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Before I even watch this video, I am going to go ahead and answer the question. Yes, absolutely, monetization is affecting game design. It has been doing so for years now. I and [personal profile] owsf2000 and many others have been ranting about this asinine horseshit for years. It fucking sucks fucking ass fucking hole. It always has fucking sucked fucking ass fucking hole. It will never not fucking suck fucking ass fucking hole.

Now, to actually watch the video.

Youtube embed behind cut )

I absolutely agree with this video. My only minor issue with the video is that it seems like Ryan and Mike are hugely behind the curve if they're seemingly only just now starting to notice this issue and to have a problem with it, due to "oh noes not muh zeldas" or whatever. Ignoring that quibble, yeah, like I said, 100% agreement with them. The whole goddamn thing goddamn sucks goddamn ass goddamn hole.
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Basically, they apparently didn't finish the story satisfactorily in the base game and were planning to finish it via DLC, but now that DLC is no longer going to happen.

So glad I already stopped giving any fucks about Mass Effect, or EAWare in general, years ago, precisely because of asinine horseshit just like this.
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As cool as the rest of the video may have been, the first five minutes or so demonstrate why I will most likely never be buying this game, unless I see it on a 90% Steam sale or maybe as part of a Humble Bundle or something.
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*weary goddamn motherfucking sigh*

Welp, Nintendo finally did it (with one of their flagship console titles, anyway, as this certainly isn't the first time Nintendo has messed around with that sort of thing). It was, of course, only a matter of time. Welcome to the modern video game industry, Nintendo.

(It's actually vaguely refreshing to have something concerning the video game industry to be annoyed with again, rather than having all of my wrath directed solely at SCROTUS Trump all the time.)
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I watched this video only up until right around the 3:30 mark, then I stopped. It should be easy to see why.
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Ah good, so they've finally gotten around to releasing the full, non-chopped up version of the game in a single package, have they? Well, maybe now I can finally start thinking about buying this someday, once it hits a sale for $20 or so.

Maybe now I even have an incentive to give The Witcher 1 (which I never finished) and The Witcher 2 (which I never even started because I never finished The Witcher 1) another shot as well.
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Yeah... I thought Marvel Ultimate Alliance was okay for what it was (it came with my Xbox 360, as I otherwise wouldn't have even bothered with it), but it is certainly not $39.99USD-without-the-DLC-or-even-with-the-DLC-in-2016 okay. And I never bought Ultimate Alliance 2, for reasons.
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Or so they say, speaking as though this were somehow a bold, revolutionary, previously unheard of way to go about making video games, rather than blatantly obvious common fucking sense and something which they already should have been doing all along.

I just hope that "completeness," in this case, doesn't simply mean a return to on-disc DLC, the practice of which they had (ostensibly) abandoned, due to the backlash they received over it. Because it is asinine. But then, releasing bare bones games with many core (or what used to be core) features missing, as they did with Street Fighter V, is even more asinine.

Found indirectly via [livejournal.com profile] rabbitucker via a Facebook post I won't be linking to here because it's friend-locked. (And I say "indirectly" because he linked to IGN, whereas I found a similar article on PC Gamer, because I don't like IGN all that much.)
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Oh, and speaking of Minecraft Story Mode, there's also this Adventure Pass shit that I didn't know about until now.

So, I guess when I said that I'll be waiting for Minecraft Story Mode to hit a 75%-or-greater discount on Steam, before I actually consider getting it, what I really meant to say was that I'll be waiting for that game and this shit to be bundled together into one thing, and then for that to hit a 75%-or-greater discount on Steam, before I actually even remotely consider it.

I hate the modern video game industry so very much.
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To repeat: "Free-ish for the first week." Their words, not mine. After that week (which is already over, anyway, as of today), they'll cost $2.99. And apparently, they "couldn't" give it away completely for free on some platforms even during that week, due to arbitrary bullshit.

Note that this isn't just for the console and mobile versions, but also for the new "improved" Windows 10 version. I don't know if they're charging for this horseshit on the original version of Minecraft (or if it's even available for that at all), but this right here, friends and neighbors, is the future (and, indeed, the present) of Minecraft, now that it's in the hands of Micro$hit. But then, it wasn't like Micro$hit wasn't already charging for asinine crap like this in Minecraft even before they bought MojangMojang was sold out to them.

But don't worry, they make a big show about how some (but apparently not all) of that shit will be "free forever," like they're extending a boon from on high to the great unwashed or something.

Oh, and I'm still waiting for a severe 75%-or-greater discount to hit Minecraft Story Mode itself on Steam before I even remotely consider trying it. I mean, I like TellTale and all, but still.

(Sadly, DoNotLink seems to be down for good, so I used archive.today instead, though I don't know if that's quite the same thing? Maybe it's even better, in a way, since it apparently also blocks ad revenue to the site in question, instead of merely preventing increased search engine standing, which was apparently all that donotlink did? In any case, I hate to give Mojang any traffic at all these days, if I can avoid it. The original link is still there in the archive.today thing, if you really must visit the site on your own.)
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"Heads-up for those that may still be contemplating purchasing the Fallout 4 season pass: the price goes up from $30/£24.99 to $50/£39.99 on March 1 (tomorrow), so if you want it for the cheaper price you'll have to get it today."


As I've said before, I'm perfectly fine with waiting a few more years for the inevitable Game-of-the-Year/Ultimate/Complete/Not-Chopped-Up-And-Sold-Separately Edition to hit 50%-75% off on Steam.
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Note: His actual Angry Rant only goes until around twelve or so minutes in, so it's not nearly as long as that 29:35 length might indicate. I stopped watching when it cut to him and Other Joe just fucking around or whatever.

He basically says the game is good, as far as the bare bones basics of the gameplay is concerned, but is lacking content. He says it should have been labelled "Early Access." In short, he's saying some, but not all, of what a lot of other people who are complaining about this game are saying about it. He didn't give the game nearly as much shit or get nearly as angry about it as I was hoping he would, though.

Because Angry Joe is a reviewer (perhaps even, dare I say it, a professional one [not to be overly insulting to him to call him such]), I no longer hold it against him that he still buys this shit (though why he needed to buy the Collector's Edition to review [or... not review, as is apparently the case, and I have no idea what he's talking about when he says he's working on a Street Fighter game, maybe it's in a video of his I haven't watched], I don't know), even though he should know by now how the modern video game industry rolls. He is, I suppose, performing a service by letting people know about this shit.

The problem, of course, is do people actually listen to what he says? I'm not sure, given that lots of people in the comments are being fanboy apologists and/or reputation management drones about the whole thing and are shilling the fuck out of the game, even despite all the bullshit surrounding it.

In semi-related news, I couldn't even finish watching the SBFP Friday Night Fisticuffs video for SFV. (Which, in my not so humble opinion, should have been a Saturday Morning Scrublords video. ¬_¬ But then, they only use that label for games that they, themselves, actually find to be bad or stupid or whatever, and apparently, at least from what I watched of it, they think SFV is great.) I got as far as Pat saying "This game is so good. It lived up to everything that I always wanted it to be." Then I just had to sigh and close the tab. For what little it's worth, they were using a pre-release copy provided to them by Capcom, as they say at the beginning, but still...

If, and only if, I could get SFV in another Humble Bundle with a bunch of other games for $15 or less at some nebulous point in the future, then maybe I would buy such a bundle (but even then, I wouldn't be buying such a bundle for SFV). Otherwise, what I have seen of this game is incredibly underwhelming, enough so that I wouldn't even pay $5 on Steam for it, by itself. I am apathetic at best about Street Fighter V, and actively antipathetic at worst. And this will likely be the last post I make about it, unless something else comes up concerning it that happens to catch my attention.
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Here's a list:
10. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
9. Need for Speed 2015
8. Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide
7. Heroes of Might and Magic VII
6. Batman: Arkham Knight (PC)
5. Halo 5: Guardians
4. Rainbow Six: Siege
3. Mad Max
2. Infinite Crisis
1. Star Wars: Battlefront

It's pretty bad when there were so many shitty games released that he had to do two separate top 10 lists just to cover them all. And several of the ones on this list are games that he said could have and probably should have been in the "worst" list as well, but he just didn't include them there for whatever reasons.

Also, more of the games on this list were on there due to DLC microtransactions and other such modern video game industry bullshit, instead of simply because they were terrible games in their own right, so if anything, this list for me is probably the more relevant of the two lists.
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Here is an article, written back in August of 2015, that I found while doing searches for "video game industry crash," after writing a comment in response to [livejournal.com profile] owsf2000's newest post about the state of the video game industry. I think it's a pretty good article, and one that I could have (and indeed probably already have) written myself.
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Here's a list:
10. Battlefield: Hardline
9. Evolve
8. The Order: 1886
7. Sid Meier's Starships
6. Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma: Volume 1
5. Motorcycle Club
4. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5
3. Alone in the Dark: Illumination
2. Godzilla
1. Raven's Cry

I don't know if it's good or bad that I haven't even heard of half or more of these games until this video.
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On the one hand, the fact that the response to this poll is, so far, an overwhelming "Yes" is good news.

On the other hand, the fact that they're even putting this up as a poll at all, rather than just straight up going ahead and doing that to begin with, without needing to gauge approval or whatever, is utterly ridiculous, at least to me. Yes, obviously, all content for a game should be available in said game's offline mode, without being behind an additional paywall or whatever. That should be a given. The fact that it apparently is not a given just goes to show you, once more, how far the video game industry as a whole has fallen in recent years. Also, I kind of wish I could reach through my computer screen and wring the necks of the currently 3.4% who voted "No" in this poll.

But then, of course, there are singleplayer games out there already that don't even have offline modes to begin with, which is even more idiotic, but then, I've already ranted about such games quite a bit, so I'll just stop there.
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The above video was one that I found in the comments under the Kotaku article that [livejournal.com profile] owsf2000 mentioned and which was linked to from the PC Gamer article he linked to.

I certainly haven't been the biggest fan of TotalBiscuit lately, but I thought I'd give this video a go, all the same.

#1: Pay-2-win. )

#2: Cinematic. )

#3: Overrated. )

#4: Roguelike. )

#5: Beta. )
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Seriously, modern video game industry? Seriously? ಠ_ಠ

I think Angry Joe (or, rather, the Sovereign) says it best:
I'm just glad I was already mostly apathetic about the FF7 remake in the first place, even before this news.

(Also, I should go back and rewatch Hercules and Xena again one of these days.)


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