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(EDIT) And it looks like the refund has already gone through, less than 2 hours after I initially requested it, at least from Steam's end. It's not showing up on my credit card yet, but that's not unusual, especially given that it's Sunday. Hell, the original payment from yesterday is still showing as "pending" on my credit card account. In any case, I'll give that another day or two before I start getting antsy about it. (/EDIT)

For the first time, I have requested a refund for a game on Steam. I bought WWE 2K15 last night, because it's currently on sale for $12.50. I let it install over night and tried to play it today. I played it for a grand total of 21 minutes, according to Steam, before finally giving up. My computer meets the minimum specs, but the game still runs too crappily, even with the graphics options turned all the way down.

If I ever get a beefier computer one of these years, and if I ever see this game on a steep discount like this again afterward, I might try to rebuy it. Probably won't, though.

Well, let's just see how quick and painless this Steam refund process is, shall we? The initial set up was an automated thing through the Steam client, and right now it's "pending review" or whatever. I'm definitely within the "bought in less than 14 days, played for less than 2 hours" window, so I'm not expecting there to be any issues with it, but we'll see, I guess.

Also, as an aside, a bunch of the reviews for this game on Steam really make me wish that they had an "Unfunny" button or maybe a "Completely Useless" button with which to rate said reviews, in addition to that "Funny" button for which I've never, ever found a use.

(Vaguely related, I've now created a new "steam" tag, and have gone back and tagged some [but almost assuredly not all] older posts that had to do with Steam in some way.)


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