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All of the Duke Nukem games are apparently being removed from GOG.com, at least temporarily (depending on how shitty Gearbox decides to be about it, I guess). And because of that, all of the games are on sale right now, prior to being removed. I suppose I'll pick them up, since I remember having a fair bit of fun with them back in the old days, especially now that they're less than $3, instead of almost $24 (a price at which I never would have bought them, at least not nowadays). Of course, this isn't the first time, and probably won't be the last time, that games have been removed from GOG.com. (Not that GOG.com is the only site to ever remove games. At least GOG.com [sometimes, but not always] gives advance warning before doing so, unlike some other sites. *cough*Steam*cough*)

Digital downloads, ladies and gentlemen. The Future™. *spits derisively to the side*

In addition to that, if you don't already have Dragonsphere (a fair-to-middling point-and-click adventure game, though one that I never finished because I got annoyed with one of the puzzles) and still want to get it for free, you only have until December 31, 2015 to do so, because after that, they're apparently going to start charging money for it, for whatever reason.
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Looks like my guess that Kojima was most likely just burning vacation time before abandoning the sinking shit that is Konami was indeed pretty much the case, more or less.

Requiescat in pace, Konami. At this point, you won't be missed at all, at least not by me. It's a damn shame to lose Castlevania and Silent Hill and all, but... yeah, Konami is pretty much done now. Oh, I mean, yeah, sure, they'll probably still make money with all that mobile phone shit and the pachinko crap they're doing now, because apparently the Japanese eat that kind of shit right up, but as far as I personally am concerned, Konami has just been a corpse for a while now. Sad.

Silent Hill has practically been dead ever since Team Silent was disbanded. I like a couple of the later SH games kind of sort of okay, I guess. Homecoming and Downpour were not entirely shit (unlike Origins, which was entirely shit, at least to me, and is the only SH game I've played that I never bothered to actually finish), and Shattered Memories was actually pretty decent, I thought, but other than that, Silent Hill was pretty much over for me after SH3. The Room isn't quite as bad as people make it out to be, either (and, again, the same can be said for Homecoming and Downpour, too), but none of those really had the feel of Silent Hill to me. And as for Castlevania, though I liked the first Lords of Shadow well enough (but haven't touched the sequels yet), it similarly didn't feel like a CV game at all to me, and as such, Castlevania has been essentially dead since Koji Igarashi left the company. Hopefully Hideo Kojima can now get back to making original cool shit again, too, similar to IGA and Bloodstained, now that he (Kojima) is finally out from under the yoke of Konami in general and Metal Gear in particular. (For what it's worth, I haven't touched a Metal Gear game myself since MGS4, over five years ago, just to note.)


Hrm. :/ Not quite sure what to make of that. I still have little interest in buying a PS4 at this point, but... well, we'll see what the nebulous future may hold, I guess.

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...or, at least, the stupidity of some people who create game projects on Kickstarter. More like the stupidities of video game development in general, I suppose.

So, I got an update not too long ago on one of the games (which I will not name here) that I backed on Kickstarter a couple of years ago, a game whose "estimated delivery" was, unrealistically, the first months of last year.

The update was, among other things, an announcement that they'd just finished the first draft of the game design document. They were acting as if this was a good thing, something to be praised (and praise was indeed what they were getting in the comments under the update from people who obviously know zilch about game development).

As for me, I was like... What. They'd only just finished the first fucking draft of the GDD and they were already at least two years into development? The goddamn GDD, or at least the first goddamn draft of it, should have been finished before they ever even launched the Kickstarter campaign, not two-plus years after it was completed. This is almost as fucking stupid as that guy who claimed that his game was still in pre-alpha a mere month before it was released on Steam. I'm sorry, but the desiccated husk of the DigiPen student inside me that I used to be simply weeps in despair and rage at that. The no-longer-even-remotely-interested-in-professionally-making-video-games guy that I am now just kind of scoffs and makes note that shit like this is partially why I give little to no shits about the modern game industry anymore, AAA or indie or otherwise, either as a consumer or as a creator.
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Seriously, modern video game industry? Seriously? ಠ_ಠ

I think Angry Joe (or, rather, the Sovereign) says it best:
I'm just glad I was already mostly apathetic about the FF7 remake in the first place, even before this news.

(Also, I should go back and rewatch Hercules and Xena again one of these days.)
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The only real problem with this comic is that instead of being depicted as a monk, the dev would, in too many cases, be more accurately depicted as a second, bigger scorpion (which is itself riding on the shoulder of what we shall call a "typical video game consumer," depicted in this scenario by Lennie Small, or perhaps Hodor).

Here is the associated blog.

(EDIT) Oh, and this is apparently what prompted the Penny Arcade comic/blog. Kotaku whining about being "blacklisted" sounds like so much bullshit to me. (And I'm not saying it's bullshit because I think it didn't happen, because I don't doubt for a minute that it happened, or that I think it's a bad thing, because I don't, at all. I just think it's bullshit that Kotaku has the gall and overly enlarged sense of self-entitlement to whine about it, that's all.) What, because Bethesda or Ubisoft isn't giving them early access shit or whatever other special "perks" Kotaku has become conditioned to accepting anymore? Because Kotaku forwards leaked info for unfinished games in the same manner that computer-illiterate grandmothers forward asinine chain emails? Because Kotaku is, on the whole, a festering shitpile?[1] Yeah, color me shocked that they'd get blacklisted. There are things that Bethesda and, especially, Ubisoft have done that I don't agree with or think are even remotely above board, but in this particular case, if they did indeed "blacklist" Kotaku, then I don't really blame them. Hell, if anything, I applaud them for it. What the hell is stopping Kotaku from doing what most reviewers of products have had to do for decades before now (i.e. go out and fucking buy the games on their own dime after they've been released and then write the review or whatever at that point)?

Fuck Kotaku. The fact that they're feeling butthurt because they're not getting special treatment from a couple of companies anymore is all the reason I need to never bother reading anything they ever write in the future. (Not that I read most of their shit now or for years before now, anyway, outside of extremely rare occasions like this, when I'm linked to them by someone else, which was indirectly by Penny Arcade this time, I guess.)

Hell, I wish all game companies would "blacklist" all games media outlets in this manner. Then, maybe, said games media outlets would actually do their fucking jobs as so-called "journalists" rather than depending almost exclusively on handouts. With that said, though, fuck the game publishers/devs as well, because they're doing their own brand of dirty, underhanded shit when it comes to the review process, themselves.

And, of course, the comments under that Kotaku whine are full of ass-licking sycophants, petting up poor widdle Kotaku and telling them what a good job they're doing. It's sickening.

(EDIT 2) On the other hand, the fact that I'm apparently, ostensibly on the same side of this particular issue as goddamn Breitbart, of all things, makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Because Breitbart is orders of magnitude worse than Kotaku will ever be, generally speaking. (/EDIT 2)

[1] - Type "Kotaku is" into Google, and the first four suggested search terms are "bad," "biased," "garbage," and "trash." Google didn't pull those completely out of the ether. I don't disagree with those suggestions. They're pretty accurate, based on my own observations. (/EDIT)
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[livejournal.com profile] owsf2000's post, my comment. The drill, you know it.

(Yeah, it's gotten to the point where this sort of thing now warrants its own tag.)
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[livejournal.com profile] owsf2000's post, my comments (with one more for good measure).
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I recently played through Telltale's Game of Thrones series, now that the entire thing is available. I enjoyed 99.9% of it. But that doesn't mean I didn't have some issues, even so.

(Warning: mild-to-moderate spoilers for episodes 3 and 4 of the Game of Thrones Telltale series are below.)

Embedded tweets behind cut )

And that last tweet contains a link back to this LJ, which brings everything full circle.

I ranted a bit more in the comments of one of the SBFP LP videos as well, for what it's worth (but it's even more spoilery than the above tweets are, so be warned).

Mostly irrelevant bullshit behind cut )
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[livejournal.com profile] owsf2000's post. My comments.

You know the drill by now, I guess. *apathetic shrug*
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That's great.

As for me, I'm simply looking forward to playing the GotY/Ultimate version with allmost of the bugs fixed and all of the inevitable DLC bundled in, whenever that gets released in a few years. *shrug*
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[livejournal.com profile] owsf2000's post. My comment.

Same. Old. Shit.

Going by the metaphor of "spiraling down the toilet" or whatever, the video game industry is already far past that and is well on its way to the sewage treatment plant by this point in time. The sewage treatment plant, in this metaphor, is (hopefully) another gigantic industry crash, like the one I've been waiting and hoping for, for a long while now. Such a game industry crash would be a regular Roman fucking holiday for me.


That's the tweet that is now pinned to my Twitter profile, and likely will remain so for the far-reaching, nebulous future.

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They talk about some of the games in particular, but also toward the end, they give a brief overview of how Konami has just completely shit the bed as far as the Silent Hill franchise is concerned. (It's similar to how Konami has completely shit the bed with Castlevania and Metal Gear and all of their other once great franchises as well.)
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[livejournal.com profile] owsf2000's post. My comment. (At this rate, maybe my journal here should just redirect entirely to Mord's, given how little I bother to use it on my own lately outside of linking back to his posts...)

In short, this is a perfect textbook example of everything that is fucking wrong with the modern video game industry, in a nutshell.
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[livejournal.com profile] owsf2000's post and my comment.

I'm done. I'm just so fucking done with the modern video game industry. I'm out. Gone.
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Here is [livejournal.com profile] owsf2000's post about that Warhammer pre-order DLC bullshit. Here and here are my comments in reply to it.

TL;DR version: It's fucking bullshit, same as all the other fucking bullshit the video game industry does lately. Like I said over there, for me, it's just getting to be too depressing and apathy-inducing to even bother ranting about anymore, because it's the same old tired fucking horseshit, over and over and over again. A video game industry crash truly cannot occur too soon, as far as I am concerned.

And here is Angry Joe's rant about it, which [livejournal.com profile] owsf2000 links to in his post, except that I have set it to start playing at what I personally feel to be the true lesson to be learned from the thing (i.e. the stuff that the Guy Who Isn't Angry Joe says, which Angry Joe himself doesn't even really acknowledge, let alone respond to, even though truer words have rarely been spoken, especially regarding the modern video game industry and those who consume the products it makes).

"Look at all the other companies that are doing all this shit lately. Nobody cares anymore. They know we're stupid enough. We're gonna go buy it. People are going to be mad for about a week, and then that'll be the end of it, and they'll do it again."
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"Konami has responded to a detailed report which revealed that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has left the company. The publisher suggests that he is still [an] employee and on a lengthy vacation, following the protracted development of Metal Gear Solid V."

Well, if that's true, and Kojima actually hasn't abandoned the sinking Konami shitp yet, then... all I can say is: poor Hideo Kojima. Seriously, dude, get out. Get out while you still can.

(EDIT) My guess is that he's got paid vacation to burn, and he's using it all up before he rides off into the sunset. (/EDIT)
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*shaking my damn head*

Your other choices if your username is flagged, aside from submitting to the testing, is to either stick with the new name that Riot picks for you, or pay Riot a fee to change your name to something else that you want.

(Personally, I say that if you show any interest in playing LoL at all, at this point, then you should be subjected to psychological testing, but that's just me. ¬_¬)

Found via Penny Arcade.
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Here, have some more Twitter-ranting transferred to here:
Embedded tweets behind cut )
Seriously, knock that stupid shit off, Internet.
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(EDIT) And it looks like the refund has already gone through, less than 2 hours after I initially requested it, at least from Steam's end. It's not showing up on my credit card yet, but that's not unusual, especially given that it's Sunday. Hell, the original payment from yesterday is still showing as "pending" on my credit card account. In any case, I'll give that another day or two before I start getting antsy about it. (/EDIT)

For the first time, I have requested a refund for a game on Steam. I bought WWE 2K15 last night, because it's currently on sale for $12.50. I let it install over night and tried to play it today. I played it for a grand total of 21 minutes, according to Steam, before finally giving up. My computer meets the minimum specs, but the game still runs too crappily, even with the graphics options turned all the way down.

If I ever get a beefier computer one of these years, and if I ever see this game on a steep discount like this again afterward, I might try to rebuy it. Probably won't, though.

Well, let's just see how quick and painless this Steam refund process is, shall we? The initial set up was an automated thing through the Steam client, and right now it's "pending review" or whatever. I'm definitely within the "bought in less than 14 days, played for less than 2 hours" window, so I'm not expecting there to be any issues with it, but we'll see, I guess.

Also, as an aside, a bunch of the reviews for this game on Steam really make me wish that they had an "Unfunny" button or maybe a "Completely Useless" button with which to rate said reviews, in addition to that "Funny" button for which I've never, ever found a use.

(Vaguely related, I've now created a new "steam" tag, and have gone back and tagged some [but almost assuredly not all] older posts that had to do with Steam in some way.)
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Here's another one of those "I already commented on [livejournal.com profile] owsf2000's post, so I don't feel the need to regurgitate it all over here" posts. Aside from Steam/GOG release/sale announcements, I get pretty much all of my video game news solely from [livejournal.com profile] owsf2000 these days. >_>;


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