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As of two nights ago, I am no longer living with the same sister with whom my mother is currently living, the one mentioned in this post. I am now living with my eldest sister in a different location. This is likely going to be the more permanent arrangement than the temporary situation of the past week.

The purpose of this post is simply to say that, because where I'll be living now does not currently have dedicated Internet, I will next have access to the Internet on a timetable of "when the hell ever." Might be next week, might be next month, I don't know. She does have a hotspot which she uses for work purposes and the occasional checking of her own Facebook, which I could use in a pinch for necessary things like paying bills online and such, but I wouldn't want to be using that for just futzing around on the Internet doing whatever.

After I make this post, I will be unhooking this computer (my desktop at the old house my mother and I used to live in), loading it up, and taking it to my sister's house, where it will most likely remain unhooked until such a time as A) space is made for it in the room in which I will be residing and B) we have Internet access there.

So yeah, bottom line TL;DR version is this: definitely don't expect me to post on here or Facebook or Twitter anymore any time soon, and don't be expecting me to answer emails or anything like that for a while. I won't be gone forever, I hope, but it might be a while before things stabilize to a point where I can starting giving a shit again about social media and whatnot (and this may continue to be the case for a while even after I get access to dedicated Internet again).
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Just gonna copy/paste from Facebook (which mostly just links back to here, so whatever):

Initial post:

So Pewdiepie is currently trending on Twitter because he said a racist slur during a Twitch stream. That tells you something about Twitter, I guess.

As far as this particular Pewdiepie bullshit goes, I think Scalzi said it best, so I'll just link to his tweet here:


As for Pewdiepie in general, I've pretty much already said far more than I'd have thought I'd ever need to say about this asshole, so I'll just link to that as well:


First follow-up comment:

Also, this: https://www.polygon.com/2017/9/10/16285188/pewdie-pie-racist-slur-firewatch-retaliation-dmca

All the luck and good fortune to you, Mr. Vanaman.

Second follow-up comment:

Also also, this: https://twitter.com/AnneWheaton/status/906997271241277440

Bwahahaha, fuck Pewdiepie.


Third follow-up comment:

Oh, and for all the morons trying to claim something along the lines of "Well, if Pewds had just said 'nigga' instead of hard-R 'nigger,' it would've been fine" or whatever nonsense as that... nope, sorry, that's not how it works, either.

A white dude like Felix Kjellberg does not get to throw out any variation of that word to an audience of thousands without consequences.

See also: https://kane-magus.dreamwidth.org/49410.html

And no, once again, this is not a fucking "free speech" issue. Here, have that xkcd explaining this yet again: https://xkcd.com/1357/

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Article found via Nathan Bashore on Facebook.

All I can say is: ^This

(The article doesn't mention Donald Trump even once, but I'm going to put the Donald Trump tag on this post, for what should be fairly obvious reasons.)
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This post here is essentially a sequel to an earlier post I made back in March. I'm just going to copy/paste some rantage I did over on Facebook into this post.

Rant behind cut )


Feb. 8th, 2017 01:11 pm
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Embedded tweets behind cut )

So yeah, I'm going to try to cut back on the anti-Trump rants. Not because I don't care, but because I just no longer have the energy for it.

Like I said up there, there are plenty of other venues for you to get that sort of thing. In addition to the above, I'll also suggest George Takei, Wil Wheaton, John Scalzi, and, of course, Keith Olbermann (and I'll still continue to post each episode of "The Resistance" here as they get uploaded to Youtube).

Not saying I'll never rant about this horseshit ever again, because of course I will, but I'm going to try to take it easy for a while, all the same.
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I'm going to stop making the "Trump Tweets" LiveJournal posts (though I'm almost assuredly not going to stop tweeting about Trump). It just takes too much time and effort to copy/paste the embed codes for all of that shit over here, for little to no gain aside from catharsis on my part, and even that dubious benefit is draining away to nothing, now that the asinine asshat has somehow actually fucking won the presidency. If you still want to see my tweets or whatever (and I [occasionally] do [re]tweet about things other than Trump and politics, believe it or not), and aren't already on my Twitter follower/followee lists, there's an easy enough way to do that. Or not. *shrug*

(EDIT) I've since switched over to Dreamwidth (obviously, since you're reading this on Dreamwidth), so all of the below is pretty much irrelevant now. (/EDIT)

I know I've said this at other times in the past, but I pretty much think I'm just about done with LiveJournal, anyway. I'm still not definitely committing to giving up on it altogether yet, and I doubt I ever fully will (i.e. I currently have no plans to straight up delete my LJ, even if I were to ever stop actively posting to it), but my apathy to continue posting here is gradually strengthening with every passing day.

As such, I'm still half-assedly looking for better alternatives to doing more-than-just-140-characters-repeatedly blogging on the Internet. While I am admittedly more active on Twitter than I used to be, I still don't really care to make that my "main" online "presence" (such as it is), though I suppose that Twitter has sort of de facto become that lately. I'm still not too awfully interested in Tumblr, though I'm willing to have my mind changed on that score, if compelling enough reasons present themselves. As for Facebook, I'm more and more coming to the conclusion that Facebook can simply go fuck itself. Lately, I've been disallowing the members of my direct family who also happen to be on my FB "friends" lists from seeing my posts, thanks to political bullshit (on the ever increasingly rare occasions that I bother to make posts to Facebook at all). And I'm not really interested in posting general blogs on the more "specialist" sites like Steam or Goodreads or whatever else, either.

I guess my main (only?) criteria for switching to a new actual blog service is probably "how easy is it to backport LiveJournal posts into the new shit, and does the new shit have comparative (or better) functionality/features to (than) LJ" at this point, because if I don't find a service that allows easy importing of old LiveJournal posts and which maybe lets me preserve the tagging and such, I doubt I'll ever bother to make the switch at all, even if LiveJournal (and my usage of such) is more or less dead otherwise.
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Pick threefour characters to describe you.

My choices, in tweet form, behind cut. )

In non-tweet form:

Reginald Barclay

Sheldon Cooper

The Trio
(Or, at least, Jonathan and Andrew anyway. Not so much Warren.)
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"According to Trump's Razor: 'ascertain the stupidest possible scenario that can be reconciled with the available facts' and that answer is likely correct."

It does make a scary amount of sense, given the excess of astonishingly asinine things to come out of the mouth of Trump and his staff and his supporters over the past year or two.

(Via [livejournal.com profile] tokoz via FB.)
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Embedded tweets behind cut )

So yeah, I made the rare mistake of seeing someone saying asinine shit on Facebook and then responding to it. Or, perhaps more accurately, the mistake was bothering to look at Facebook at all in the first place, I dunno. *shrug + eye roll*
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Tweets behind cut )

Full text of her Facebook post, in case it gets deleted later (the Internet never forgets):

Wall of stupid behind cut )

Right because every single mass shooting in America has been caused by radical Islam. There's no reason to even attempt to do anything at all ever about the gun problem in America given that some deviants will manage to get their hands on guns regardless. Can't save everyone, so why bother trying to save anyone, amirite? The Second Amendment is sacrosanct, and not something written by guys over 200 years ago who couldn't even imagine something like an assault rifle, and isn't something that could ever be amended (again, since the Second Amendment is itself, you know, a fucking amendment in the first place) or even repealed (as I believe it probably should be, at this point).

Oh, and also, just to point out, the Second Amendment says, exactly: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." (Emphasis mine.) So... if the Second Amendment says that the right to keep and bear arms should be "well regulated," why are the loudest, stupidest of the gun nuts and Second Amendment shills (such as Sarah Palin here) so absolutely dead set bullheaded against there being any sort of regulations concerning guns at all? Yes, Ms. Palin, I, like President Obama and millions of other Americans, do indeed demand an explanation for your idiotic beliefs (though I seriously doubt that you can coherently provide a valid one, given how fucking stupid you are). More than that, we demand that your idiotic beliefs stop influencing government so much and that something positive actually, finally, be done to address the gun problem in America.


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Hate and violence do not arise in a vacuum. Whether it's foreign-inspired religious extremism or bigotry right here at home, we must call it out when we see it.

Posted by George Takei on Sunday, June 12, 2016

Humanity, or at least a large portion of it, is extremely, disgustingly terrible.

(In case that attempt at an embed of a Facebook post comes out wonky somehow, here is the original post from George Takei and here is the article to which he was linking.)


So why am I focusing on the stupid dipshits on Twitter and the like, such as Donald Trump, at this point in time? Well... it's because trying to fully parse the concept that pretty much anyone in modern USA can just buy a fucking assault rifle and walk into a crowded public area and open fire at their whim is simply mind-numbing. The fact that roughly half the country doesn't want to deal with or even properly acknowledge this obvious, blatant flaw in our society is equally mind-numbing. I don't even really want to think about that right now, let alone write about it at length. And so... I merely settle for focusing my rage onto the asinine shitbags on Twitter, like Donald Trump.

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...about how disingenuous the Republicans are with respect to Donald Trump and all the terrible bullshit he says. Taken partially from a NYT article. First seen (by me) via Facebook.

Pretty much, yeah. Politics as usual, fucking bull/horse/dog/whatever-shit that it is. This shit has been going on for years now, decades now. And now that the whole thing is reaching its logical extreme via the histrionics of Donald Trump, some of the (ever so slightly) less crazy elements of the GOP don't seem to like the smell of it too awfully much. Well, this is the bed they made, so...

Anyway, in response, I'll simply quote George Washington again:

"However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people, and to usurp for themselves the reins of government; destroying afterwards the very engines, which have lifted them to unjust dominion."

-- George Washington - excerpted from his Farewell Address, September 17, 1796

(This, of course, applies to all political parties, mind you, not just the Republicans. It's just that the Republicans are by far the most egregious of the lot, these days.)
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An article posted by George Takei via Facebook.

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, I just have to repeat the fact that this fucking idiot is the Republican frontrunner and almost assuredly the man who will win the nomination as the Republican candidate for the office of President of the United States. May whatever benevolent entities who may or may not actually exist somewhere out there in this omniverse and who have the ability and willingness to answer wishes/prayers do something, anything, to prevent this man from actually winning the Presidency itself. At this point, I almost wouldn't even mind an end of the world scenario if that's what it takes. ¬_¬
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The following is the full text of a post on Facebook by Wil Wheaton, just in case it gets lost later for whatever reason:

Wall of text behind cut )

I agree with everything he said here.

I also scrolled down through the comments, just to see if anyone had posted this xkcd comic, and if they hadn't, I was going to do so myself. Someone had already beaten me to it, so I didn't need to do so.

Hell, I'll actually embed that xkcd comic here, in addition to the link I gave above:

Image behind cut )

In the United States of America, your speech is (supposed to be) protected by the government. That is to say, the government, through law enforcement or whatever, cannot (or isn't supposed to be able to) silence the voice of any citizens or groups of citizens, as long as they are not actively causing real, actual harm to other people, such as in the age-old example of falsely shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theater. This is what is meant by the term "freedom of speech," as defined by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. That's all it means. What it does not mean is "freedom from any and all consequences," which is what far, far too many people seem to mistakenly believe it means. Everyone in the USA who starts bawwing "Free speech! Free speech!" every time someone rightly protests the asinine horseshit that comes out of their mouths (or, say, shows up in their posts on any given forums, right before they get banned) is merely showing their asininity in yet another way.
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Ha ha, that's pretty good. It fits.

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...and Roland is going to be played by a black actor. And boy, are some people super-buttangry about this.

Tweets behind cut )
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For the one or two of you still here on LiveJournal (and the two or three who might possibly see [and care about] this when I post a link to it on Twitter), reading the shit I post, I have a couple of questions (which I've asked before, sort of, but am now asking again, in a different way and a bit more in depth):

First question: why are you still here? By that, I don't mean why are you here specifically at my particular LiveJournal (though that's probably a valid question, too). I mean, why are you still here on LiveJournal itself, generally speaking? I'm not even really asking are you still here, this time, I'm asking why are you still here, if you are still here? I don't mean that in a sarcastic, bad way, either. I'm asking out of simple curiosity. Mainly, it just seems like LiveJournal has been dying a long, slow death for at least the past half a decade or more.

Second question: are you planning to ever move on to a more lively venue other than LiveJournal? Or rather, as the case may well be, have you already moved on to a more lively venue other than LiveJournal? If so, what venue would that be? Is it any good or, at least, better than LiveJournal? Is it something I might be interested in giving a try?

For me, the answer to the first question is, "I honestly don't fucking know, really. Just too lazy to overcome inertia and start looking for somewhere less dead to blog at, I guess."

My answer to the second question is, "Yes, probably, maybe, I dunno, as soon as I bother to make the effort to try to possibly consider starting to look for something to take the place of LiveJournal that is better than just Facebook or Twitter. I have little interest in doing much more than just lurking on Facebook anymore, and Twitter is too hectic to try to keep up with on anything even remotely resembling a regular basis (at least not unless I severely curtail my current "Following" list, which I may well do at some point relatively soon), so I usually bother only slightly more than not at all, outside of tweeting links back to this here LJ. And, no, I absolutely don't have any interest at all in trying to make another Tumblr account again. And I'm far too chickenshit to even think about doing something like vlogging on Youtube or some shit, even if I had the proper equipment to do so, which I don't. So, like I said, what are some decent, modern alternatives to LiveJournal besides those I already mentioned? Yeah, sure, I could just ask Google or whatever, I guess, but I'm also looking for more personal recommendations."

This was, at least in part, inspired by a post over on Facebook that was asking the same sort of question, so I guess Facebook isn't completely useless to me. But, seriously, I mostly just lurk on FB these days. I mostly quit posting there entirely, after I got one too many "Why are you posting stuff like this?" replies from members of my family who are also on FB. They don't post that sort of shit on my LJ, though, because they apparently don't read my LJ, or else aren't even aware of the existence of my LJ, despite the lack of any effort on my part to hide it. But anyway, yeah, that's why I don't post much at all to Facebook anymore, and is why I have no interest in making Facebook into my "main" presence on the Internet.

That said, though, aside from the very few of you who still comment on my pointless babbling here[1], LJ is pretty much deadsville these days, and has been for a while now, so I am indeed, maybe, kind of, sort of interested in looking to move on to greener pastures, finally, after all this time. Not sure if I'd actually abandon LJ entirely, or if I'll even actually indeed start blogging elsewhere at all... just that I'm considering it, in a vague, half-assed manner. I already have a Blogger site, for what that's worth, though I've hardly ever even glanced at it after I created it, until now. The ability to import in all my old shit from LiveJournal would be a plus, but wouldn't be a dealbreaker if it isn't there, either.

[1] - Though there are admittedly more of you here, on LiveJournal, doing that than there are on Twitter doing that, which is another reason, besides the "too hectic" reason mentioned above, that I also have no interest in making Twitter into my "main" presence on the Internet, either.
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Perhaps against my better judgment, I supplied a few sites with my cellphone number, for security purposes. These sites were Steam, Facebook, LiveJournal, Twitter, and Google. I did this because I didn't want the same thing to happen with these sites that happened to my old Yahoo account, to which I have completely lost access, because Yahoo, for absolutely no good reason whatsoever, simply would not let me log in one day without first "verifying" my account, even though I had supplied the correct username and password, with the problem being that my Yahoo account was still tied to my old Comcast email address, which has been defunct for almost two years now, and as such, there was no way for me to actually "verify" the Yahoo account.

However, since doing the above, I have recently been getting more and more frequent phone spam/scam calls/texts/voicemails on my cellphone. Prior to this, such calls to my cellphone were extremely few and far between. As such, I can only come to the conclusion that at least one of those sites are using cellphone numbers provided to them for nefarious purposes. I have my suspicions as to which one it most likely is, but since I have zero actual proof, I will not be making any accusations.

That is all I am going to say about that, here and now, except that I am not too terribly pleased with this turn of events. I'm just glad that my cellphone has an auto-reject list on it.
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This is something I only learned about today, via this comment under this Facebook thread of a retweet by Wil Wheaton of another guy's tweet.

So, the gist is that, last year, some self-described "patriot" in Georgia planted some pipe bombs in a park along with a Qur'an and a list of "soft targets," with the explicit intention of trying to stir up sentiment against Muslims.

For some reason, it kind of surprises me... even though it really, really shouldn't... that someone would be this vile.

Oh, by the way... the thing about the dumbass Texas GOP state rep saying the stupid shit about Syrian refugees and guns seems to be legit as well, but I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to look up more info on that. (EDIT) And then it turns out that none of the Paris attackers were even Syrian refugees to begin with, so yeah. (/EDIT)

Also, both in the wake of the recent Paris attacks and just in general, I feel it prudent to point out that not all (or even most) terrorists are Muslims. This is something to keep in mind, despite what most mass market media might otherwise try to have you believe (particularly the likes of Faux Noise and its ilk). This isn't so much me saying #NotAllMuslims, even though I guess I am. Rather, this is me trying (probably futilely) to correct the misconception apparently held by so many other people that #AllMuslimsAreTerrorists or that #MostTerroristsAreMuslims, which actually seems to be a thing, even though it is blatantly, objectively, provably not true.

(That said, however, in most cases, I do still feel pretty much the same about the "#NotAllMuslims" argument/excuse as I do about "#NotAllChristians" and "#NotAllMen" [EDIT] and "#NotAllGunOwners." [/EDIT] No, not all Muslims are terrorists. No, not all Christians are asinine, buttraging shitbags. No, not all men are misogynistic asshats and/or rapists or whatever. [EDIT] No, not all gun owners are psycho/sociopathic mass murderers. [/EDIT] But some are, and those are the ones who are the problem to be dealt with. Just sticking your head in the sand and crying "well, not all <insert maligned group here> are like that" is not helping to solve the problem. It's almost like you're saying "well, I'm a Muslim and I'm not an evil, murdering terrorist" or "I'm a Christian and I'm not a bigoted fuckwit" or "I'm a man and I'm not a scuzzbucket shit-for-brains who irrationally reviles women for no valid reason" [EDIT] or "I'm a gun owner and I'm not an insane killer" [/EDIT] as though saying this means you deserve a medal or a cookie or something, just because you're demonstrating that you are acting within the bounds of what most people consider to be basic, unremarkable human decency. That's why, I think, people have issues with and rightfully belittle most of the "#NotAll<Whatever>" kneejerk reactions. That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.

But then, with that said, it does seem to be the case that a lot of people actually do seem to mistakenly believe that all Muslims are terrorists, or even just that most terrorists are Muslims, more so than anyone believes that all Christians are racist, bigoted, douchenozzles or that all men are women-hating shitstains on the underwear of humanity [EDIT] or that all gun owners are insane, evil anus-crust failing to properly rein in their raging murder boners. [/EDIT] So... I don't know. Make of all of this what you will.)


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