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Here's a little known fact about this game: It was ported to NES with the help of one of my former teachers at DigiPen. Sadly, Mr. Erhardt passed away a couple of years ago. He was a cool guy. He always took it in stride that he had a hand in one of the worst games on the NES.
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Not sure how bad it is as far as traveling goes, though. The roads and sidewalks are white, but the roads do look driven upon. I'm going to wait an hour or two before going to work to see what the other guys are going to do, as I don't want to walk the 1.25 miles or so (through back roads and/or road construction areas, no less) and then find out I'm the only one there. For reference, DigiPen won't be opening until 10:30am, and that's what I've used as my gauge for what to do in situations like this in the past.

Current temperature is 27-28°F, according to the three different weather widgets/apps on my computer.

It doesn't seem as bad as last time though, for what that's worth.


But, unlike last time, this time I decided to just stay in. I went up to the mailbox a little while ago, and on the way back I slipped and fell and slid part of the way down the hill. Arm still hurts a bit where I landed on it weird. That was when I decided I didn't need to be walking in this mess and would just stay home today.

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The weather took a big snowy crap all over everything last night. I checked schoolreport.org and saw that DigiPen was closed, which is what I used in the past as an indicator as to whether it was wise to try to go out or not.

Still, I sent an email to the guys at work letting them know that I would be willing to try to walk the 1.2 miles or so there, even in the snow/ice, but only if I knew for sure that I wouldn't be the only one there. Will also try calling the office itself in a bit (as I don't have any of their cellphone numbers), but if I don't get a hold of anyone, I'm staying at home.

By the way, it is 15-17°F right now (according to my duo of weather apps on my PC). So much for "almost never gets below 40°F" that my real estate agent told me when I first moved out here. ¬_¬


I ended up going on in anyway, because my supervisor answered my email saying he was here. As soon as I got there, my supervisor (the only other one on this project to show up) informed me that he would be leaving almost immediately to go help some friends of his whose house had apparently collapsed during the night.

So, while there are a couple of other people here today in other rooms, I am the only one of the three here that is working on my particular project. Sucks. Kind of wish I'd stayed home after all. Then again, if I stay home, I don't get paid.

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Speaking from experience, I don't see this as all that unsurprising at all. The stereotype is definitely not entirely inaccurate, in this case. Also not mentioned in the article: the stench, or the "freshman funk" as we called it at DigiPen. Sadly, I only wish I was joking there.

Of course, I'm just talking about the computer science curriculum at a largely computer science school (can't speak for the art side of things, because I have little experience there) rather than the industry in general. Also, DigiPen is probably not typical either, as it is a specialist school as opposed to the more general comp sci programs offered at "normal" schools. By contrast, for example, there were quite a few more girls in the computer science program at NC A&T and it was a decidedly less nerdy environment overall than DigiPen was. That said, I still personally preferred DigiPen more, simply because it was a way more focused curriculum.

(And I have to agree with that second comment, poorly written though it may be. Geeky girls are indeed hot.)
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After reading [livejournal.com profile] tokoz's post about the cool dream she had, it reminded me of something.

I wrote a short story about a year ago or so for a creative writing class I took at DigiPen. The subject of this particular story was the "false awakening" dreams that I have from time to time and which I loathe so very much. For a while, I'd kept meaning to post it here, because I was actually rather pleased with how it turned out (unlike the first one that I wrote for that class, which was utter shit). But then, I just completely forgot about it until now.

Well, for what it's worth, here it is finally. I've copy/pasted it directly from the doc into this edit window, but it looked like crap when I previewed it so I had to format it a bit, but it still looks a bit bad. The tabs were simply replaced with 5 non-breakable spaces, but the double spacing has been lost, sadly. Also, I had to go back and html-ize the italics and such, because those were lost in the copy/paste as well. I think I got them all. Meh.

It's a bit long for a LJ post too )

A few notes:
-- The game I mention is Planescape: Torment.
-- Yes, we read Kafka's The Metamorphosis prior to being given this assignment.
-- The line "At that moment I notice a mouse standing on its hind legs: a bald mouse." was required by the teacher to be worked into our stories somehow, whether it made sense or not. I think I stuck it in at a pretty good point in mine, if I do say so myself. It was a bit better in the printed version compared to this LJ version though, since it came directly after a page break.
-- No, I didn't actually have any of these dreams IRL (that I can recall, anyway).
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Today was my last day at DigiPen, aside from the graduation ceremony next Saturday.


It's been snowing all freaking day today.


Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.

This will either be really really crappy or really really awesome. I hope it's the latter.
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For anyone sitting on the edge of their seats and biting their fingernails while wondering what the meeting was about, it was basically the first case of "Wow, your project was great you guys are awesomesauce have you thought about publishing?" We politely declined because A) our project really isn't all that great since it was basically just a reimplementation with slight modification of some other things we found on the Internet (which we told her during the meeting) and, more importantly, B) tomorrow is our last official day of school with exam week being next week after which is graduation, and with that in mind, we're really not too much interested in putting more work into this project.


Apr. 15th, 2008 06:15 pm
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Well, I thought that I would be done with CS370 after today, but apparently not. After we gave our presentation today, Hussein said that she wants to meet with my partner and me on Thursday during her office hours (which gives a window between 2:00 and 2:30, since her office hours are between 2:00 and 3:50 and my MAT340 class starts at 2:30). Why she wants to meet with us, we can't fathom at this point. I mean, it could range from anything between "OMG your presentation was so awesome! Do you want to publish?" to "OMG your presentation was so horrible in some ill-defined, esoteric manner and you fail the class!" for all I know. It's likely for some more mundane reason somewhere between those two extremes, but in any case, it's not really something I look forward to doing. Blah.
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For those of you who decided to skip CS 420 today, don't feel bad.

Wu didn't show up either.
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This past week, including the weekend, has sucked. Horribly. Two CS370 assignments are due, one tomorrow and one on Tuesday. Well, technically, they're both due tomorrow, but we have to give a presentation on one of them on Tuesday. One of them was the implementation of a neural network in order to classify between different objects in an image. The other is a group project. For this project, my partner and I had chosen face recognition. I'm pretty sure now that this was a horrid, horrid mistake, but we were pretty much stuck with it at this point. At first, we figured that we'd put our neural networks from the first assignment to work toward the face recognition task. As it turns out, we're not even using the neural network at all now, and are doing it completely differently. It mostly works, kinda sorta, but there's still some issues to be ironed out. We've been working on both assignments pretty much the entire past week, including 6 hours each on yesterday and today. Actually, the neural network assignment was pretty much finished by Wednesday, once we had finished wrestling MATLAB into submission and getting it to do what we wanted it to do. All that's left of that is the report that still needs to be written and code that needs to be commented. MATLAB sucks. Well, I guess it's good for some things, like neural networks and such, but... nah, it just sucks.

Also, there is a MAT340 group project due on Tuesday. So far I have done pretty much jack on it, mostly due to my time being eaten up by the previously mentioned CS370 assignments. The one thing I did attempt to do on the project today, it turns out that it had already been done in a much better way by one of the others. I feel like a fifth wheel, even though there are only four of us in the group.

For better or for worse, I won't see the back end of Tuesday April 15 soon enough to suit my taste. After that, though, I'm more or less free, at least for a time. There's still the GAM project final submission due on Friday, and a book to read for an ENG test on Friday, and possibly a SQL homework assignment for CS420 due at some unknown point in the coming week which he hasn't yet assigned, but psh. All of that is cake compared to this past week and the coming day or two.

Only one more week of school, followed by exam week (and I don't think I'll have any exams to take) and then I'm done with DigiPen. I'm going to North Carolina for the entire month of May following graduation (April 27) and will return to Redmond on June 3. After that, I hope I'll have a job lined up and ready to go. Well, if not, I've been told that I can come back and work at GameInstinct until I do find another job, so that's cool.

Oh, and I have one final dental appointment, scheduled at 8:00am for next Monday, the 21st. Joy. It was originally scheduled for 11:15am of the same day, but I rescheduled it because I thought I had a final on that day. Turns out that I (probably) don't have a final, after all.
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Um... why is Tom in my friend updates/subscriptions thing on MySpace even though Tom isn't actually on my friend's list? Yeah, I know he's the "face of MySpace" and the "first friend" and whatever, but I removed him from my list about 5 minutes after joining the site back in the day. I don't care if he was tagged in a photo or if he has added a profile song. Hell, I'm only vaguely interested when people I know do these things, let alone Tom.

Anyway, I don't really care about the above all that much. I'm just killing time until I have to leave for school.

Yes, I'm off to school in about 10 minutes for another 6 hours or so worth of annoying crap (i.e. working on a CS370 project), the same as yesterday. Yes, I do realize that today is Sunday and that yesterday was Saturday. Blah.
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GAM lecture canceled due to snow. If I'd only been more prescient, I could have been home almost two hours ago. Oh well.
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Blah. I was feeling fine last night. Not so much this morning, at all. I don't think I'm going to bother trying to go to class today.

(UPDATE 3:20pm)

Read more... )

Anyway, on a different topic, I've heard (over and over and over) that there is apparently supposed to be a livejournal boycott or strike or whatever today? I neither know nor really care what it's all about aside from the vaguest gist. For what it's worth, I think that expending a lot of time and energy to make a post (or two or three, in many cases) about how one is specifically not participating in this boycott and why, and about how there is all this needless e-drama as a result of the boycott, and about how this boycott is silly or whatever is almost as silly and e-drama generating as the boycott itself is. Bleugh. Whatever. I blame all this on the headache.

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I just read a review of Synaesthete on Destructoid. It was pretty cool. The article, that is. Synaesthete itself, needless to say, is awesome.

On comparison to Rez HD:

Compared to Synaesthete's, Rez's soundtrack might as well be the Best of Jack Johnson. The songs in Rez never really amped up until the boss fights or the later worlds; Synaesthete's music takes a lot less time to get, as the kids would say, thumpin'. Synaesthete is more fast-paced and fun than Rez. Synaesthete is prettier than Rez. Synaesthete is longer than Rez. I'm sure many who play both games will totally disagree with me on some or all these fronts, but I remain steadfast in my opinion that this little Digipen student game is a heck of a lot better than Mizuguchi's cult classic rail shooter.
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We had Career Day at DigiPen today, from which I just got home about 10 or 15 minutes ago. I've been on my feet for more or less the entire time since about 10:30am or so. I was pretty much the only person there in a suit and a tie. I think I saw maybe one other person wearing a suit, but I think he was with one of the companies. At any rate, I am all but dead right now.

With that said, I just checked my DigiPen email, and I have an email sitting in my inbox inviting me and my DigiPen teammates to come to Amaze Studio in Kirkland for an on-site demonstration of our Senior game on either Monday or Tuesday of next week. OMG. I need some time to process this.
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Well, that sucks. MAT340 is canceled today. Therefore, I'm pretty much stuck here for over an hour and a half until my next class at 4:00pm. Oh well. Guess I'll look at the homework or something.

(EDIT 3:48pm)

"Guess I'll look at the homework or something."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah. Right. That totally happened. ¬_¬



Feb. 26th, 2008 10:59 pm
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Squeaked that CS370 assignment in with 2 minutes to spare. Of course, I had previously learned that Hussein has extended the deadline to Thursday, so there was no real pressure to get it done tonight, but that she was also going to give some extra credit for those who got it in by the original deadline. Considering that I skipped both of my classes today to finish this damned thing (prior to knowing about the extension), I was damn well going to try to get it in before the cut-off. Even so, I almost missed it. I hope I didn't screw anything up in the last few minutes of rushing, trying to get the report and readme files typed up and everything zipped, but I think it all went in okay.

And now... now, I'm going to start on Lost Odyssey, even if I will only get to play it for a few hours before going to bed. Not sure how wise that is, but I don't care, that's what I'm going to do.


Feb. 25th, 2008 01:44 pm
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Today has sucked pretty hardcore, and I haven't even gone to school yet. I hardly slept at all last night, and then I had to be at the dentist again at 11:15am this morning, from which I just got home, basically in time to turn around and head out again in about 10 minutes or so for school. Hopefully that'll be the worst of it this week.

On the plus side, my copy of Lost Odyssey finally arrived today. On the minus side, I probably won't have time to play it at least until Thursday or so, at the earliest. Too bad it didn't arrive last Monday, which was the start of Spring Break.


Oh, and I just noticed that the new appointment they scheduled for me today, which is for March 24 at 10:15am, conflicts with an appointment I already had scheduled for March 24 at 10:00am. Just great. Now I have to call them and get that crap straightened out, but I don't have time to do it now. *weary drained sigh*


(EDIT 2)

Well, that's straightened out now, at least.

(/EDIT 2)

(EDIT 3)

And school actually went pretty well today, overall, so that was nice.

(/EDIT 3)
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I just finished reading Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business, by Neil Postman. (Wikipedia link)

I will start by admitting that I probably would not have read this book, or even really known of its existence, had it not been assigned by Professor Schafer in my ENG 450 class, but that, having read it, I found it incredibly interesting. I'm not necessarily saying that I agree with what all the author is saying (nor do I claim to disagree either), as that will take some more processing on my part. But it was still interesting, nonetheless, and thought provoking. If I had to take a stance, I would lean more to agreeing, however.

My only slight quibble with it was that the material obviously dates itself, such as with references to the "current" President Ronald Reagan, references to Michael Jackson as though he were still a figure of public admiration, and (most tellingly) a bit near the end in which the author says that "I believe the computer to be a vastly overrated technology".

Beyond that, however, the overall theme of the book certainly applies today, if not even more so than it did back then (which was the mid-80's), and especially to computers/Internet (and the proliferation of viral videos, the plethora of juvenile online forums, etc.), and not just to television.

I was reading some of the reviews on Amazon, and one of the reviewers describes the book as such: "Most people will not want to read this because many parts are hard to grasp, and he goes on and on. Was this his master's thesis or something? Totally unreadable for people of today." This, I think, actually illustrates Postman's point perfectly, and is what he is warning against.

On the one hand, it makes me kind of glad that I watch zero television these days. However, on the other hand, I don't know that I'm any better off, because the time that most would probably spend watching TV is time that I spend either surfing the Internet or playing video games.


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