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According to PC Gamer, anyway.

Of those games, I have played 22 out of the 25 (or, in a few cases, at least own them via Steam or GOG, even if I haven't actually played them yet, though their inclusion on this list makes me want to actually find the time to play them). For the most part, I agree with the ones included. I definitely agree with the one they chose for the number 1 slot. About the only thing I don't agree with is the inclusion of any variant of Diablo III, but that's more because I'm still pissed at Blizzard for making it online-only, meaning that I won't play it at all, than because of the quality or lack thereof of the game itself, though. I also probably would have put Morrowind on the list instead of Skyrim, but that's nitpicking.

As for the others I haven't played, besides Diablo III, I've heard great things about both South Park: The Stick of Truth and Divinity: Original Sin, so it's likely only a matter of time before I play those as well. I have played Divine Divinity, for which Original Sin is a prequel, though, and it is pretty cool as well.

No console games on the list, obviously, since it's PC Gamer. I, for one, would have included stuff like EarthBound and Chrono Trigger, if I were doing a list like this for myself.
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And... here's the next thing to come down the old sewer pipe from the AAA video game industry. Sadly, I can pretty much guarantee that many modern gamers, with lips firmly attached to said sewer pipe, will suck this down and ask for more.

(EDIT) Yeah, with this, modern gaming is starting to get up toward 1980's era level of suckage. Well, here's to hoping this trend continues. (/EDIT)
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A few days ago, EA announced that they were making "The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection" available for free. The catch, however, which EA neglected to mention, was that it contains SecuROM. So, just to be clear, it has SecuROM in addition to being tied to their crappy Origin "service."

Good going, EA. Even when they do something supposedly "nice," they still end up utterly sucking at it. Glad I didn't jump on this like so many others apparently did. (Then again, I'm pretty sure that The Sims 2 has always had SecuROM in it, so I'm probably already infected with remnants of that shit from where I installed TS2 way back before I started caring about DRM and such. Fortunately, it never destroyed my computer like it did those of others, but still.)
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This whole thing smells like one of the scammiest of scams to me. Glad I stopped caring about Yogscast at all years ago and thus never had more than zero interest in supporting this thing in the first place.
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Well, how about that.

Having never used Twitch for anything, I don't know if this would be a good thing or bad thing, but given the ever increasing shittiness of Youtube lately, I'm guessing it'll probably be the latter.
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Hmm. HMM.

Well, better it be Obsidian than fucking BioWareEA, definitely. The only reason KotOR 2 got panned as much as it did wasn't really Obsidian's fault, given that they were heavily rushed by LucasArts and had to cut a lot of content and make a shitty, rushed ending to what otherwise would have been a masterpiece. And yet, even in its shoddy, rushed state, KotOR 2 is still one of my favorite games. Maybe not as good as KotOR 1 was (requiescat in pace, BioWare), but still pretty damn good, and it had the missed potential to be so much better.

BioWare, on the other hand, sold out to EA and then made what could have and should have been KotOR 3, but wasn't, because it was made as a shitty MMO game.

Oh well, in any case, this is definitely some pie in the sky shit right here, regardless.
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And of course, right there under this article, the very first goddamn comment, given a "Score:5, Informative" by the heroes on Slashdot, is some typical "it isn't just women blah blah blah, men get it even worse yadda yadda yadda" bullshit, which immediately turned into a wholly expected total clusterfuck in the gigantic thread below it.

Help me, Clippy, you're my only hope.

(EDIT) I'm not complaining so much about the veracity, or lack thereof, of the statement in that comment as I am the simple fact that any time, any where, someone posts an article about or makes a comment about sexism against women and how it's not a good thing, invariably some dudebro shows up with that defensive "not all men" or "men have it just as bad as/worse than" crap. It never fails to occur, and it is beyond tiresome to me. (/EDIT)
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So the whole charging exorbitant amounts of money for "early access" thing really has become the newest shitty trend in the AAA video game industry, and this time with a NDA attached to boot. *facepalm* It's like they looked at how indie devs did things with early access kind of stuff (e.g. Minecraft), and then decided to take that model and pump it up to ludicrously extortionate levels. The worst thing, though? People are buying into it. Some even think it's a "good deal." And that, right there, is why the companies are able to get away with this asinine bullshit and why they continue to do it.
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Someone apparently built a functioning giant mech in vanilla Minecraft. Huh, how about that.
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Premium membership, huh? Well thanks, EA, for continuing to give me an ever increasing number of reasons to not buy The Sims 4. Not.
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There is a Kim Kardashian video game. This is a thing that exists.

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Yeah... that's about all I have to say about that.
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Gray Matter, a game that I've mentioned here before, is now available on GOG. For the first few days, until Friday, July 18, the price is slashed by 60%, meaning it is only $3.99 during that period. After that, its normal price will be $9.99. Just thought I'd share in case anyone might be interested.
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Man oh man, am I really going to have to break down and give Dwarf Fortress another try? I just might.
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Oh please, EA. You're not fooling anyone. It's not like you couldn't have held the game back another month or two to add these things in. You just want to nickel-and-dime everyone, same as always, except that this time you're being more blatant about it than usual, even despite your dissembling.
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Well, for me, the reason I never complained about this crap is incredibly simple: I never bought Assassin's Creed IV in the first place, and thus didn't even know about it until now. But now that I know about it, I'll definitely say that I do indeed think it's some bullshit and I certainly will still resist bullshit like that. Seriously, one of them is a $1 "DLC" unlock that apparently does nothing whatsoever besides uncover the hidden stuff on the map. Like the article says, it's not the "cheap" price that's the issue (though I personally think that it's $1 more expensive than it should be), it's the principle of the thing, whether it was one dollar or one cent. That said, it's not like AC4 is the first game to sell shitty, pointless "cheat code" DLC like that though, so this isn't some outrageous new thing to get super mad about. It's just more of the same old shit. It's just something to roll your eyes at and sigh wearily about and is another reason to lament how the video game industry got to this sorry, piss-poor state. I really think Ubisoft sucks for this, one the one hand, but as I've said in the past, I'm really starting to hate the clueless and/or apathetic consumers that blasely buy this shit and thus enable the companies to do it even more than I hate the companies who are greedily exploiting these stupid, stupid consumers in the first place. After all, they only continue to do it because they know that they can easily get away with it.

Come on video game industry crash. You can't come soon enough for my sake.
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I was playing State of Decay just now. I got it for $5 during the Steam summer sale thing a few days ago. Up to this point, I'd put 8 hours into it, according to Steam. I was playing as Marcus, the guy you start as. I'd just unlocked the Pro Wrestling skill with him. I was finishing a mission and heading back to the church. On the way, I saw a zombie horde in the distance, so I decided to see just how awesome my new wrestling skills were. I waded into around 12 zombies or so and slammed every one of them to death while taking almost no damage myself. It was pretty cool and I felt like a badass. I continued on my way. Not thirty seconds later, I ran into a feral zombie. About ten to fifteen seconds after that, Marcus was dead. Just like that. Death, in this game, is permanent, unless you start a new game.

I immediately exited out to the menu, deleted my save profile, and then uninstalled the game. I will likely never play it again.

So... would I recommend this game? I don't know. I honestly don't. I was having quite a bit of fun with it for the eight hours that I did play it, so there is that. But then, as soon as Marcus was killed, I lost all desire to continue playing it at all. I don't know... I might reinstall it and give it another shot someday, but for now... nope. I'll just say this much: it's a survival horror RPG that takes place in a modern day zombie apocalypse. If that sounds cool to you, check it out. If, however, you feel like you'd react the same as me in a situation similar to the above, you might as well not bother, probably. That's all I have to say about that.
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Well, it certainly wouldn't be the first time that Peter Moore has been wrong about something.

Read more... )

I sorely believe that the video game industry needs to experience another 1983-like crash, and the sooner the better, if not necessarily for the same reasons the original crash occurred. Hopefully, if it does happen, the terrible companies like EA will be washed away, and the current crop of indie developers (which actually include a lot of veteran former-AAA developers who simply got fed up with the current AAA-industry bullshit) will rise up to take their place as the de facto standard of how video games are made. Then, we'll have a decade or two of "golden years" before it all mucks up again and becomes in need of yet another crash. ¬_¬
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Here is an article that delineates another reason why I won't be getting The Sims 4 any time soon (as I've already said probably too many times before). I don't want or need cowplants or spaceships in my Sims game. I don't even necessarily want or need that stuff in an expansion pack to come later, let alone in the base level game as it stands now.
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This news is somewhat amusing to me, because I had somehow missed the previous news that Dreamfall Chapters wasn't going to be episodic. But now, apparently, it is episodic again? How about that. *shrug*

All it means for me is that I'll simply be waiting until the entire thing is available before I try to play it, same as I did and will do for all of the various Telltale Games series, such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, or Phoenix Online Studios games such as Cognition. (See also StarCraft II, though it's looking less and less likely that I'll pick that one up at all, even when it is all available, simply because I no longer like Blizzard even remotely as much as I used to.)

I just hope they don't end up pulling a Legacy of Kain or a Shenmue or a The Silver Lining and only release part of it, then never finish it. Seriously, for The Silver Lining, they released the first four episodes over a relatively short time frame during 2010-2011, but now, almost three years later, they still have not completed the final fifth episode. Hell, they made an entire other episodic game during the time away from TSL (see Cognition, above, which they created to make the profit that they weren't getting from the freeware TSL), though they keep claiming that they're "still working on it" in regards to TSL. Hopefully that is indeed true. Well, I'll still keep not playing it until the whole thing is released. For what it's worth, I've been waiting for this game for almost a decade now from back when it was still called King's Quest IX (and the game has been brought back and then cancelled again and then brought back again, before finally being released... mostly), so I can wait a little more. In the meantime, maybe I'll someday get around to finishingrestarting Cognition, of which I've still only played the first episode thanks to a game-breaking bug in the second episode which made it unplayable (which, to be fair, they have since fixed, but I still just haven't gone back to it yet).

Wow, I went almost completely off-topic there. So, uh, yeah... Dreamfall Chapters is episodic (again).


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