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As of two nights ago, I am no longer living with the same sister with whom my mother is currently living, the one mentioned in this post. I am now living with my eldest sister in a different location. This is likely going to be the more permanent arrangement than the temporary situation of the past week.

The purpose of this post is simply to say that, because where I'll be living now does not currently have dedicated Internet, I will next have access to the Internet on a timetable of "when the hell ever." Might be next week, might be next month, I don't know. She does have a hotspot which she uses for work purposes and the occasional checking of her own Facebook, which I could use in a pinch for necessary things like paying bills online and such, but I wouldn't want to be using that for just futzing around on the Internet doing whatever.

After I make this post, I will be unhooking this computer (my desktop at the old house my mother and I used to live in), loading it up, and taking it to my sister's house, where it will most likely remain unhooked until such a time as A) space is made for it in the room in which I will be residing and B) we have Internet access there.

So yeah, bottom line TL;DR version is this: definitely don't expect me to post on here or Facebook or Twitter anymore any time soon, and don't be expecting me to answer emails or anything like that for a while. I won't be gone forever, I hope, but it might be a while before things stabilize to a point where I can starting giving a shit again about social media and whatnot (and this may continue to be the case for a while even after I get access to dedicated Internet again).
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FYI/PSA/whatever: My living situation has changed, probably permanently, definitely for the short-term, and is highly unlikely to go back to what it was before, in either case. My elderly mother and I are no longer living by ourselves in my elderly mother's home, for reasons that I don't feel at liberty to discuss in a public forum like this. As of two nights ago, we are now living in the home of one of my sisters.

What this means for me as far as computer-related stuff is concerned is that I currently have access only to my laptop, not my main desktop computer. I do have Internet access (obviously), but I will most likely not be online nearly as often as I used to be, for the foreseeable future. For one thing, I will not be gaming nearly as much (if at all, at least within the next several days), though that's not necessarily a bad thing. Will probably still try to check email/Facebook/Twitter/etc. at least once a day, whenever possible.

So, yeah, don't expect to see nearly as many posts from me on here or Twitter or Facebook or wherever.
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(For reference, this is the thing that was on TV as I was writing the below.)

Journal entry date/time, Feb 16, 2017, 10:05am:

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Loosely defined as melancholy or depression as a result of the contrast between how the world could be and how the world actually is. Yeah. That's pretty much dead on as to how I've been feeling lately, for what should be obvious reasons.
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When I was a kid back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, just getting my start watching pro wrestling on TV, I will freely admit that Big Van Vader scared the absolute living shit out of me. The way he would just shrug off chair shots and throw Sting around like a ragdoll was terrifying. Sting, at that point in time, was as hugely popular as Hulk Hogan, at least for me. Then to have this huge monster come in and just kick his ass like it was nothing was pretty amazing and scary. And then, in a textbook David vs Goliath feud, Sting ultimately prevailed, defeating the monster Vader.

This was still back before it was common knowledge that pro wrestling was staged (I won't say fake), when kayfabe was still Serious Fucking Business™, so it was especially chilling to me as a kid. Now, though, I know that what this meant is that Leon White is awesome and knew how to do the job right. I agree with Mick Foley, another guy who had some great feuds with Vader (and who got his ear legitimately ripped off by Vader by accident). Get this man into the WWE Hall of Fame as soon as possible. It's actually surprising to me that Vader isn't already in there.
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Man, I miss the days when it was merely the video game industry that was doing stupid shit that pissed me off so fucking much. Nowadays, that sort of bullshit is hardly even a blip on my radar anymore, it seems.
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I'm going to stop making the "Trump Tweets" LiveJournal posts (though I'm almost assuredly not going to stop tweeting about Trump). It just takes too much time and effort to copy/paste the embed codes for all of that shit over here, for little to no gain aside from catharsis on my part, and even that dubious benefit is draining away to nothing, now that the asinine asshat has somehow actually fucking won the presidency. If you still want to see my tweets or whatever (and I [occasionally] do [re]tweet about things other than Trump and politics, believe it or not), and aren't already on my Twitter follower/followee lists, there's an easy enough way to do that. Or not. *shrug*

(EDIT) I've since switched over to Dreamwidth (obviously, since you're reading this on Dreamwidth), so all of the below is pretty much irrelevant now. (/EDIT)

I know I've said this at other times in the past, but I pretty much think I'm just about done with LiveJournal, anyway. I'm still not definitely committing to giving up on it altogether yet, and I doubt I ever fully will (i.e. I currently have no plans to straight up delete my LJ, even if I were to ever stop actively posting to it), but my apathy to continue posting here is gradually strengthening with every passing day.

As such, I'm still half-assedly looking for better alternatives to doing more-than-just-140-characters-repeatedly blogging on the Internet. While I am admittedly more active on Twitter than I used to be, I still don't really care to make that my "main" online "presence" (such as it is), though I suppose that Twitter has sort of de facto become that lately. I'm still not too awfully interested in Tumblr, though I'm willing to have my mind changed on that score, if compelling enough reasons present themselves. As for Facebook, I'm more and more coming to the conclusion that Facebook can simply go fuck itself. Lately, I've been disallowing the members of my direct family who also happen to be on my FB "friends" lists from seeing my posts, thanks to political bullshit (on the ever increasingly rare occasions that I bother to make posts to Facebook at all). And I'm not really interested in posting general blogs on the more "specialist" sites like Steam or Goodreads or whatever else, either.

I guess my main (only?) criteria for switching to a new actual blog service is probably "how easy is it to backport LiveJournal posts into the new shit, and does the new shit have comparative (or better) functionality/features to (than) LJ" at this point, because if I don't find a service that allows easy importing of old LiveJournal posts and which maybe lets me preserve the tagging and such, I doubt I'll ever bother to make the switch at all, even if LiveJournal (and my usage of such) is more or less dead otherwise.
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Transcribed from my pencil-and-paper journal entry for today:

Wall of text behind cut )

When I started the entry in my pencil-and-paper journal this morning, I hadn't been planning or intending to write so much about this bullshit again, but... I did, and there it is. *shrug*
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Transcribed from my pencil-and-paper journal entry for today:

Wall of text behind cut )
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Transcribed from my pencil-and-paper journal entry from today:

Wall of text behind cut )

The more I think about it, though, the less sad or dejected or depressed or whatever I feel. The main thing I'm feeling right now is bitter, unvarnished rage. Rage that our country could be this goddamn stupid.


However, not everything is completely gloom and darkness. There is this, at least:

It doesn't help for this particular horrible moment in history, but it is heartening for the future.

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Transcribed from my pencil-and-paper journal entry from today:

Wall of text behind cut )

So yeah, I'm sick of it. All of it. I've already voted, and nothing anyone says or does now will be able to change who I voted for.

As for this new so-called "bombshell" in the ongoing HRC email "scandal," which Donald Jerkhole Trump laughably, ludicrously claimed is "bigger than Watergate," so far, once again, it is nothing but pure speculation and trumpery on the part of Trump and everyone else who is making a mountain out of a molehill. So they found a few more emails. So fucking what. Until and unless something actually substantive comes of it, which I very seriously doubt will ever happen, I wish everyone would just shut the hell fuck shit up about it. (EDIT) And just as I expected, it was all a load of bullshit. Not that it much mattered in the end, since goddamned Trump fucking won anyway. (/EDIT)
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Here is the continuation of these posts. Same deal as before.

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Only made it through a single month's worth of dreams that time before getting tired of it. At this rate, it's going to take me a hella long time to get through all of these up to the present day, assuming I ever do.
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I noticed that I haven't been writing about my dreams pretty much at all in this LJ, anymore. That's because I've just been writing about them in my pencil-and-paper journal. As such, just for the hell of it, I'm going to transcribe (and maybe comment on some of) the dreams I wrote about in my pencil-and-paper journal since the last time I did this. The only difference is that this time, instead of going in reverse chronological order, I'm just going to going in normal order, oldest to most recent. Going to use both <lj-cut> and <lj-spoiler> tags. Also, for some of the longer entries I'll try to break them up at appropriate points here in this LJ post, even though in the pencil-and-paper journal itself they are, as always, just long, unbroken, paragraph-less masses of text. Most of these are just excerpts from longer entries, since I don't write only about dreams in this thing (despite how it may seem).

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...Okay, when I started this entry, my intention had been to go through all of the dreams I'd written about between when I last left off up until now. But after transcribing just those two months worth there, I am fucking done for now. I started this post at around 1:30pm or so, and it's now almost 6:00pm. I'll probably pick up from here in a future entry, and do another couple months worth or so. I apparently wrote a fuck-ton more about dreams in my pencil-and-paper journal than I thought I had.
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When I turned my computer off yesterday, I set my headphones aside, same as always, and they were working fine.

Today, when I came to turn on my computer, my headphones were laying in the same place I left them last night... except that both of the earbuds had been completely ripped off of the ends of the wires. One of the torn-off earbuds I found in the floor next to my computer desk. The other I haven't seen at all as of yet.

I have no clue as to why or how my headphones became destroyed like that. The only ones here are me and my mother, and I'm 100% certain I didn't do it, and I have no reason to believe that my mother did it either, and she says she knows nothing about it.

However, last night, around 3:40am or so, I was awakened by sounds in my room. I heard what I thought might have been a mouse or something rummaging around. As I was waving my flashlight around, the light came on in my mother's room, and I asked her if she heard anything. She said she thought she heard someone talking, which I didn't hear (unless she heard me saying something that I don't remember saying now). In any case, I never saw whatever it was that was making sounds, and if it was some animal or something that chewed the earbuds off my headphones, I don't know why they'd do it, or how they'd gotten up onto the desk to do it, or why that would be the only thing that they messed with, since nothing else seems to be amiss. In fact, I don't even know for sure that the sounds I heard had anything to do with my destroyed headphones, though I don't know what else would have happened.

Well, since that was my last working pair of headphones (and they were a fairly new pair, too, given that I'd only recently opened the pack they were in to replace the older ones that I'd finally worn out after months, which makes it all the more annoying), I guess I'll either have to order some more of the ones I had before and just be without headphones for the next few days until new ones get here, or go to Walmart or somewhere and buy some there (and I'm opting toward the latter). Whatever I do, I'd better not randomly later find the new ones with the earbud part randomly ripped/torn/bitten off again.
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"Until the next summer rolls around," I said.

Welp, guess what it is now. That's right. It's now the next summer. And now the bugs are out in force once again. And summer only just officially fucking started a week ago (and they'd already been out in force a while before that). *weary goddamn sigh*

I don't mind the heat or even the humidity so much, as long as I'm not out in it for too long (e.g. long enough to go out and water my mother's tomatoes and flowers and such is fine, but much more than that is pushing it). It's the fucking asshole bugs inside the house, which cause me to have to spray on bug repellent inside the house, that piss me the hell off. -_-

I still like summer better than winter, on the whole... but not by much.
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I was writing in my pencil and paper journal this morning. I don't usually care to talk about what I write in that thing on public forums like this, but in this case, I think I will make an exception. And yes, I know, I said that my previous post would be the last one on the subject, unless I changed my mind. Well, I changed my mind, obviously. Consider this post here to be the very-definitely-last-post-I-ever-make-about-the-James-Rolfe-nuBusters-brouhaha-until-I-decide-to-change-my-mind-yet-again-and-make-another-one.

Transcribed from my pencil and paper journal (with a few small additions that weren't in my journal, but you'll never know what I added here and what was already in the journal itself):

Wall of text behind cut )

Unlike James Rolfe, I haven't completely written off watching the nuBusters movie at some point, just as I haven't completely written off ever watching any more of the nuTrek movies either. I've said in the past that it's kind of dumb to dislike a work simply because you may not like the person who made the work, for whatever reason, rather than judging the work on its own merits. Similarly, I think it's kind of dumb to judge a work based on whatever fucked up stupid controversy may surround the work, rather than judging the work on its own merits. (To restate: judging and refusing to see a movie because said movie's trailer looks like complete ass is a valid reason, but judging and refusing to see a movie because "durr hurr feminism bad SJWs suck herp derp" is a dumb reason.)

However, even with that said, I have to admit that the ridiculous, distraught, pompous, self-righteous, priggish overreaction to James Rolfe's video about nuBusters by all these extremist radical feminists (including some people who I had thought were more level-headed than this, but I guess I was mistaken) has certainly dampened what little enthusiasm I may have had to see nuBusters down to a level that is even lower than my enthusiasm to see more nuTrek.
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...used by incredibly shitty guys in a pathetic attempt to belittle something that they irrationally fear and don't understand. I used to say that anyone who tried to seriously and unironically use the term "social justice warrior" in their "argument" immediately and automatically lost whatever "debate" they were trying to have.

And, for the most part, I still believe that to be the case, even now.

However, after all the stupid bullshit surrounding James Rolfe and the nuBusters movie these past couple of days, I have to admit... there is at least some minuscule merit to the term, or at least, perhaps, the sentiment behind the term (when used as a pejorative, that is).

Because I honestly cannot think of a more... apropos ...term to describe all the fucking idiots out there who have been and still are dogpiling on Mr. Rolfe. (Well, I suppose "fucking idiots" is a good one, too.)

I really don't want to go down this route, because I still believe that Irredeemably Toxic Shithole is indeed an irredeemably toxic shithole, and that the men's rights "movement" and whatever else is just the silliest, dumbest dogshit to ever be shat out of a dog's asshole, and it always has been and always will be...

...but I have to admit that this is my first real experience with "the other side" of this goddamn imbecilic shit-encrusted coin. The side represented by the term "SJW." It has not been a pleasant experience, at all. There are insane, raving loonies on both sides of this foul-smelling piece of metallic legal tender. I mean, yes, I already knew that, of course, at least in the abstract, but until now, I've never directly witnessed them in action before, never been right in the thick of it when they all came out of the woodwork in force before, never been at goddamn ground zero at near the exact moment when one of these Twitter dumpster fires first got sparked before.

It really isn't a cool feeling at all.

It sucks.

(With apologies to Randall Munroe. Original, unaltered comic can be found here. The xkcd font can be found here.)

And, yes, I do feel superior to both.

Until and unless something else noteworthy happens concerning the James Rolfe/nuBusters thing (or until and unless I just arbitrarily decide to change my mind tomorrow or something), this will be my last post on the subject.
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...and then, after that, the cycle will just start all over again, and all the campaigning and such bullshit seems to start ever earlier each cycle.

I hate politics so much. -_-
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I hate April Fools' Day, and wish it would stop and go away forever. That is all.
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Call me a Grinch[1] or a Scrooge or whatever you want, but... I'll just be glad when the "holiday season" is finally over and done with, and the sooner the better. Bah humbug. -_-

[1] - Speaking of which, if there's one song I've heard way too much of this year, it's probably "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch." No idea why that song in particular has gotten so much play this year.


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