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I have apparently now spent about 26 hours on mask of deception according to the save game data. I don't appear to be wrong about how rare the battles are - in the Free Battle mode, there are only 11-12 battles I can replay to build up BP. That averages out to less than 1 battle per 2 hours of visual novel.

Mind you, I'm enjoying the visual novel for what it is. I don't particularly feel it's been a waste of cash to buy both this and Mask of Truth - but I have absolutely no interest in buying the DLC. (note: I haven't even looked at the DLC for Mask of Truth, so I reserve the right to change my stance on this. I highly doubt I will be changing said stance however.)

I've spent more time on free battle to build up the BP, although going through them have less use for actual leveling up. In story battles, everyone gets quite a bit of XP after completing the battle, enough to level up several times I find. In free battle, you only get XP for what you attack on the battlefield. So while you will get a level here and there, the main purpose of free battle is to build up the BP to slowly boost up the stats of your characters.

Not much else to report on this game I guess other than notes on the story itself, which I don't really feel like getting into. A part of me does hope that they release a ps4 version of the original Utawarerumono which comes before these two games. An all ages version obviously. ^_^;

Anyway Game Night will focus on other games going forward - I'll do a Game Night or two specific for Mask of Truth when I get to it, but otherwise just assume I'm playing Utawarerumono throughout the week, etc in addition to whatever is on the plate for Game Night. :)

Next Game Night will be probably be Blaster Master Zero on the Switch. I'm actually already playing it although in short bursts. So unless I complete it beforehand, it'll be the next game night. I'll post about it in detail regardless of what happens.


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