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I started to say "Late night" instead of "Late-at-night," but didn't want it to be confused with Late Night as in the television genre. Can "Late Night" be considered a "genre" now? *shrug* Hell, if I know. I don't watch it anyway, except when it's reposted on Youtube or something and then linked to me via Twitter or Facebook or whatever.


Warning: incoming bizarre, tangential, fucked up, quasi-stream of consciousness Twitter thread embeds.

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(Note: "My Immortal" has a rather extensive page on "the other wiki" as well, for what that's worth.)

And then, instead of going to bed, I wrote a Dreamwidth post about it, and then crossposted it to Facebook. And then went to bed.
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I am going to just cut/paste that previous post right here into this new post, because not a single goddamned thing is different, except that it's 2017 instead of 2016.

Original post:

"Fuck Daylight Saving Time," by Wil Wheaton.

I absolutely agree. Fuck Daylight Saving Time. We need to just pick one or the other and fucking stick with it year round. Stop making us pointlessly change the clocks twice a year. It's fucking asinine. If you live in an area of the world that doesn't do this stupid bullshit, consider yourself fortunate.

Fuck G.V. Hudson. Fuck William Willett. Fuck Benjamin Franklin (even if he was just joking). Fuck the Romans. Fuck anybody and everybody who has thought, is currently thinking, and ever will think that Daylight Saving Time, or anything even remotely similar to Daylight Saving Time, is a good idea.

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Basically, you just take a small pizza's worth of mozzarella and pepperoni, but rather than spreading that over a pizza crust, you instead spread it over a bowl of spaghetti. And that's pretty much it. That's Pepperoni Spaghetti. It's great.

This was one of the Saturday specials at a restaurant I went to today (the Olympic Family Restaurant in Walnut Cove, NC, for those in the area). I'd never seen it anywhere else or even heard of it before, really. It's such a simple, almost no-brainer concept that I don't know why every place doesn't have it, though.
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When I turned my computer off yesterday, I set my headphones aside, same as always, and they were working fine.

Today, when I came to turn on my computer, my headphones were laying in the same place I left them last night... except that both of the earbuds had been completely ripped off of the ends of the wires. One of the torn-off earbuds I found in the floor next to my computer desk. The other I haven't seen at all as of yet.

I have no clue as to why or how my headphones became destroyed like that. The only ones here are me and my mother, and I'm 100% certain I didn't do it, and I have no reason to believe that my mother did it either, and she says she knows nothing about it.

However, last night, around 3:40am or so, I was awakened by sounds in my room. I heard what I thought might have been a mouse or something rummaging around. As I was waving my flashlight around, the light came on in my mother's room, and I asked her if she heard anything. She said she thought she heard someone talking, which I didn't hear (unless she heard me saying something that I don't remember saying now). In any case, I never saw whatever it was that was making sounds, and if it was some animal or something that chewed the earbuds off my headphones, I don't know why they'd do it, or how they'd gotten up onto the desk to do it, or why that would be the only thing that they messed with, since nothing else seems to be amiss. In fact, I don't even know for sure that the sounds I heard had anything to do with my destroyed headphones, though I don't know what else would have happened.

Well, since that was my last working pair of headphones (and they were a fairly new pair, too, given that I'd only recently opened the pack they were in to replace the older ones that I'd finally worn out after months, which makes it all the more annoying), I guess I'll either have to order some more of the ones I had before and just be without headphones for the next few days until new ones get here, or go to Walmart or somewhere and buy some there (and I'm opting toward the latter). Whatever I do, I'd better not randomly later find the new ones with the earbud part randomly ripped/torn/bitten off again.
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Link to article via [livejournal.com profile] tokoz via Facebook (which I won't link to here since it's a friends-only post).

(EDIT) The only Apple product I have on my computer at the moment is QuickTime. Actually, I just uninstalled that as well, since I don't want anything at all to do with Apple, after this. (/EDIT) Every time the updater thing used to pop up and nag me to install iTunes and such shit as well, whenever it updated QuickTime, I'd always just roll my eyes and uncheck it. Man am I so glad I did that now, and didn't actually let it install that malware.

"For about ten years, I've been warning people, 'hang onto your media. One day, you won't buy a movie. You'll buy the right to watch a movie, and that movie will be served to you. If the companies serving the movie don't want you to see it, or they want to change something, they will have the power to do so. They can alter history, and they can make you keep paying for things that you formerly could have bought. Information will be a utility rather than a possession. Even information that you yourself have created will require unending, recurring payments just to access.'

"When giving the above warning, however, even in my most Orwellian paranoia I never could have dreamed that the content holders, like Apple, would also reach into your computer and take away what you already owned. If
Taxi Driver is on Netflix, Netflix doesn’t come to your house and steal your Taxi Driver DVD. But that's where we're headed. When it comes to music, Apple is already there."

Fuck Apple, super-duper hard.
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I hate April Fools' Day, and wish it would stop and go away forever. That is all.
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"Fuck Daylight Saving Time," by Wil Wheaton.

I absolutely agree. Fuck Daylight Saving Time. We need to just pick one or the other and fucking stick with it year round. Stop making us pointlessly change the clocks twice a year. It's fucking asinine. If you live in an area of the world that doesn't do this stupid bullshit, consider yourself fortunate.

Fuck G.V. Hudson. Fuck William Willett. Fuck Benjamin Franklin (even if he was just joking). Fuck the Romans. Fuck anybody and everybody who has thought, is currently thinking, and ever will think that Daylight Saving Time, or anything even remotely similar to Daylight Saving Time, is a good idea.

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Over a month ago, someone from Western Rockingham Family Medicine, the local doctors' office for here in the Madison, NC area, called my elderly mother and talked with her for a little while about various stuff, relating to her results from her previous visit a week or so before that. During this call, they told her that they'd made an appointment for her to come back down there again today, this morning, at 10:00am. My mother worried over this appointment for pretty much the entire month between then and today. A robot from WRFM even called sometime last week with a courtesy reminder about the upcoming appointment for today.

So. Today rolled around. We got down there around 35 minutes before the scheduled time of the appointment (9:25am). They finally called her back around 55 minutes after we got there (10:20am), meaning they were 20 minutes late in calling her back. Around 30 minutes after she got called back (10:50am), she came out to the lobby again and said that someone had told her that she wasn't even supposed to be there today, that she apparently didn't actually have an appointment after all. So... we just left (despite my urging after we got outside that we should probably go back in there and try to figure out what the fuck was going on, which she didn't want to do), then went by Subway and picked up some food to take home (since they'd told her that she wasn't supposed to eat anything before the appointment), and then came home.

Two things. First of all, and of lesser importance: why did it take them 30 minutes to tell her she didn't need to be there (or an hour and thirty minutes, if you start the counting from the time we first got there and she got checked in), assuming she actually didn't need to be there? Second of all, and of much greater importance: what in the shitting fuck hell? Obviously, somebody fucked up down there, but I'm not sure who. Either the person who originally made the appointment fucked up when they made the appointment over a month ago, or the people who told her that she wasn't actually supposed to be there today fucked up.

In any case, it's kind of too late to bother with it now, because we're already back at home now, and wild horses couldn't drag her back down there today, especially in this crappy weather. They've already made another appointment for her to come back in a couple of months, on January 28, 2016, even though they did jack and shit all today.
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So, Ma is in the living room watching golf right now. The Presidents Cup or whatever is on. And in the brief time I was in there, I saw that there was apparently a two-man team made up of a guy named Holmes and a guy named Watson. In general, I don't give a shit about golf (I can tolerate it more than most other televised sports, but that's not saying much), and I don't care at all if those two guys are actually any good at golf, but they are now officially my favorite golfers, at least for as long as they continue to team up. It's elementary. (And, no, I am obviously not the first person in the world to make that particular joke.)
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I'll be honest, I'm actually a little surprised that Microsoft was still supporting XP in any sense up to this point. But yeah, for anyone still using XP, you're pretty much just SOL now. Well, this'll be Win7 in about five or six years or so.
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(Okay, I was going to just embed the tweets I made on this topic, but Twitter is being full of fuck at the moment and giving me blank boxes where embed codes are supposed to be, so I guess I'll just be copy/pasting instead.)

So what, exactly, is the difference between Excedrin Extra Strength and Excedrin Migraine, given the ingredient list is *exactly* the same? Literally exactly the same, even down to the amounts. Acetaminophen - 250mg, Aspirin - 250mg, Caffeine - 65mg. Excedrin Extra Strength Drug Facts. Excedrin Migraine Drug Facts. Even the inactive ingredients list is exactly the same for both. The directions are different, though. For Migraine, it's 2 per 24 hours. For Extra Strength, it's 2 per 6 hours. Seriously, what the fuck.
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Copy/pasted from Facebook:

Got another snake story, so if that sort of thing isn't your cup of tea, stop reading now.

So, I was sitting here at my computer, when I just happened to look up at the window and there, on the outside of the window looking in, was a snake. Another black snake. How it got up there, I have no idea, unless it just climbed straight up the wall.

I went outside and saw it there, just bunched up under the window somehow, with its head poked up above the bottom of the window. I went inside and got the BB rifle and when I went back out again, the snake was now looking directly at me with its head below the window. I had already pumped the BB gun and, without going into graphic detail, let's just say that the snake is no longer an issue. Snake corpse removal, on the other hand, might still be an issue at some point, though. Again, I don't really like killing these snakes if they're out minding their own business, but this one, even if it wasn't actually *inside* the house this time, was still *on* the house. Near enough, at least, that it had to go. ­:/


And now the corpse removal has been dealt with as well. Ugh. ­-_-

See also this. At least I didn't have a weird, semi-prophetic dream about it before hand, this time. Might be having some interesting dreams later on, though... >_>;
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Copy/pasted from my Facebook page:

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Heh, watch it turn out to have been that Paul McNamara guy himself who called this one in. ¬_¬

But seriously though, just to state the blatantly obvious, this kind of shit needs to stop.
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The things assholes do "for the lulz" are getting worse and worse. -_-
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The other day, I posted about how my System Restore thing had been inexplicably set to use 50% of the drive, which was eating up way too much hard drive space, and that I'd lowered it to around 20%. Well, I checked it again just now, because I found that my hard drive was starting to mysteriously fill up again, and I noticed that the System Restore had been set back to use 50% yet again on its own.

Well, after a bit more searching on Google, it turns out that Avast is apparently the culprit behind this. Rather annoying, that. I'd already uninstalled that useless Grimefighter and SecureLine adware bullshit from Avast a while back, but had left this NG thing alone because I didn't know what it was. Now I know, and now it's uninstalled as well.

I'd switched to Avast a year or two ago because I was tired of that asinine WS.Reputation.1 bullshit that Symantec was doing (tl;dr version: it would inappropriately flag files I downloaded as "suspicious" and automatically delete them without prompting me and with no chance of recovery, meaning that I had to redownload them after disabling Symantec, and there didn't seem to be any way to permanently disable this "feature," no matter what I tried), but if Avast is going to be doing shit like the above, maybe it's time I started looking for yet another anti-virus/Internet security application.
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Huh, how about that.

What's the catch? Is there a catch? If there's not a catch in there somewhere that I'm not seeing, I'll be surprised. If there's not a catch, I might actually go for this.
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I've been kind of sort of half-assedly following the brouhaha being talked about in this post, over on Twitter and Facebook (and even, occasionally, Tumblr, which is how I found, via a repost of that Tumblr page on FB, that post from Mr. Wheaton's website), so I thought I'd post a link to it here, because I found it interesting. From that, among other things, I learned two new phrases: The Dunning-Kruger effect and Epistemic closure. And I learned of the existence of something called DuckDuckGo, which is apparently a different (some claim better) alternative to Google and something I'll have to look more into at a later time. It also led to me reading this post, which in turn led to this post on his older site.

As for the political stuff, I'd never even heard of that whole "Obama turned NASA into a 'Muslim outreach program'" idiocy before this, which as Mr. Wheaton pointed out is just some typical Rush Limbaugh horseshit from a few years ago.


Mr. Wheaton also says this: "And the whole thing actually makes me kind of sad. The Stupidsphere HQ and its leaders are all making money off of their gullible followers, and they’re all helping to prop up a political establishment that deliberately makes things worse for working class people. The Stupidsphere HQ and its leaders don’t give a shit about the people who follow them and leap into action when told to do so. All they care about are their clicks, and they’re laughing at them all the way to the bank."

However, that reminds me of something I said myself a few years ago. Since that particular post is friend-locked and not likely to ever be removed from that status, and thus is not visible to anyone not already on my LJ friend list, I'll copy/paste what I said there to here: "You know, to go off on a tangent, I rant about Faux Noise a lot and how it and guys like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and the like are brainwashing and otherwise deluding and hoodwinking people like the above. I'm going to revise my opinion now. It's not that Faux Noise and such are controllers of these people, but more that they are simply facilitators and enablers of them. Faux Noise/Beck/Limbaugh/etc. are, just like any other work of fiction, merely a means of escape for these people from the rigors of reality. They allow these people to live in a make-believe fairyland reality for a little while, divorced from common sense and logic. And if that's what it takes to get them through their days, well... whatever floats their boats I guess. *shrug* The only annoying part is when that kind of crap intrudes upon others, such as me, who simply don't want anything at all to do with it."


In any case, I've always liked Wil Wheaton. He's good people, in my opinion, and for a great many reasons. Mind you, I don't know him personally at all outside of his Twitter and Facebook, and have never met him in person, but I still feel that way. As such, it annoys me that a bunch of asshats have been dogpiling him lately, though at the same time, it amuses me to watch him wreck their shit so effectively. (And, just for the record, I didn't even mind Wesley Crusher all that much either, both when I was originally watching TNG back during its original run, and when I was watching it again more recently, during that whole Star Trek marathon thing I did. Also, for the record, I have never seen Stand By Me, which is an oversight that I should probably correct someday [nor did I know before today that the film was based on a Stephen King novella, which I similarly have not read yet].)
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Not exactly sure how this in any way constitutes "PC" or "Gaming" or especially "PC Gaming" news, PC Gamer. I don't see why anyone should give a single shit what that sellout buys with the money he got from whoring out to Microsoft. I hope this doesn't become a trend in gaming "journalism."

(EDIT) And now, the damn thing has been recreated inside of Minecraft. *facepalm* So I guess I now have to actually add the "games" and "minecraft" tags to this post, given that it's relevant to those things now, whereas it wasn't before. (/EDIT)


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