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...used by incredibly shitty guys in a pathetic attempt to belittle something that they irrationally fear and don't understand. I used to say that anyone who tried to seriously and unironically use the term "social justice warrior" in their "argument" immediately and automatically lost whatever "debate" they were trying to have.

And, for the most part, I still believe that to be the case, even now.

However, after all the stupid bullshit surrounding James Rolfe and the nuBusters movie these past couple of days, I have to admit... there is at least some minuscule merit to the term, or at least, perhaps, the sentiment behind the term (when used as a pejorative, that is).

Because I honestly cannot think of a more... apropos ...term to describe all the fucking idiots out there who have been and still are dogpiling on Mr. Rolfe. (Well, I suppose "fucking idiots" is a good one, too.)

I really don't want to go down this route, because I still believe that Irredeemably Toxic Shithole is indeed an irredeemably toxic shithole, and that the men's rights "movement" and whatever else is just the silliest, dumbest dogshit to ever be shat out of a dog's asshole, and it always has been and always will be...

...but I have to admit that this is my first real experience with "the other side" of this goddamn imbecilic shit-encrusted coin. The side represented by the term "SJW." It has not been a pleasant experience, at all. There are insane, raving loonies on both sides of this foul-smelling piece of metallic legal tender. I mean, yes, I already knew that, of course, at least in the abstract, but until now, I've never directly witnessed them in action before, never been right in the thick of it when they all came out of the woodwork in force before, never been at goddamn ground zero at near the exact moment when one of these Twitter dumpster fires first got sparked before.

It really isn't a cool feeling at all.

It sucks.

(With apologies to Randall Munroe. Original, unaltered comic can be found here. The xkcd font can be found here.)

And, yes, I do feel superior to both.

Until and unless something else noteworthy happens concerning the James Rolfe/nuBusters thing (or until and unless I just arbitrarily decide to change my mind tomorrow or something), this will be my last post on the subject.
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Yeah, I read through Problem Sleuth the other day.

(For those who may not understand the operators, the statement I'm making is "Irredeemably Toxic Shithole is to discussion of ethics as Problem Sleuth is to diplomacy.")
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As of today, on its seven year anniversary, Homestuck has come to an end.

All I'm going to say about it is that if you haven't read/watched/listened to/played this webcomic/video game/anime Internet thingy yet, go do that, from the beginning. If you've already done all that, well, go do it again. That's what I plan to do.

Well, that and also continue to wait for Hiveswap. And maybe read Paradox Space if that (properly) starts up again.

(EDIT) Actually, I think I'm going to go through Problem Sleuth first, as I haven't read that one at all yet, and then go back through Homestuck again. (/EDIT)

And here, have some awesome music:
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Similar to what I did with the Michael Bay TMNT movie, I have opted to read/watch reviews of Batman v Superman instead of seeing the movie myself.

So yeah.

All that stuff behind cut )

I truly don't feel like I am missing too awfully much by not seeing this movie.

I'll just leave you with what could've and should've been the movie about Batman and Superman, but wasn't, because it's just a fan-trailer made in 2004, and not an actual movie. Unlike "Batman v Superman," which is the movie we did get. Disappointingly.

Giant Youtube embed behind cut )
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"A somewhat-mostly-accurate educational parody film by Max Landis, Produced by Bryan Basham @bryan_basham
Starring Elden Henson, Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Morgan Krantz and many more."

Yeah, that's pretty much how that Death and Return of Superman thing went, as far as I can remember of reading the whole thing myself, years ago.

Okay. So here's (mostly) the chain of events that led to me finding the above video, which I'd never seen or even knew existed before today (well yesterday, actually).

First of all, I was watching an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In this episode, I got as far as to the point where Xander and Oz were briefly discussing various colors of Kryptonite.

And so, completely derailed and completely abandoning my viewing of that episode of Buffy for the time being, until probably tomorrow (later today) or whenever, I started looking up stuff about Kryptonite. While doing so, I found a mention in the Gold Kryptonite section of someone named Clark Luthor, and I was like "Who the fuck is Clark Luthor?" It turns out that Clark Luthor comes from Smallville, apparently (the TV show, that is, of which, incidentally, I've only seen maybe the first season or two). He's an alternate universe, evil version of Superman.

Which got me to thinking about other alternate universe versions of Superman (and there are so many), specifically evil versions of Superman. And, on a whim, I decided to see if there were any versus threads anywhere concerning Justice Lord Superman from the DCAU and Regime Superman from the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. There are such threads, by the way.

However, as you can see from that Google link (at least as of the time of this post, anyway), one of the top results in that search was to this thread on GameFAQs, where people debated about whether or not Regime Superman was justified in what he was doing (which was interesting, until it devolved into people hurling insults at one another, as is typical for GameFAQs forums). In that, I found a link to another, similar thread, also on GameFAQs. And it was in that thread, finally, that I found the link to the above embedded Youtube video (on the bottom of page 2 of that second, 28-page thread).

So yeah...


...yeah. Uh huh.

And now I'm going to bed.

*nods sagely*
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The only real problem with this comic is that instead of being depicted as a monk, the dev would, in too many cases, be more accurately depicted as a second, bigger scorpion (which is itself riding on the shoulder of what we shall call a "typical video game consumer," depicted in this scenario by Lennie Small, or perhaps Hodor).

Here is the associated blog.

(EDIT) Oh, and this is apparently what prompted the Penny Arcade comic/blog. Kotaku whining about being "blacklisted" sounds like so much bullshit to me. (And I'm not saying it's bullshit because I think it didn't happen, because I don't doubt for a minute that it happened, or that I think it's a bad thing, because I don't, at all. I just think it's bullshit that Kotaku has the gall and overly enlarged sense of self-entitlement to whine about it, that's all.) What, because Bethesda or Ubisoft isn't giving them early access shit or whatever other special "perks" Kotaku has become conditioned to accepting anymore? Because Kotaku forwards leaked info for unfinished games in the same manner that computer-illiterate grandmothers forward asinine chain emails? Because Kotaku is, on the whole, a festering shitpile?[1] Yeah, color me shocked that they'd get blacklisted. There are things that Bethesda and, especially, Ubisoft have done that I don't agree with or think are even remotely above board, but in this particular case, if they did indeed "blacklist" Kotaku, then I don't really blame them. Hell, if anything, I applaud them for it. What the hell is stopping Kotaku from doing what most reviewers of products have had to do for decades before now (i.e. go out and fucking buy the games on their own dime after they've been released and then write the review or whatever at that point)?

Fuck Kotaku. The fact that they're feeling butthurt because they're not getting special treatment from a couple of companies anymore is all the reason I need to never bother reading anything they ever write in the future. (Not that I read most of their shit now or for years before now, anyway, outside of extremely rare occasions like this, when I'm linked to them by someone else, which was indirectly by Penny Arcade this time, I guess.)

Hell, I wish all game companies would "blacklist" all games media outlets in this manner. Then, maybe, said games media outlets would actually do their fucking jobs as so-called "journalists" rather than depending almost exclusively on handouts. With that said, though, fuck the game publishers/devs as well, because they're doing their own brand of dirty, underhanded shit when it comes to the review process, themselves.

And, of course, the comments under that Kotaku whine are full of ass-licking sycophants, petting up poor widdle Kotaku and telling them what a good job they're doing. It's sickening.

(EDIT 2) On the other hand, the fact that I'm apparently, ostensibly on the same side of this particular issue as goddamn Breitbart, of all things, makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Because Breitbart is orders of magnitude worse than Kotaku will ever be, generally speaking. (/EDIT 2)

[1] - Type "Kotaku is" into Google, and the first four suggested search terms are "bad," "biased," "garbage," and "trash." Google didn't pull those completely out of the ether. I don't disagree with those suggestions. They're pretty accurate, based on my own observations. (/EDIT)
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Yeah, this bullshit is indeed pretty disgusting, and a flagrant ripoff of the style of The Oatmeal, which I've linked to before. (Though the fact that this thing is blatantly aping The Oatmeal, which is not itself a paragon of subtlety in the first place, is not even remotely the worst thing about this thing, obviously.) These things kind of look like a modern retread of those old, ridiculous Chick tracts. It's straw man city all up in there.

I have to wonder if this shit is actually real or just another parody of the real. But then, as I've always asked whenever this particular sort of Poe's Law issue comes up: which is worse, to actually be something that terrible, or to merely pretend to be something that terrible to the point that nobody else can tell the difference unless you fess up to it, in the dubious pursuit of "lulz" or whatever? I honestly don't know the answer to that question, and I'm not entirely sure it even matters, really. In the end, whether it's real or parody, it makes Christians (or at least Christians similar to this guy, assuming for a moment the guy really is a Christian and not merely a parody of one) look like absolute assholes (and if he is really a Christian, then he seems rather fond of using the No true Christian argument against those who disagree with him, but still claim to be Christian).

(EDIT) Also, as a direct result of this, I found out about the website donotlink.com which lets you link to websites like the above without actually directly linking to them. So, if nothing else good came of this, there is that, at least. I've changed the original link to the guy's website above accordingly. "Other users have classified this link as: nonsense." Yeah, I'd definitely agree with that. I went with "nonsense" as well when it asked me, but if I could have picked more than one, though, I'd have picked "nonsense" and "offensive." (/EDIT)

(EDIT 2) Oh, and if this don't take the cake: this fucker is currently making over $4000 per month on Patreon. How about that. I guess being a fundie shitbag (or, perhaps, a parody thereof) pays pretty well, it looks like. Go figure. Then again, on the bright side, I suppose it's much better that these people waste their cash on a money-sink like this guy's Patreon, rather than using it to support similarly idiotic, but potentially much more damaging political candidates or whatever. (/EDIT 2)
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Yeah, I'd heard about this a few days ago on NPR, and I'd meant to write a post about it back then, but I never got around to it. The gist of what that post would have been: it's kind of... well... really fucking weird to think about Sesame Street moving to HBO from PBS as a 9-month timed exclusive. I mean, yeah, it'll still be on PBS and all that, eventually, but new episodes will only appear on PBS after they've been exclusive to HBO for that 9-month period. I'm not sure this was a particularly smart move on the part of Sesame Workshop. Yeah, sure, they have access to all that sweet HBO money now, but still... The guy on NPR said that this move was part of a bid by HBO to become "indispensable" to the modern family household, and... well... the jaded, cynical part of me really wants to go off on a huge, frothing rant about that, but I think I'll refrain.

And... then I had to stop reading Tycho's blog entirely when he changed the subject over to how console players are apparently greedily slurping up freemium fecal matter on modern consoles. "My understanding, though - second and third hand - is that console players like these options. And when I say they like them, I mean that they are throwing handfuls [of] money at them." That's where I stopped reading, too apathetically depressed to continue. Anyway, yeah, that's yet another reason in a long list of reasons as to why I haven't embraced this current generation of video game consoles. When I did play consoles, back in the old days, I used them the same way that Tycho says he uses them, i.e. I made "toast" and only "toast." I didn't care about any of the other shit my "toaster" could do, because those things were not why I bought my "toasters." I wanted (and still want) my "toasters" to primarily focus on "making toast," and not all that other extraneous horseshit. I'm apparently in the ever shrinking minority, though.
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Yesterday, I was reading some recent tweets by Dan Shive, the creator of El Goonish Shive, concerning the new King's Quest game. At first, he was simply praising the game (starting around here), but later on, he began to rant (starting around here) about the fact that people were apparently telling him on Twitter not to support the new King's Quest game because of something about The Odd Gentlemen (who developed the new KQ game) and their previous involvement with Hiveswap, the game based on the hugely popular webcomic series, Homestuck. (Let me tell you about Homestuck.) Apparently, there are vague rumors that they misappropriated money from the Hiveswap Kickstarter (which, sadly [or perhaps luckily], I didn't back, because I didn't know about Homestuck at all until well after that had ended) to help fund the King's Quest game. I don't know if that's true or not. If it is, then The Odd Gentlemen are indeed scumbags. However, that is (mostly) irrelevant to the point I am about to make here.

See, I agree with Mr. Shive, for the most part. I think it's kind of dumb to hate on a work of art, be it a video game or a book or music or whatever, merely because you dislike something that the artist said or did (within reason). Hell, I've even said the same sort of thing myself already, years back when I was ranting about Doug TenNapel and his asinine views on the Quran burnings, in which I also mentioned Orson Scott Card and his homophobia[1], among other things as well. Hell, I still play some EA games, such as The Sims 3, even though I hate EA with a fiery passion otherwise (and despite the fact that there are things specifically concerning The Sims 3 itself that make me hate EA with a fiery passion).

However, as Mr. Shive himself also says, I can understand why one might not want to actively give money to an artist (or a game dev, in this case) since that money would actively go to support that artist in their future endeavors, which might include things that one might not want to be involved with. That's completely fair. If you believe the allegations concerning The Odd Gentlemen and want to avoid supporting them by not buying the new KQ game, then more power to you. Hell, even though I still play some EA games, like The Sims 3, I haven't bought any other EA games at all since probably (EDIT a year or so later) Dragon Age IIThe Sims 4. Yeah, I finally caved and bought TS4 on Origin, when it was on a relatively dirt cheap sale overall. >_> (/EDIT)

But again, at the same time, to say that someone shouldn't recommend or even like the new King's Quest game because of some tangentially related thing that The Odd Gentlemen may or may not have done regarding Hiveswap... well, I don't know. I think it's kind of dumb to hate King's Quest over this. For what it's worth, to go with what is probably the most extreme example of this, I think what I've seen of Hitler's paintings are actually pretty good. Yes, I totally went there. ¬_¬ Or, perhaps more timely... will I say that I would never go back and watch (and maybe even possibly enjoy) an episode of The Cosby Show or I Spy or Fat Albert or whatever, due to the current shitstorm surrounding Bill Cosby? If even a small portion of that shit is true, if he only drugged and raped even just one person, let alone dozens, then Cosby is a complete and total shitbag, sure... but I don't think that means that there's now suddenly nothing whatsoever of value that can be found in those older works of his, so no, I'm not sure that I will say that I'd never do that. Nor will I claim that I'd never go back and watch a Chris Benoit wrestling match. Yeah, I know I'm starting to stretch the meaning of the phrase "work of art" there, but still... Benoit was in some pretty good matches.

In any case, as long as whatever crazy, unethical, bullshit things done by the creators don't or didn't directly affect the nature of their works, then I'm not going to straight up avoid those works entirely just because of that. If, on the other hand, whatever asinine things they do are indeed directly affecting the works themselves, then that's where I start boycotting shit (and that's a big part of the reason I don't buy EA games anymore, specifically, and why I'm starting to abandon the game industry as a whole, generally). But I also totally get how this is definitely a YMMV situation.

Disclaimer: I have not played the new King's Quest game yet, mainly because I refuse to play any episodic games until the whole series of episodes is available, but I most likely will play it at some point, regardless of any controversy that may be surrounding it. (Unless, perhaps, said controversy actually turns out to be true, but even then... I'm still taking the same "wait and see" approach as I was before, concerning the new KQ game.) I have read Homestuck, and I believe that it is indeed as awesome as most people say it is. I'm looking forward to Hiveswap. For that matter, EGS is also pretty cool, I think.

[1] - And I thought I'd made another post along the same lines as this one here and that other one specifically concerning Mr. Card and the new (at the time) Ender's Game movie as well, about how a lot of people apparently thought that Mr. Card's homophobia tainted the movie too much for them to enjoy it or want to go see it, but I couldn't find such a post. Maybe that post was made to Facebook or something instead of Livejournal, in which case screw it, I'm not hunting it up. *shrug* Or maybe I just started to write such a post but then deleted it without finishing it. There have been a ton of posts that I've almost made like that.
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Maybe I'm just weird, but a Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover just doesn't interest me all that much. Maybe because it's the reboot Trek universe with Pine-Kirk rather than the Prime universe with Shatner-Kirk? I don't really have a problem with the reboot movies, aside from them being way too action-y for my tastes, but still... Or maybe it's the fact that out of all the big DC superheroes, the Green Lantern Corps are among the least interesting to me? I don't know. In any case, this just doesn't appeal to me all that much, despite the fact that I'm usually a huge sucker for crossover stuff like this.

Then again, I still haven't even gotten around to reading the Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who crossover comic yet either, which I have far more interest in (for some reason, despite having never seen even a single full episode of any season of Doctor Who as of yet... I really, really need to get my hands on that stuff and watch it someday).
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Hmm. Well, yeah.

You know, until I read the comic and the Yahoo news article linked to by that Penny Arcade blog, I'd never heard of the term "prosumer" before. I... kind of wish it had stayed that way, honestly. ¬_¬
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This webcomic is a literal, not-even-remotely-exaggerated-in-the-slightest-way-whatsoever look into the inner workings of the video game industry. Okay, maybe it's a teensy bit exaggerated, but not by much.
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Heh. While they may be jesting in this case (or at least I sincerely hope they're jesting, as I don't know the context for this yet given that the associated blog hasn't gone up yet, and I'll edit this post when it does), in many games it really has gotten that ludicrously terrible.

(EDIT) Okay, so the blog talks about this f2p bullshit being in a Pokemon game or some such bullshit. It's not Metroid, but still, Nintendo, don't do this. Don't become (even) shit(tier) like all the rest of the game industry. (/EDIT)
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Yeah. That is at least a part of the reason why I stopped going into actual stores to buy video games at least half a decade ago or so.
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I found this Penny Arcade comic amusing[1], at first, but then I found out (via the associated blog) that this ridiculous Open Letter to Parents of League of Legends Players was an actual thing that an actual human had actually written, which just made the comic even more amusing. I'm just going to say it straight out: MOBAs like League of Legends, and those who take them so ludicrously seriously as this, are a plague on gaming. That is all. Thank you, and good night.

[1] - With the exception of the use of "totes adorbz," that is. That wasn't amusing at all. I'm still trying to get my eyes to stop bleeding even now.


Dec. 5th, 2014 06:02 pm
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Link to comic. Link to blog.

"People like to say that it's only censorship when an agent of the state kicks down your door and burns your printing press or whatever. That bit about 'agents of the state' isn’t anywhere in the definition of censorship, it's just something censors reflexively say whenever you make the clear-eyed, wholly observable assertion that they are fundamentally opposed to art.

"They say they aren't censors because censorship is bad. And
they're not bad. So they can't be censors - that's really the extent of it. But there's nothing there. Poke this framework once and it flies around the room, farting, like a balloon."
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I hadn't been keeping up with my usual webcomics for the past week or two, so I'd missed this one. Now I've seen it, and I felt like posting a link to it here, so there is that link. I agree fully with the summation in the last panel. Fuck GamerGate.
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So, apparently, Marvel is going to kill off Wolverine. And, supposedly, it's going to be permanent. Yeah. Right.

Remember when they killed off Superman? Batman? The Flash? Captain America? All of those guys came back. Wolverine will, too.
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Wait... wait, are there really people out there who are trying to somehow disprove evolution by citing the second law of thermodynamics? Seriously? That's a new one on me. Really, that's like... I don't know... they're trying to disprove science that they clearly don't understand by using science that they clearly don't understand. That has to be at least two separate levels of fail there.
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Link to comic

Allow me to indulge in some Internet speak for a moment: This. So very much this.

Also, the mouse-over text for this comic is "I can't remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express."

Yeah, it's sad and a little scary how so very many people misunderstand what "freedom of speech" actually means and how it works.

(EDIT) As evidence of the previous statement, all one needs to do is simply look at all the blogs and such out there in Internet-land of people who are trying (and failing) to show how this xkcd comic is wrong and how Randall Munroe supposedly doesn't know what he's talking about. Again, as I said, it's sad and a little scary. (/EDIT)


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