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To hell with Photobucket.

I just deleted my Photobucket account pretty much the instant I heard about this, which was just a few minutes ago. I already have all of my images stored on my HDD anyway, so absolutely nothing of value was lost, aside from whatever few images I'd embedded in old LJ/Dreamwidth posts. Oh fucking well, I guess.

Now I'll need to be looking for a new, non-dogshit image hosting site the next time I need to embed an image. Either that, or I'll just no longer bother to embed images. *shrug*
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(EDIT) Added some more tweets, 4-19-2017, which show that I'm kinda a bit dumb. ^^; (/EDIT)

Twitter embeds behind cut )

TL;DR version: It seems that I am a "Goodreads Author" now, thanks to some fanfics I wrote that someone other than me added to Goodreads.

Mostly unrelated issues: 1) Twitter embeds obviously don't look the same on Dreamwidth as they did on LiveJournal, though that's okay as long as the content is there, and 2) I've got to get used to using just <cut> instead of the old <lj-cut> tag.

(EDIT) And I could edit my page all along. It's just that I was trying to change my name to... well... my name, but apparently someone else who has the same name as me already had an Author page on Goodreads. I was able to use my full first name instead of the nickname, though, and that worked okay. (/EDIT)
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After making the change on LiveJournal that I mentioned in a previous post and starting a second import, importing of both entries and comments completed without a problem. All the entries that I'd already imported and edited (mostly to fix Youtube embeds, though I still have a ton more of those to manually fix at some point) weren't affected by the second import, which is nice.

So yeah, if you got a lot of errors during importing entries, you might want to try the above fix and do a second import. It'll still take another two or three days or so, but it might be worth it.
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...as I am, then this might be of some help, especially if you have a journal with really old entries in it. I don't know for sure if it will help, just that it might.

The gist: go here and change (or initially set, if both are blank) both settings to "Western European (Windows)" and it might help stop all the errors.

(EDIT) Seems like it might have helped. When I turned my computer on and checked just now, the only other messages I've gotten since then were two "Your entries have been imported successfully" and "Your comments have been imported successfully" messages. Even so, I started a second import that will hopefully snag any entries that didn't get imported in the previous one. Hopefully a bunch of duplicate entries won't show up on this journal, because that would really suck. >_>; I don't think that will be the case, though, since one of the extra options mentioned something about "re-importing previously imported entries" and I didn't check that one. (/EDIT)
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After leaving Livejournal for good and migrating all my old entries over here to Dreamwidth, here is my first true entry to Dreamwidth. So... yay!

On looking back through my old, imported-from-LJ entries, the only issue I see right off is that none of the <lj-embed> tags made it through (i.e. Youtube videos). I might go back through my old entries and fix those, since I know I haven't used very many of those, but I might not bother, except with entries that are easier to find, like those in the resistance tag and such.

(EDIT) Well, and there's the issue where every single link to a previous entry is apparently still pointing to LiveJournal, instead of the equivalent Dreamwidth entry. I'm not even about to go back and fix every one of those instances. ¬_¬ I'll fix them as I see them, though. (EDIT)

Beyond that, though, aside from waiting for the importation process to complete, it has been a pretty painless transition.

(Ooh, and it looks like Dreamwidth still has the feature that they inexplicably removed from LJ where you can mix custom moods with existing mood icons. I remember when they removed that from LJ, I reported it as a bug, and they replied with "working as intended." Yet another reason to say "Fuck LiveJournal," I guess.)

(EDIT 2) Another plus for Dreamwidth: it supports https, whereas LiveJournal does not. (/EDIT 2)
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Russian-Owned LiveJournal Bans Political Talk, Adds Risk of Spying

This will be my final LJ post. Once I've exported my LJ entries out to xml or whatever (assuming I even end up bothering with that) Already exported all my entries to XML, and while it was tedious as all hell, it was nowhere near as difficult or time consuming as I thought it would be (though apparently some things will be lost in the export, like pretty much any lj-embed, i.e. Youtube videos, etc., which is bull fucking shit, but oh well), I will be deleting this journal I will probably just leave this here until it gets deleted on its own, unless I am given a more compelling reason to go ahead and delete it myself, though once I migrate everything that I can to a new site, wherever that may be, I'll probably never use or even look at this one again, and will likely just go ahead and delete it at that time.

(EDIT) And I've already started the import process to Dreamwidth. (/EDIT)


Feb. 8th, 2017 01:11 pm
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Embedded tweets behind cut )

So yeah, I'm going to try to cut back on the anti-Trump rants. Not because I don't care, but because I just no longer have the energy for it.

Like I said up there, there are plenty of other venues for you to get that sort of thing. In addition to the above, I'll also suggest George Takei, Wil Wheaton, John Scalzi, and, of course, Keith Olbermann (and I'll still continue to post each episode of "The Resistance" here as they get uploaded to Youtube).

Not saying I'll never rant about this horseshit ever again, because of course I will, but I'm going to try to take it easy for a while, all the same.
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Drop-down menus don't show up, for one thing, and the "Preview Entry" button isn't clickable for me. It was working fine yesterday, but is busted now.

(EDIT) I thought it might have been a Firefox thing, but it's happening in Chrome, too. Tried clearing cookies and cache and all that on both browsers, but nothing. Also, weirdly, if I click on my profile icon in the top right corner, and let the mouse hover over it as the page reloads, the main drop-down menu will appear for a split second, but then go away. In any case, LJ is half-broken at the moment, at least for me, anyway. (/EDIT)
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I'm going to stop making the "Trump Tweets" LiveJournal posts (though I'm almost assuredly not going to stop tweeting about Trump). It just takes too much time and effort to copy/paste the embed codes for all of that shit over here, for little to no gain aside from catharsis on my part, and even that dubious benefit is draining away to nothing, now that the asinine asshat has somehow actually fucking won the presidency. If you still want to see my tweets or whatever (and I [occasionally] do [re]tweet about things other than Trump and politics, believe it or not), and aren't already on my Twitter follower/followee lists, there's an easy enough way to do that. Or not. *shrug*

(EDIT) I've since switched over to Dreamwidth (obviously, since you're reading this on Dreamwidth), so all of the below is pretty much irrelevant now. (/EDIT)

I know I've said this at other times in the past, but I pretty much think I'm just about done with LiveJournal, anyway. I'm still not definitely committing to giving up on it altogether yet, and I doubt I ever fully will (i.e. I currently have no plans to straight up delete my LJ, even if I were to ever stop actively posting to it), but my apathy to continue posting here is gradually strengthening with every passing day.

As such, I'm still half-assedly looking for better alternatives to doing more-than-just-140-characters-repeatedly blogging on the Internet. While I am admittedly more active on Twitter than I used to be, I still don't really care to make that my "main" online "presence" (such as it is), though I suppose that Twitter has sort of de facto become that lately. I'm still not too awfully interested in Tumblr, though I'm willing to have my mind changed on that score, if compelling enough reasons present themselves. As for Facebook, I'm more and more coming to the conclusion that Facebook can simply go fuck itself. Lately, I've been disallowing the members of my direct family who also happen to be on my FB "friends" lists from seeing my posts, thanks to political bullshit (on the ever increasingly rare occasions that I bother to make posts to Facebook at all). And I'm not really interested in posting general blogs on the more "specialist" sites like Steam or Goodreads or whatever else, either.

I guess my main (only?) criteria for switching to a new actual blog service is probably "how easy is it to backport LiveJournal posts into the new shit, and does the new shit have comparative (or better) functionality/features to (than) LJ" at this point, because if I don't find a service that allows easy importing of old LiveJournal posts and which maybe lets me preserve the tagging and such, I doubt I'll ever bother to make the switch at all, even if LiveJournal (and my usage of such) is more or less dead otherwise.
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Another LJ post that is just Twitter embeds )

(Oh and it looks like Livejournal still to this fucking day hasn't fixed the bug that turns single quotes and apostrophes into double quotes in the <lj-cut text=""> tags.)
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How about that. Here is their twitter (for now), on which they discuss it as well (though they mostly just link back to the now dead main site). And yes, the site itself is indeed down now. Apparently, it has been down since April, though I only just found out. Shows how often I checked the site lately, I guess. >_>

This concerns me mainly in that pretty much every link I ever made to that site in my LJ (quite a few) is now a dead link. The old links (or, at least, the few I checked) do still show up on archive.org though, so on the rare off-chance that someone ever looks back at my old posts, for whatever reason, and sees one with a gamepolitics.com link in them and wants to see one of those sites, there is that option, I guess. *shrug*

For what it's worth, the former GamePolitics writers are still active on this site, apparently. But then, my own interest in such things, generally speaking, has been pretty low lately.

(I'm sure the shutting down of GamePolitics makes Jack Thompson happy, if nobody else. ¬_¬)
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Naturally, because it's Donald Trump, it was vile and reprehensible.

Tweets behind cut )

Again, I would just like to point it out: this is the man who is, somehow, currently the Republican nominee for the office of President of the United States of America. It is utterly incomprehensible to me how and why this is the case. This man should not and cannot be allowed to be the President. He is a dangerous, hateful man.

(Note, I'm posting this after I went out to the grocery store with my mother for a couple of hours. So this is me "cooled off." If I'd posted this when I first saw it, this post would probably be several dozen pages of "Fuck you, Donald Trump" repeated like Jack Torrance in The Shining except in 50pt red text.


Hell, you know what? I'll go ahead and do that anyway. I'd make it blink, too, if I still could, but Livejournal hasn't supported blinking text for years.

Double nested behind LJ cut and spoiler tags, just to be nice. )

Yeah, needless to say, my opinion of Donald Jackass Trump isn't, hasn't ever been, and never will be too awfully high, in case you hadn't grasped that before now.

Ha ha, and I ended up having to trim over half of the "Fuck you, Donald Trump"s out before I could successfully post it, because LJ kept telling me my post was too large.)
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Embedded tweets behind cut )

I found out about this while going back through my older posts with the "games" and "game industry stuff" tags to try to convert them over to yearly versions of the same, like "games (2016)" and so on. This is a process which is taking me a long-ass time, because I can only bring myself to do maybe a month or two worth of posts at a time, and then I just lose interest in the whole thing and let it sit for another week or five before going back to it... and if it wasn't for the fact that I occasionally find a post with "games" but not "game industry stuff" or vice versa, I'd probably be better off just combining the two tags into one, since most of them do seem to have both of those. The "games" tag was supposed to be more about games themselves, whereas the "game industry stuff" tag is more about all the crap that goes on behind the scenes (and the tag used to be "game industry shit," for that very reason, before I changed it to the more innocuous "stuff"). Anyway, the reason I'm (slowly) doing this is because those two tags were (and as of right now, still are) by far the most used tags, and if you look at the entries for them, the "previous 10" links only go back so far, before it arbitrarily switches over to day-by-day archive crawling links, which kind of defeats the purpose of having tags in the first place. (Not that I really think anybody else besides me actually gives the slightest shit about this, but it bothers me [somewhat] so that's mostly why I'm doing it [off and on, when I can actually bring myself to give something of a shit about it myself].) The main point I'm trying to make is that I seem to have written way too much bullshit about video games on here.

So yeah, to get back to the original rant from the Twitter embeds above, given that I stopped reading PC Gamer entirely over a year ago anyway, except on the rare occasions when I'm linked to it by someone else, I don't really give a fuck. I did fix a few links during the above mentioned process (for posts during the months of September and October 2014), but I soon realized that I'd be fixing a metric shit-ton of their links if I really was going to fix all of them, so I just said fuck that and stopped. It's PC Gamer's fault that shit's broken now, because they arbitrarily decided to change that shit, for no good reason that I can see. The links will just have to go to a 404 page now, that's all.

And the farther I go back, the more and more I'm finding broken links to other shit, too, either because shit got changed, or (in the case of Youtube links and the like) because shit got deleted due to copyright bullshit or whatever. It's kind of sort of depressing, in its own way.

Truly, I do not understand and have never understood why websites feel the need to do random, pointless, arbitrary shit like this. I know that I've ranted about this subject in previous entries already, though, so I won't go into all of that shit yet again (aside from what I've already gone into it, I guess). And if I'm breaking anyone else's links to my "games" or "game industry stuff" posts, then I'm sorry. (Yeah, who am I trying to kid? Nobody has linked to my shit, ha ha.)
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As I said in a reply to a comment on a previous post, here is a huge, frothy rant...

Embedded tweets behind cut )
Which I have already made, in tweet form, as seen above...

Yeah, that's the gist of it. I was looking at my Amazon and GameStop accounts in reference to the above mentioned comment I made, to see when I bought what and for how much. Had no problems with the Amazon stuff, but the GameStop order history simply wasn't there, at all.

So, in other words, to paraphrase what I said in those tweets, fuck GameStop forever, as far as I am concerned. (And by that I mean the online store, too, not just the brick-and-mortar stores. But then, even before this, I already had plenty of other reasons to say "fuck GameStop forever," I guess.)

This isn't the first time I've been plagued by this "gotta verify your ID before we deign to let you do anything with your own account" issue.

First with Impulse...

More tweets behind cut )
And then again later, with Yahoo...

Even more tweets behind cut )
The only real difference today is that I was actually fucking successfully logged in to my GameStop account, but it still wouldn't fucking let me change my email address without wanting to "verify [my] ID" first, by sending a verification to the old-ass defunct email that doesn't work anymore which is the very fucking goddamn reason I was trying to change it in the first fucking place you goddamn fucking idiotic morons.

Really, in most cases, I guess that "verify your ID" bullshit is actually a good thing, since it helps to prevent fucking shitbag assholes from screwing you over (in theory). But in cases like the above, it is the absolute opposite of a good thing.

Interesting tidbit: Impulse was apparently bought out by GameStop back in 2011, which is apparently when it went to complete shit, from what I can tell. Before I uninstalled Impulse altogether, I let it update, and it just became "GameStop," obliterating any references to "Impulse" in the software at all, and that was when the "gotta verify" bullshit kicked in and broke everything anyway. "Back in 2011" shows you exactly how long it had been since I ever tried to log into Impulse prior to January 2015, since the app on my computer was still called "Impulse" until I tried to run it, and then let it update. This is another reason for me to say "fuck GameStop forever," I suppose. ¬_¬

(Anyway, I'm not sure why I never bothered to make a LJ post about this fucking horseshit until now. At least, I don't recall doing so, or, if I did, I can't find it now. I guess that just goes to show that I post about more shit on Twitter [rather than to LJ] than I thought...)


Of course, the terrible thing about all of this is that this could very easily be my Steam or GOG account at some point (as opposed to stupid bullshit that I no longer much care about, fortunately), assuming something happens and they want to "verify" and I'm not able to do so, for whatever reasons. That's part of the reason that I tied not just my email but also my cell phone number to at least Steam (GOG apparently doesn't have the option [and it should indeed be an option if such a thing is implemented, never mandatory] to do this, or I'd probably do it with them as well), but then that has its own share of risks. (...and I guess that link there shows that I did actually make a post about this very issue, already. Huh. How about that.)

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I was looking back at the post I wrote back in November about Donald Trump. You know, the one in which I said the following:

"Here is my own personal crackpot theory as to why Donald Trump is somehow still in the running for the nomination as the Republican candidate for President of the United States of America.

"My theory is that this is all a calculated ploy by the GOP as a whole, Trump fully in collusion, with the goal of trying to make all of the
other potential nominees look more sane/less annoying/less asinine/less scary by comparison. The longer Donald Trump remains in the running, and continues running his big, stupid mouth as he is wont to do, the more likely people in general will be to accept Ben Carson or Jeb Bush or Carly Fiorina or whoever it is that will actually end up winning the Republican nomination. 'Well, at least that one isn't Donald Trump.'"

In that same post, however, I also said this:

"With all of that said, though, no amount of Donald Trump buffoonery will make guys like Rick Perry or Rick Santorum or Ted Cruz more palatable, but then those guys already have even less of a chance than Trump of winning, so I guess it doesn't much matter."

And yet, fast forward to now. Ted fucking Cruz is now the goddamn GOP frontrunner.

Here I thought we were already living in Bizarro World even back then, in November 2015. I thought it was already bad enough that Trump himself was the frontrunner. I couldn't have even fathomed back then that I would be saying something as utterly, horrifically ludicrous as "Ted Cruz is now the GOP frontrunner," less than three months later.

Here's a tweet I saw shortly after the Iowa results that I think is rather fitting:

Maybe, hopefully, Iowa is just an aberration. Maybe, hopefully, as the race continues to unfold, cooler, smarter, less flat-out insane heads will prevail (and I'm not at all convinced that climate-change-denier/would-be-Obamacare-repealer/warhawk/etc. Marco Rubio is such a head). In any case, though, it's truly a terrifying world that we live in these days, if either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz can be the frontrunner, even if only for a (hopefully) short time. All I can hope for is that the asininity of the GOP in this day and age means that Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton or whoever the Democratic nominee ends up being will be a complete shoo-in come November 2016 (and, truly, that's the only reason I can think of that it would be good to have Trump or Cruz as the GOP nominee)[1], but I dreadfully fear that we might actually be stuck with at least four years of "President Trump" or "President Cruz." *ugh*shiver* I doubt that the world will end even if the worst does indeed come to pass, but... it certainly won't be a bed of roses either, that's for sure.

(I really hope I won't have to make a "Ted Cruz" LJ tag, but I fear I might have to. I usually wait until after I've already made several posts about a topic before I go back and tag them as such, and I hope I won't need to make all that many more posts about Ted fucking Cruz.)

[1] - With that said, mind you, I'm still of the belief that the Democrats aren't much better than the Republicans. But the fact that they are better, on the whole, at least marginally, on most issues, than any of the current crop of GOP candidates (but especially much, much better than either Trump or Cruz) means that I still do hope one of them wins over the GOP. (And if we could get as many of those goddamn GOP/Teabagger assholes out of Congress as possible, come November 2016, that'd be great, too.)
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For the one or two of you still here on LiveJournal (and the two or three who might possibly see [and care about] this when I post a link to it on Twitter), reading the shit I post, I have a couple of questions (which I've asked before, sort of, but am now asking again, in a different way and a bit more in depth):

First question: why are you still here? By that, I don't mean why are you here specifically at my particular LiveJournal (though that's probably a valid question, too). I mean, why are you still here on LiveJournal itself, generally speaking? I'm not even really asking are you still here, this time, I'm asking why are you still here, if you are still here? I don't mean that in a sarcastic, bad way, either. I'm asking out of simple curiosity. Mainly, it just seems like LiveJournal has been dying a long, slow death for at least the past half a decade or more.

Second question: are you planning to ever move on to a more lively venue other than LiveJournal? Or rather, as the case may well be, have you already moved on to a more lively venue other than LiveJournal? If so, what venue would that be? Is it any good or, at least, better than LiveJournal? Is it something I might be interested in giving a try?

For me, the answer to the first question is, "I honestly don't fucking know, really. Just too lazy to overcome inertia and start looking for somewhere less dead to blog at, I guess."

My answer to the second question is, "Yes, probably, maybe, I dunno, as soon as I bother to make the effort to try to possibly consider starting to look for something to take the place of LiveJournal that is better than just Facebook or Twitter. I have little interest in doing much more than just lurking on Facebook anymore, and Twitter is too hectic to try to keep up with on anything even remotely resembling a regular basis (at least not unless I severely curtail my current "Following" list, which I may well do at some point relatively soon), so I usually bother only slightly more than not at all, outside of tweeting links back to this here LJ. And, no, I absolutely don't have any interest at all in trying to make another Tumblr account again. And I'm far too chickenshit to even think about doing something like vlogging on Youtube or some shit, even if I had the proper equipment to do so, which I don't. So, like I said, what are some decent, modern alternatives to LiveJournal besides those I already mentioned? Yeah, sure, I could just ask Google or whatever, I guess, but I'm also looking for more personal recommendations."

This was, at least in part, inspired by a post over on Facebook that was asking the same sort of question, so I guess Facebook isn't completely useless to me. But, seriously, I mostly just lurk on FB these days. I mostly quit posting there entirely, after I got one too many "Why are you posting stuff like this?" replies from members of my family who are also on FB. They don't post that sort of shit on my LJ, though, because they apparently don't read my LJ, or else aren't even aware of the existence of my LJ, despite the lack of any effort on my part to hide it. But anyway, yeah, that's why I don't post much at all to Facebook anymore, and is why I have no interest in making Facebook into my "main" presence on the Internet.

That said, though, aside from the very few of you who still comment on my pointless babbling here[1], LJ is pretty much deadsville these days, and has been for a while now, so I am indeed, maybe, kind of, sort of interested in looking to move on to greener pastures, finally, after all this time. Not sure if I'd actually abandon LJ entirely, or if I'll even actually indeed start blogging elsewhere at all... just that I'm considering it, in a vague, half-assed manner. I already have a Blogger site, for what that's worth, though I've hardly ever even glanced at it after I created it, until now. The ability to import in all my old shit from LiveJournal would be a plus, but wouldn't be a dealbreaker if it isn't there, either.

[1] - Though there are admittedly more of you here, on LiveJournal, doing that than there are on Twitter doing that, which is another reason, besides the "too hectic" reason mentioned above, that I also have no interest in making Twitter into my "main" presence on the Internet, either.
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(EDIT) It looks like that incorrectly-replacing-the-'-with-a-" bullshit affects the text field inside of a <lj-cut> tag, too, except that the (%)27 trick does not actually work in the case of the <lj-cut> tag. And also, yes, I'm fully aware that the html inside the text field doesn't actually do what it's supposed to and just shows up as html code (or, rather, all the < and > characters got auto-converted to (&)lt(;) and (&)gt(;) in the actual code), but fuck it, I don't give a shit. (/EDIT)

Here, have another post <strike>that's</strike><strike>that%27s</strike><b><u><i>that is</i></u></b> mostly just embedded tweets )
And, of course, the fucking telephone rang yet again while I was in the process of writing this postcopy/pasting tweets into this post, and it was yet again another spammer/scammer call (though this time it was apparently an actual person doing the spamming/scamming and not a robot recording).
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Hmm... it looks like I should probably start checking my actual friends page on LJ more often, rather than simply relying on Feedly. Feedly, for instance, doesn't display f-locked posts (which, you know, makes sense, but... durrrr). As such, I've missed a few posts, apparently from as far back as September, at least... Oops. >_>;
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Perhaps against my better judgment, I supplied a few sites with my cellphone number, for security purposes. These sites were Steam, Facebook, LiveJournal, Twitter, and Google. I did this because I didn't want the same thing to happen with these sites that happened to my old Yahoo account, to which I have completely lost access, because Yahoo, for absolutely no good reason whatsoever, simply would not let me log in one day without first "verifying" my account, even though I had supplied the correct username and password, with the problem being that my Yahoo account was still tied to my old Comcast email address, which has been defunct for almost two years now, and as such, there was no way for me to actually "verify" the Yahoo account.

However, since doing the above, I have recently been getting more and more frequent phone spam/scam calls/texts/voicemails on my cellphone. Prior to this, such calls to my cellphone were extremely few and far between. As such, I can only come to the conclusion that at least one of those sites are using cellphone numbers provided to them for nefarious purposes. I have my suspicions as to which one it most likely is, but since I have zero actual proof, I will not be making any accusations.

That is all I am going to say about that, here and now, except that I am not too terribly pleased with this turn of events. I'm just glad that my cellphone has an auto-reject list on it.


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