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Basically, they apparently didn't finish the story satisfactorily in the base game and were planning to finish it via DLC, but now that DLC is no longer going to happen.

So glad I already stopped giving any fucks about Mass Effect, or EAWare in general, years ago, precisely because of asinine horseshit just like this.
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And, yep, I've now uninstalled The Sims 3 and all its expansions for the first time in... a really long time. It really sucks, because I'd actually played it as recently as only a few days ago. On the bright side, I suppose, this has freed up many gigabytes on my D drive.

Fuck goddamn EA for this asinine horseshit. This is yet another reason for me to utterly despise them, as if I didn't have more than enough reasons to do so already. Well, that's what I get for being idly curious to see if they'd finally implemented a fucking wishlist function by now on their useless, piece of shit Origin client. (And, no, they still have not implemented a fucking wishlist feature.)

(EDIT) I might try to reinstall The Sims 3 again at some nebulous later point in the far flung future, maybe, from the discs. I'll just have to make mega-sure to never, ever run the Origin client again after that, though. Honestly, at this point, now that I've uninstalled The Sims 3, there's no point in keeping Origin itself installed anymore, either. *immediately uninstalls the fuck out of that useless bullshit* (/EDIT)

(EDIT 2)(/EDIT 2)
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Here's a list:
10. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
9. Need for Speed 2015
8. Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide
7. Heroes of Might and Magic VII
6. Batman: Arkham Knight (PC)
5. Halo 5: Guardians
4. Rainbow Six: Siege
3. Mad Max
2. Infinite Crisis
1. Star Wars: Battlefront

It's pretty bad when there were so many shitty games released that he had to do two separate top 10 lists just to cover them all. And several of the ones on this list are games that he said could have and probably should have been in the "worst" list as well, but he just didn't include them there for whatever reasons.

Also, more of the games on this list were on there due to DLC microtransactions and other such modern video game industry bullshit, instead of simply because they were terrible games in their own right, so if anything, this list for me is probably the more relevant of the two lists.
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Here's a list:
10. Battlefield: Hardline
9. Evolve
8. The Order: 1886
7. Sid Meier's Starships
6. Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma: Volume 1
5. Motorcycle Club
4. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5
3. Alone in the Dark: Illumination
2. Godzilla
1. Raven's Cry

I don't know if it's good or bad that I haven't even heard of half or more of these games until this video.
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Just got an email from EA with that subject line.

"In the coming weeks your Origin Account will be renamed to an EA Account to better represent all of EA's games and services. Your account identity, preferences, and order history will remain unchanged.

You will continue to use this account and the same login credentials to access all EA games, web sites, and services, including Origin. Learn more about Origin by visiting Origin.com.

You can make changes to your EA Account at any time by logging in to the EA web portal at www.ea.com. From there you can go to your My Account page to update your account info, security settings, contact preferences, and more.

If you have questions or need help with your account, visit EA Help at help.ea.com.

Happy gaming,

The EA Team"

Why they didn't just call it something like that in the first place, rather than further sullying the name of Origin, I don't know. Well, aside from the fact that they probably knew back then that just calling it an "EA account" wouldn't fly too well.

(Note: The only reason I even have an Origin account at all to begin with is because of The Sims 3 requiring it for patches and shit. Aside from that, I have zero use for it.)
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Note: that is a sad, lamenting heh and not an "I am amused by this" heh. I don't care about the Starwars Battlefront shit all that much, but the "Victims of EA" thing at the bottom certainly rings true for me. (EDIT) Personally, I'd change the "dates of death" on some of those companies, though. I'd consider the "dates of death" to actually be the years they were initially bought by EA (as is the case on there with BioWare), rather than the years that EA eventually shut them down (as is the case with Origin and such). For example, Origin's date of death should have been 1992, not 2004. Westwood's should have been 1998, not 2003. And so on. The later dates in those cases are simply when the zombies were finally shot in the head, that's all. (/EDIT)

I don't always agree with the antics of 4chan (case in point: GamerGate), but this is one of those rare cases where I can at least manage a "heh" at them, I suppose.

I can't view the other site, however, because I have noscript enabled and I don't trust 4chan enough to disable it for them. The first link up there is still viewable even with noscript on (though I don't hear "Komm Susser Tod" playing on the site because of noscript).
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So I clicked the first link in this thing out of morbid curiosity, and now I will quote up to the exact point where I lost any and all interest in it:

"We're excited to announce today the release of a BioWare project that's unlike anything we've done before. Over the past few months, the BioWare Online Services team..."

Right there. At the phrase "BioWare Online Services team." *weary, apathetic sigh*
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Heard about this news first via [livejournal.com profile] rabbitucker over on Facebook.

I'd have probably heard it sooner, but I've pretty much stopped following to-the-minute video game news altogether, at least for the time being, now that I've removed everything but Slashdot and Learn to Counter from my feedly thing (well, andexcept for Did You Know Gaming and Zero Punctuation, neither of which I actually pay much attention to at all anymore, so I wouldn't really miss anything if I removed those as well). After I removed Rock, Paper, Shotgun a few weeks ago, I also removed PC Gamer the other day because I was pretty much sick of seeing almost nothing from them but articles about League of Legends or whatever. Pretty much all of my current video game "news" merely comes from the Steam and GOG "latest release" notifications and whatnot, or from word-of-mouth via mostly [livejournal.com profile] owsf2000. *shrug*

Anyway, given that it's EA we're talking about here, what with their usual modus operandi concerning companies they've sucked up in the past being exactly this very same thing (for that matter, I'm actually a little surprised that it hasn't happened to BioWare yet, though I'm still certain that their days are similarly numbered as well), and given that this isn't even the first time Maxis has been affected by something similar (EA put them on a "hiatus" back in 2010), I'm not really surprised by this news at all. Maxis hasn't existed in any real, meaningful sense for several years now, probably since at least 2009 when Will Wright jumped ship.
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IT STARTS. The expansion pack express for The Sims 4 has now left the station!

I do have to admit, though, that this actually looks vaguely interesting, at least when compared to how most jobs were handled in previous Sims games. I.e., for the most part, all that ever happened was that your Sim would go to a "rabbit hole" (or simply leave the home lot in Sims 1 and Sims 2), just straight up disappear from the game for several game hours, and then finally come back home later with a little more money. They tried to make the jobs a little more interesting in some of the later expansions for Sims 3, but this looks way more expansive and involved than even that.

I have to say, once The Sims 4 grows up and puts on its big boy pants by getting all of its expansion packs out and bundled together at a reasonable price (as opposed to the ridiculous $40 per expansion that they're still insisting on asking for now, because they know for an absolute fact that there are plenty of people out there who will pay that much, though I absolutely refuse to ever be one of those people again), then maybe, just maybe, it'll finally become a game worth playing. Maybe I'll even play it myself someday.
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Remember Shadow Realms? That "4v1 asymmetrical online RPG" thing that I had some tiny amount of interest in, until I found out it was going to be a "4v1 asymmetrical online RPG"?

Yeah, as the headlines says, it got canceled. Imagine my utter astonishment at this news. *eye-roll*
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Seriously? You're actually trying to claim that, after over a decade of dumbing your games down to near pointlessness, your games "are actually still too hard to learn"? Really, EA? Well, perhaps if your games weren't by and large worthless piles of crap in the first place, then "find[ing] two contiguous hours to concentrate on learning how to play a video game" wouldn't be such a "big ask" after all. Some of your games aren't even worth taking two minutes to learn to play, though, let alone two hours.

On a related note, if you were to just cut back on the brain-draining, mindlessly boring, overbearing, hours-long, required "tutorial" sections that you have included in so many of your games lately, EA, maybe this supposed problem would solve itself. Ever consider that? (To be fair, EA is not the only culprit in that particular crime against gaming, but they were one of the first and are definitely still one of the most egregious of the lot.)

"Our customers are too dumb to play our already excessively dumbed down video games, so I guess we need to dumb them down even more," is what they're essentially saying here. In any case, this just goes to show how little respect EA has for their customers. ...as if all of the other bullshit that EA has done over the decades hasn't already shown that, loud and clear. I like one of the comments under that article (yes, I re-enabled them, because I guess I'm a glutton for punishment in that sense): "It isn't even hyperbole to say that people like this man are destroying games." Truer words have rarely been spoken.

(EDIT) Also, the fact that their company is so bloated that they can even have such an overblown position as "chief creative officer" is a big part of the problem to begin with. (/EDIT)

(EDIT 2) Another comment, farther down:

Read more... )

This, right here, is the sort of thing I re-enabled Disqus for. (/EDIT 2)
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Well how about that. EA is patching pools into The Sims 4 for free. (And ghosts, apparently. Didn't know that those were not already in the game.) Well, color me mildly surprised that they didn't just wait and include that stuff with whatever the first paid DLC pack will be. Maybe toddlers will make it in for free as well, since this is apparently "the first of three big free monthly content updates planned."

Still, this just shows that EA didn't launch the game feature complete, if they're only now patching in these things that should have been in there from the start, as they had been with all previous versions of The Sims. I will, of course, still be waiting until all the inevitable paid DLC packs are out and the whole thing bundled together for a more reasonable price, as I've said countless times already.
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"The Sims sequels are odd things. Normally, you sit down with a new game to see the world expanded, a game made deeper, the stakes raised higher. In this series though, it’s inevitably a clearing of the board, a throwing out of all the really cool stuff and also Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats so that it can be repackaged and resold later on. We all know that’s going to happen. The Sims is as shameless about it as a Lego starter kit composed entirely of lime-green flat pieces. Soon enough, there will be pets, there will be goofy new destinations to visit, there will be a whole array of exciting DLC opportunities to fill your life and credit card statements. The only person apparently not aware that this is more a core to plug stuff into than a full game is whoever decided the ‘Standard Edition’ should be fifty shitting pounds. More for the Digital Deluxe Edition!

"The deal then is essentially this – in exchange for winding back the clock, each new version of The Sims needs to offer a darn good reason for doing so. It’s unrealistic to expect the equivalent of five years worth of additions at launch, even if at this point a few things like cats and dogs do feel like they should be in on Day 1, but there has to be something. Some justification. The Sims 2 for instance saw a full jump into 3D and a strong refining of the original game’s concept now that it was a proven success. That counted. The Sims 3 then dramatically opened up the possibilities, with its open town marking a transition from simply a fancy dollhouse to a living world where your little darlings/minions/victims could collide in endless clever and funny ways.

"The Sims 4... doesn’t have anything close to that level. It has
improvements, and we’ll get to those, but in terms of scope and ambition it actually feels like a big step backwards."

And that was as far as I felt the need to read, and jives with pretty much everything else I've been hearing about this game. I'll just say it again, this game might (might) be nice to play in 5-10 years, once all the expansions are out and the whole damn thing has bundled at a much more reasonable price (such as, let's say, for free), but in the meantime, I'm perfectly fine with waiting and playing other, better, more interesting games. Like The Sims 3, for example.
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Oh shit, I guess I'd better run out and buy The Sims 4 right now! *eye roll*

How about you fuck off with your flaccid, none-too-subtle threats, EA. If anything, this makes me even less inclined to buy The Sims 4 than the piddling amount of inclination I was already at. Also, if The Sims 4 continues being the steaming pile that it apparently is at present (I don't know, myself, as I still haven't played it, but I've heard that it's a fairly big step backwards from the vanilla version of The Sims 3, even ignoring bugs and such, which doesn't make me very enthusiastic to play it any time soon), then I won't much miss The Sims 5 if it is never made. In any case, it's not like they won't end up making The Sims 5 anyway. The previous games sucking ass hasn't stopped them from making new Command & Conquer[1] or Dragon Age games, has it? So then, why should it matter for The Sims? Then again, those games still sold well (if not necessarily as well as the actually good games in those series), I guess, even despite sucking ass, so who knows? Most gamers these days seem to have their lips surgically grafted to the sewer pipe as it is, so I guess EA will probably have nothing to worry about with sales of The Sims 4. ¬_¬

[1] - Wikipedia says it was cancelled, but EA has said that they're going to keep at it. Maybe it won't be exactly the same game (or so we can hope), but they're still at least planning to continue making Command & Conquer games, anyway.
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Yeah, and I wonder how many legitimate customers have been hit with this anti-piracy measure (assuming it is indeed a legitimate anti-piracy measure and not just the more typical case of EA screwing something up). If the answer is "more than zero," then this is a failed anti-piracy measure, in my eyes.

Also, as mentioned in the comments, crackers "fixed" this "bug" within half a day after the game launched, so that also makes it a failed anti-piracy measure.

(EDIT) And, as is the case every single damn time an article about piracy comes up, the comments devolve into arguments between die-hard anti-piracy purists and people who either try to justify their piracy or just plain don't give a shit. I really, seriously need to try harder to stick to my "never read comments on the Internet" policy that I've been sorely neglecting lately.

I will definitely agree with the comments saying that The Sims is a series that punishes early adopters, though. Then again, there are very few games out there these days that don't punish early adopters in one way or another. (/EDIT)
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The Sims 4 was released today, apparently, and as per usual with EA, it came with a day 1 patch to fix a bunch of bugs that were in the release version.

And now, back to mostly ignoring The Sims 4 until such a time as all of the inevitable expansions have been released and are bundled together for a more reasonable price, which probably won't be for several more years, if ever.
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*weary, defeated sigh*

Aside from that and perhaps a bit of *double facepalm* and maybe some *headdesk* thrown in for good measure, I don't think that this needs any more comment from me.

(EDIT) I will additionally comment that the mindless EA fanboys and/or reputation managment drones are out in full force in the comments under this one. Because of course they are. (/EDIT)
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I've talked more than a little about Planescape: Torment and how I think it's the best old-school BioWare-style game that wasn't actually made by BioWare (and better than the ones that were made by BioWare)... well, now I'm going to mention what I think is the best old-school BioWare-style game that actually was made by BioWare: Jade Empire.

Okay, so Jade Empire isn't as "old-school" as Planescape: Torment is, given that the combat is more an action-oriented beat-'em-up style instead of the pseudo-real-time turn-based combat of their previous games, and the graphics are 3D models rather than sprites, but that didn't bother me at all. The thing I like most about it, though, is that the story is just as good as, perhaps even better than, their previous games such as Baldur's Gate and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (the latter of which was my previous "favorite BioWare-style game that was made by BioWare," until Jade Empire came along and bumped it off), and the fact that it was near to the last game of theirs to use the old-school dialog trees (the actual last being Dragon Age: Origins), as opposed to the dumbed down dialog wheel that was introduced in the Mass Effect series and carried over into Dragon Age II. Anyway, overall, it's a BioWare game set in a mythical country inspired by ancient Imperial China, and it was made back when BioWare games were still amazing and weren't the EA-tainted shit they are today. If that sounds even a little bit good to you, I'd highly recommend checking it out.

And it's currently on sale on GOG.com, along with a bunch of other EA games. (The fact that I have to refer to Jade Empire as "an EA game" now makes my gorge rise a little, but whatever. Rest assured, though, that Jade Empire doesn't have the EA-taint, since it was released well before BioWare became an undead husk back in 2007.)


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