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As of two nights ago, I am no longer living with the same sister with whom my mother is currently living, the one mentioned in this post. I am now living with my eldest sister in a different location. This is likely going to be the more permanent arrangement than the temporary situation of the past week.

The purpose of this post is simply to say that, because where I'll be living now does not currently have dedicated Internet, I will next have access to the Internet on a timetable of "when the hell ever." Might be next week, might be next month, I don't know. She does have a hotspot which she uses for work purposes and the occasional checking of her own Facebook, which I could use in a pinch for necessary things like paying bills online and such, but I wouldn't want to be using that for just futzing around on the Internet doing whatever.

After I make this post, I will be unhooking this computer (my desktop at the old house my mother and I used to live in), loading it up, and taking it to my sister's house, where it will most likely remain unhooked until such a time as A) space is made for it in the room in which I will be residing and B) we have Internet access there.

So yeah, bottom line TL;DR version is this: definitely don't expect me to post on here or Facebook or Twitter anymore any time soon, and don't be expecting me to answer emails or anything like that for a while. I won't be gone forever, I hope, but it might be a while before things stabilize to a point where I can starting giving a shit again about social media and whatnot (and this may continue to be the case for a while even after I get access to dedicated Internet again).
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Just gonna copy/paste from Facebook (which mostly just links back to here, so whatever):

Initial post:

So Pewdiepie is currently trending on Twitter because he said a racist slur during a Twitch stream. That tells you something about Twitter, I guess.

As far as this particular Pewdiepie bullshit goes, I think Scalzi said it best, so I'll just link to his tweet here:


As for Pewdiepie in general, I've pretty much already said far more than I'd have thought I'd ever need to say about this asshole, so I'll just link to that as well:


First follow-up comment:

Also, this: https://www.polygon.com/2017/9/10/16285188/pewdie-pie-racist-slur-firewatch-retaliation-dmca

All the luck and good fortune to you, Mr. Vanaman.

Second follow-up comment:

Also also, this: https://twitter.com/AnneWheaton/status/906997271241277440

Bwahahaha, fuck Pewdiepie.


Third follow-up comment:

Oh, and for all the morons trying to claim something along the lines of "Well, if Pewds had just said 'nigga' instead of hard-R 'nigger,' it would've been fine" or whatever nonsense as that... nope, sorry, that's not how it works, either.

A white dude like Felix Kjellberg does not get to throw out any variation of that word to an audience of thousands without consequences.

See also: https://kane-magus.dreamwidth.org/49410.html

And no, once again, this is not a fucking "free speech" issue. Here, have that xkcd explaining this yet again: https://xkcd.com/1357/

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So, Firefox "upgraded" recently, and several add-ons, including uBlock Origin and NoScript, have been disabled, and marked as "Legacy" in the Add-ons list. Clicking the "Legacy" button leads to this page.

So, basically, until this shit gets straightened out and uBlock Origin an NoScript are reenabled for it, Firefox is pretty much useless to me.

(EDIT) Well, I managed to get uBO and NS working again by reinstalling them. But they're still marked as "Legacy" in the Add-ons list. This is some bullshit on Firefox's part, to just straight up disable people's add-ons without warning. (/EDIT)
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To hell with Photobucket.

I just deleted my Photobucket account pretty much the instant I heard about this, which was just a few minutes ago. I already have all of my images stored on my HDD anyway, so absolutely nothing of value was lost, aside from whatever few images I'd embedded in old LJ/Dreamwidth posts. Oh fucking well, I guess.

Now I'll need to be looking for a new, non-dogshit image hosting site the next time I need to embed an image. Either that, or I'll just no longer bother to embed images. *shrug*
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Since today is Net Neutrality Day and all that, I'm just going to repost this link to one of the first posts I made about Net Neutrality, seven years ago. My stance has not changed between then and now, except maybe to say that I feel like regulations to keep big corporations from shitting all over Net Neutrality are even more vital today.
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A pretty good read.


Again, the perpetual quandary: Is it worse to actually be a racist, misogynist, homophobic, antisemitic, anti-Muslim, idiotic shitsmear on the underwear of humanity? Or is it worse to merely pretend to be a racist, misogynist, homophobic, antisemitic, anti-Muslim, idiotic shitsmear on the underwear of humanity to the extent that nobody can tell the difference at all?

I still don't have an adequate answer for this, except for "it doesn't really matter which is the case, because it's abominable in either case."

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Just putting this here so it'll be more easily accessible for future use. It has already gotten a lot of use lately, as it is, and I'm getting tired of looking it up on Facebook.

Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.
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I say with no exaggeration whatsoever that anyone and everyone who uses the Internet in any way for any reason needs to watch this video.

Also, visit the following page, click the "+ Express" link, and leave a comment: http://www.gofccyourself.com/

Now, that should redirect you to the following: https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/search/proceedings?q=name:((17-108%29%29

If it does not, just use the second link.
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I recently sent messages via their websites to Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr and to House Representative Mark Walker concerning the Trump FCC attempt to destroy Net Neutrality, undoing the good work that President Obama had put into place supporting it.

This is the response I received from Senator Tillis:

Stupid bullshit behind cut )

In other words, to put it bluntly, Senator Tillis has opted to be a part of the problem, rather than the solution. I don't know why I was expecting otherwise. As such, as I did in the past, I will be voting against him again the next time he is up for reelection in 2020.
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"This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for every American."

As I said on Facebook: We've long known that this was coming, but that doesn't make the ass it sucks any less encrusted.

Let me just say this, yet again: Fuck Donald Trump. Fuck all of Donald Trump's lickspittles. Fuck everyone who still supports Donald Trump even a little bit or who still think he's somehow doing a good job.

And, most importantly in this case, fuck anyone and everyone who is benefiting in any way from this destruction of net neutrality.
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After making the change on LiveJournal that I mentioned in a previous post and starting a second import, importing of both entries and comments completed without a problem. All the entries that I'd already imported and edited (mostly to fix Youtube embeds, though I still have a ton more of those to manually fix at some point) weren't affected by the second import, which is nice.

So yeah, if you got a lot of errors during importing entries, you might want to try the above fix and do a second import. It'll still take another two or three days or so, but it might be worth it.
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Angry Joe, ranting about more bullshit copyright claims on his videos, shows once again how absolutely fucking broken current copyright laws are and also demonstrates why I personally have less than zero interest in ever trying to use Youtube for anything at all.
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After leaving Livejournal for good and migrating all my old entries over here to Dreamwidth, here is my first true entry to Dreamwidth. So... yay!

On looking back through my old, imported-from-LJ entries, the only issue I see right off is that none of the <lj-embed> tags made it through (i.e. Youtube videos). I might go back through my old entries and fix those, since I know I haven't used very many of those, but I might not bother, except with entries that are easier to find, like those in the resistance tag and such.

(EDIT) Well, and there's the issue where every single link to a previous entry is apparently still pointing to LiveJournal, instead of the equivalent Dreamwidth entry. I'm not even about to go back and fix every one of those instances. ¬_¬ I'll fix them as I see them, though. (EDIT)

Beyond that, though, aside from waiting for the importation process to complete, it has been a pretty painless transition.

(Ooh, and it looks like Dreamwidth still has the feature that they inexplicably removed from LJ where you can mix custom moods with existing mood icons. I remember when they removed that from LJ, I reported it as a bug, and they replied with "working as intended." Yet another reason to say "Fuck LiveJournal," I guess.)

(EDIT 2) Another plus for Dreamwidth: it supports https, whereas LiveJournal does not. (/EDIT 2)
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Russian-Owned LiveJournal Bans Political Talk, Adds Risk of Spying

This will be my final LJ post. Once I've exported my LJ entries out to xml or whatever (assuming I even end up bothering with that) Already exported all my entries to XML, and while it was tedious as all hell, it was nowhere near as difficult or time consuming as I thought it would be (though apparently some things will be lost in the export, like pretty much any lj-embed, i.e. Youtube videos, etc., which is bull fucking shit, but oh well), I will be deleting this journal I will probably just leave this here until it gets deleted on its own, unless I am given a more compelling reason to go ahead and delete it myself, though once I migrate everything that I can to a new site, wherever that may be, I'll probably never use or even look at this one again, and will likely just go ahead and delete it at that time.

(EDIT) And I've already started the import process to Dreamwidth. (/EDIT)
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Twitter embeds behind cut )

TL;DR version: Atlus is threatening to file content claims on anyone who LPs Persona 5 beyond a certain point, ostensibly because they don't want the game to be spoiled, and I think that's bullshit for a multitude of reasons, even if I had zero interest in watching any such LPs myself.
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I honestly don't blame the advertisers. There are some incredibly shitty dudes out there (for example) putting out some incredibly shitty videos on Youtube, and if I had something to advertise, I certainly wouldn't want it being associated with that kind of horseshit, either. Google isn't stupid. Lazy, maybe, but not stupid. I think they'll (eventually) work it all out, whether it's through allowing more control over targeting of advertising or by removing the offensive content or whatever.

(Of course, the entire topic is completely academic as far as I am concerned, because I use uBlock Origin and NoScript and FB Purity and such to block all ads, everywhere, for a multitude of reasons I've stated in the past that I won't be going into at this time [and if you don't like that, tough fucking shit].)
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It happened yet again.

I went to pay my Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum) bill, and, once again, I saw that it had been jacked up arbitrarily by $10 more than what it had been. I immediately called them again and was told, both by the computer and by the agent the computer transferred me to, that it was because my previous rate was yet another goddamned "promotional rate" that had "expired." I wasn't aware that my previous rate was a "promotional rate," but whatever. Bullshit is bullshit.

So, I told the guy to just downgrade me from the "standard" package to the "basic" package, which is around 20mbps, down from the 50mbps that it (ostensibly) was before. Honestly, I doubt I'll see much of a difference, outside of the occasional Steam download or torrent or whatever.

And now, I am supposedly going to be paying the same as what I was paying before (but for lesser service), but this time, at least, the guy told me that it's a "retail" rate and not a "promotional" rate. As such, he said I should not expect it to be jacked up again arbitrarily next year, unless there is a "company-wide change" and subsequent increase in quality of service, similar to what they did last year. Because I explicitly asked him if my rate would be arbitrarily jacked up yet again last year, and I also told him that I had been told in the past, on more than one occasion, that my rate was locked in and wouldn't be jacked up due to "promotional rates," which of course turned out to be utter horseshit, obviously.

So, anyway, the bottom line is that I am now paying the same as what I was paying prior to this month's arbitrary jack up, which is $10 more than what I was paying last year, for the level of service that I had last year (which is the level of service that the "standard" package had last year), after downgrading from the service that I'd been getting this year. However, that is somewhat understandable, I suppose, given that they did actually improve the overall quality of the service across all tiers, so that's mostly fine. I.e. the service that I'm getting now (at the "basic" tier) is indeed actually the same as or perhaps even a bit better than what I was getting before (at what used to be the "standard" tier, before they did the upgrades). So I won't complain about that too awfully much, just so long as the don't jack my fucking bill up for no good reason again next year. We'll fucking see, I guess.

Hmm, I wonder if the "Jason" I talked to this year was the same "Jason" I got disconnected from last year. He was a lot more helpful this year, if it was the same guy, so I guess I won't be adding the "customer service sucks" tag to this one.
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I am going to just cut/paste that previous post right here into this new post, because not a single goddamned thing is different, except that it's 2017 instead of 2016.

Original post:

"Fuck Daylight Saving Time," by Wil Wheaton.

I absolutely agree. Fuck Daylight Saving Time. We need to just pick one or the other and fucking stick with it year round. Stop making us pointlessly change the clocks twice a year. It's fucking asinine. If you live in an area of the world that doesn't do this stupid bullshit, consider yourself fortunate.

Fuck G.V. Hudson. Fuck William Willett. Fuck Benjamin Franklin (even if he was just joking). Fuck the Romans. Fuck anybody and everybody who has thought, is currently thinking, and ever will think that Daylight Saving Time, or anything even remotely similar to Daylight Saving Time, is a good idea.

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I got several months behind on watching stuff on Channel Awesome and have just started getting caught up in the past day or so (the Nostalgia Critic/Doug Walker bits of the site, anyway). As stated in the above video itself, that is from the end of the Nostalgia Critic review of "Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas." And yes, he actually got Cree Summer to do the Penny voice for that bit. That's pretty frickin' awesome.

Of course, that's not the first time Doug has gotten celebrities to be be in his videos.


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