private Grunt: "The bad guys are over there!"

Commander: "Good, let's go in and take them out."

Private Grunt: "But... but we got nukes, sir! Why can't we use our power bombsnukes on them?"

Commander: "I'm in charge here and we will use our nukes when I authorize it, and not before. Besides, if I let you use your power bombs, you risk blowing us all to kingdom come." (Not that a military commander generally has to justify his orders to subordinates, mind you.)

Except that Samus isn't being all whiny about it like Private Grunt there. She says "Yes, sir. I won't use my power bombs. I chose to accept your authority as a commander, and I will abide by that." She's not licking his boots or anything. She's just being a good soldier.

One may wonder why she's allowing herself to take orders from this guy. Well, apparently a lot of people who played the game seem to have missed it (or else, on the other extreme, they are fixating on it to the near exclusion of anything else), but this guy is established as being an important person to her. He is a father figure to her, and she respects him, even though they last parted on less than ideal terms. She's not going all Electra Complex on the guy or anything, she's simply being respectful of him and wants him to think well of her as well. Why people have such a problem with this is beyond me.

And, most importantly of all... she still kicks ass. She doesn't need her plasma beams and super missiles and all that stuff to do so. Sure, when a situation comes up where she needs them, Adam usually says* "Hmm, this looks like a situation where you can use those things, so I will authorize them." And having that stuff afterward just makes it easier for her to be badass, but it's not like she somehow wasn't a badass before she got them. In fact, she was even more of a badass because she willingly chose to refrain from using them.

Yeah, sure, this is just a handwave. But at least I'm not treating the whole thing as though it were some crucial plot point that ruins the entire story and by extension the entire game and by extension the entire Metroid series forever and ever.

* - With the exception of not authorizing the Varia suit the instant she entered the volcanic area, which was pretty stupid. But even still, she made it through there just fine without it. That was done purely for gameplay reasons, similar to why Samus herself didn't immediately activate the Gravity suit later on, after losing contact with Adam, when she first encountered those weird gravity rooms.
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See? This right here is exactly the kind of thing that I'm talking about. This includes that article, but more specifically the others linked to from that article (particularly the G4 review which, like the Spoony review I talked about in the comments of the previous post, is just full o' fail).

I'm not going into all of that, except to say that this Thing™ about Metroid: Other M has nothing whatsoever to do with whether games are Art™ or not (whatever the hell that even means), and everything to do with the simple fact that some people (apparently many people) are just flat out dumb. Yeah, sure, Your Mileage May Vary and Complaining About People Not Liking The Game and all that good crap, but... ...no. Seriously no. Flat out dumb. That is all.

I'll just examine this one bit here: "Gaming's answer to Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor, Aran first did battle in her desexualized military armor in 1986. Come 2010, however, and much has changed."

Wait, just hold on a minute. Slow your roll for a bit there, brah. Do you happen to mean this Ellen Ripley[1] and this Sarah Connor[2]? You know, I'm watching those two clips there and I can't help but notice some similarities between the two and Metroid: Other M. It's almost as if...


Thank you for giving me those two examples to make use of. I really appreciate it. You're a pretty cool dude, boingboing.net.

Seriously, I actually agree with the comparison. Saying that Samus Aran in Other M is like Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor is very appropriate in this situation, because it further proves my point from the previous post.

And, for what it's worth, I think the ones saying "it's just a game" and the like as an excuse not to talk about the story and characterization and other elements that are not explicitly "game-like" are also flat out dumb as well, but for different reasons.


[1] - In case the video gets pulled for whatever reason, it's the scene from the Director's Cut of Aliens where Burke tells Ripley about her daughter, who had died of old age during Ripley's cryosleep between Alien and Aliens. She breaks down crying at the end, thus ruining the Alien franchise forever, because strong women never cry.

[2] - In case the video gets pulled for whatever reason, it's the scene from Terminator 2: Judgment Day where Sarah breaks into the home of Miles Dyson and tries to kill him, but can't bring herself to actually do it. She breaks down crying at the end, thus ruining the Terminator franchise forever, because strong women never cry.
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Just finished the main part of the game. Haven't gone through the after credits stuff yet. Just completed the after-credits stuff. Got 100% completion. Probably will wait a while before playing it again on the unlocked Hard difficulty.

Here's what I have to say about it. To all of those out there (and there seem to be a lot of them, from what I've observed) who are bawwing about WORST GAME OF THE YEAR, METROID IS RUINED FOREVER, THE FRANCHISE WILL NEVER RECOVER, COMPLETE AND THOROUGH BETRAYAL OF THE ENTIRE SERIES and other such ludicrous nonsense, there is only one very simple thing that I have to say:

Ess Tee Eff You.

No, really. You are being utterly ridiculous. This isn't even open for debate here.

Is Other M the best Metroid game ever? No, I don't think so, since I think that honor still belongs to Super Metroid for the SNES. I'd say it's at least on par with the Prime games, though. Is Other M the WROST GAEM EVAR that has dealt a crippling death blow from which the Metroid series will never, ever recover? Of course not, don't be completely asinine.

Man, seriously, Samus opens her mouth and actually talks in this game (OH CRAP!), revealing that she is not, in fact, just Jason Voorhees with boobs or whatever it is that everyone seems to have built her up as. And people simply can't handle the fact that their preconceived notions were shattered, apparently, and they get their undies all twisted over it. She is still, by far, one of the most badass characters in the entirety of video game history. This game did absolutely nothing to change that.

Slight Spoilers )

Also, I would recommend that anyone playing this game also take a look at this* as well, since the game apparently draws from that, at least a little (as evidenced by the spoiler content above).

* - Second link added because the first link, contrary to what I originally thought, doesn't have nearly the whole thing.


Also, "the game is too short" is not a valid complaint, imo. Metroid, Metroid 2, Super Metroid, and Metroid Fusion can be beaten in, what, 2-4 hours if you just rush through it (and that's not even talking crazy speedruns). It took me around 10 or so hours to beat Super Metroid the first time, and it took about the same to beat this one. Well, I haven't actually finished it yet, as I'm still going through the post-credits stuff. Playtime, as of finishing the post-credits stuff: 13:02:52. Which is roughly the time it took me to collect all items in Super Metroid, if I recall correctly, give or take an hour or so.

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Pretty cool so far. Haven't gotten far enough into the story to see if it's really as OH MY GOD, SAMUS IS A GIRLY GIRL, METROID IS RUINED FOREVER as some are making it out to be, but as of yet I've seen nothing of the sort.

I just killed the giant flying bug hive boss, and got stuck on some underwater part with rising and lowering platforms, and that's when I decided to stop for the time being.


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