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As of today, I no longer own any video game consoles or associated games. I sold all of that stuff to Lost Ark Video Games in Greensboro, NC. Well, actually, I do still own a Xbox 360, because Lost Ark wouldn't buy the old fat model, a Playstation 2, which I didn't even take out there to bother to try to sell because it was already on its last legs, and an old, modded Playstation 1 that I didn't even take with me to Washington when I moved out there in 2004, let alone to Lost Ark to try to sell. (EDIT) Oh, and I still have a Wii Fit board, even though I no longer have a Wii to connect it to, because I forgot to bring the stupid thing with me when I sold all the other crap. (/EDIT) Everything else is gone, though, including the handheld stuff. And, weirdly, I don't feel too awfully bad about it. I thought it would probably feel like the rough equivalent of selling one's children to do it or some such, but no... nothing all dramatic like that. (EDIT 2) I have to say that going into my Backloggery and tagging all those games with the little "Formerly Owned" ghost was somewhat sad, though. Some of them I had to actually (stealth) add as new games, since they weren't previously even in the list given that I hadn't bothered to update my Backloggery page in forever, only to then mark them as "Formerly Owned." >_> (/EDIT 2)

Now, though, I still have a ton of old PC games, which Lost Ark also wouldn't buy, that I need to do something with. I'll probably end up selling those individually on eBay or Amazon Marketplace or something. I actually could have done the same for the consoles and console games as well, and probably would have gotten more money out of them in the long run if I'd done so, but I just wanted to unload them somewhere relatively convenient, so that's what I did.
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Physical disc/cartridge games, that is. I'm not even talking about digital stuff on Steam or GOG or whatever. A bunch of old shit that I'll almost assuredly never play again. Some are duplicates, even. For instance, I own three copies of Chrono Trigger (original SNES, Playstation, and DS versions). Hell, some of the games are stuff that I've since re-bought on Steam and/or GOG. I came to this realization while trying to get my final stuff packed. I know I've said in the past that I don't sell video games anymore, but... I think I'm going to be selling a shit-ton of video games... once I get them all back to North Carolina. -_-; Yeah, I probably should have sold them before moving if I was going to sell them at all, but it's too late for that now, and I'm not going to just leave them here. I suppose I could just take them to Half Price Books, same as I did all those old textbooks the other day, but, unlike all those old textbooks, I'm thinking I can potentially get a whole lot more money by selling the games on eBay or something. I'll need it if I can't get a new job in NC relatively quickly.

In any case, I will be leaving for North Carolina for good next Friday, Feb 21, so I have between now and then to finish packing and schedule a pick-up for the USPS to come get all of this crap (as I'm shipping the majority of it in Flat Rate USPS boxes). The sooner the better. Most everything is already boxed up, and I hope to have the boxes sealed and the shipping labels printed out by end of day tomorrow, for a Monday pick-up. I just hope there isn't some sort of limit on the number of boxes that can be picked up in a single day. >_>;
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"EA Halts DICE Projects Pending 'Battlefield 4' Fixes"
"Electronic Arts Tanks After Hitting Reset On Battlefield 4"
"Did EA Lie About Battlefield 4? Now Under Investigation"

I don't give a single crap about Battlefield 4 per se, but it's nice to see EA finally starting to reap back a tiny bit of the bullshit that they've sown over the years, even if nothing really comes of all this in the end. The schadenfreude alone is worth it for me.

Kind of sucks for DICE though. They're just yet another company that got gobbled up by EA and is now being shat upon by them. (I'm guessing they were, like, shat out first, and then that shit was itself shat upon... I don't know, mixed metaphors and all that... *shrug*)


A quote from the last article linked above: "Of further worry may be that EA has permanently damaged its reputation among gamers, which could affect its sales of other games in the future."

I can't help but roll my eyes at that. One would think that this particular ship would had sailed loooooong ago, but if it hasn't already done so by now, then this thing here with Battlefield 4 isn't going to matter much in the long run either, unfortunately. Video gamers (generally speaking, and aside from me and a few others of like mind) are very fickle and have incredibly short memories about things like this. Once the problems with BF4 are half-assedly patched up into a mostly playable state, people will forget all about it, and when the next big thing (such as the next Dragon Age game) comes out, they'll suck it down and ask for more (even though the previous game, in the case of Dragon Age, was a mediocre mess at best).

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I bought Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and Assassin's Creed III about a month or so ago pretty cheap on Amazon. In preparation for playing those, I replayed through the first Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed II as well, since it had been a while since I last played either of those. (I'd forgotten how samey and kind of boring the first game was after the third or so assassination [out of nine]. The second game is way better.)

After finishing AC2 today, I started AC Brotherhood and played it for a couple of hours or so. Everything was going fine at first. But then, when I got the chance to do so, I exited out of the Animus (right after completing the "catch the pickpocket" mission near the beginning) and tried to go outside. As it was loading up the new area, the game froze. I reset my 360 and tried to load my save game. It froze again. Repeated a second time, and it froze yet again. Apparently, they had the bright idea to have the game simultaneously save while it was in the process of loading a new area. Absolutely genius, that. -_-

So, essentially, my game is fucked and I pretty much have no choice but to start over. My interest in doing that right now is pretty much fucking zero, in part because I have no way to know it won't just randomly freeze up again. This game is three years old. It should fucking not still have game-breaking freeze/crash bugs in it, and yet, it does. I'm pretty pissed right now. I'm just glad it decided to do this when I was still fairly early in the game rather than waiting until I was really far along, but it's still fucking bullshit regardless.

(EDIT, the next day)

I tried it again this morning and it actually loaded this time, except that it put me back inside the Animus again. Well, that's better than what it was doing before, I thought, so I tried to leave the Animus again and... yes... it locked up once more. I just sighed wearily and turned the 360 off. Fuck this buggy, piece of shit, broken ass game.

Also, one of the first things I did was check Google and, sure enough, this is a pretty common issue, on 360, PS3, and PC apparently.

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Just finished it about an hour ago or so.

Vague spoilers for the ending )

Also, here's a protip for avoiding gigantic spoilers for the plot of the game. Do not, repeat DO NOT, start to type "Booker DeWitt" into Google, because the auto-complete will spoil the shit out of a major plot point that is only revealed at the very end of the game (though I suppose it might be possible to suss it out before hand). I'm glad I managed to avoid all spoilers for the game prior to playing it. Made it have a lot bigger impact for me.

In any case, yeah, I liked it. It was a cool game.
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"It'll be just like our favorite biscuits. Always there for us when we need them. But the biscuits aren't quite right, are they? No. They're missing chunks. They may taste the same, but you're not getting the full, crumbly, lovely biscuit experience you've come to expect, because parts of them are just missing, and there's no way to retrieve those broken, missing parts. Just like your now retro Xbox 360 games. All your discs are still there, but did you really expect them to keep those servers up for all that time? No, of course not. All that downloadable content is just gone, as if it never existed. Lost in the annals of time. But it just serves us right, doesn't it? We can never go back. It will never be the same. It'll just be a pale imitation of times past."

It's sad because it's oh so very true.

Also, take this video and replace all references to the 360 with PS3 and it will be equally applicable.

However, if you think it's going to be bad with the 360 and PS3 in 20 years or however long, just wait an additional 5 to 20 years or so when the new X-bone and PS4 are "retro." It will be even worse.
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So, I just realized that I haven't played this game yet. I usually get the new Silent Hill games at least shortly after release, but this one just kind of fell off of my radar entirely somehow. Before I look into getting it, however, I'd like to know... is it really as bad as all that? Granted, I'm still probably going to end up getting it eventually, regardless, but I'd like to know what I'm going into.

For reference, the only Silent Hill game I never finished because I thought it was really crappy was Silent Hill: Origins (the PS2 port from the PSP). I actually even kinda liked The Room and Homecoming. Downpour has to at least be better than Origins, right? (EDIT, after having actually played Downpour) Yeah, it's better than Origins. (/EDIT)
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Is this stuff for real, or just a poorly timed April Fool's Day prank? o_O In either case, I really can't decide if this is the Worst! Possible! Thing! or if it's the best thing EVAR.

I'm still not planning to buy a Kinect any time soon, though, so it's pretty much a moot point as far as I'm concerned. ¬_¬
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"Bioware and EA, meanwhile, have been a little flip-floppy about whether they’re taking the complaints seriously. Initial comments from ME3 lead Casey Hudson held that he deliberately wanted to polarise sentiments and leave mysteries hanging, while other Bioware brains later stepped into the fray to claim that they were listening to fan feedback and hint that it might lead to something."

I almost stopped reading right there. So, the first guy was straight up trolling, essentially. And then the second group came in and basically admitted to what they probably had planned all along, given that the "something" that this might "lead to" is almost assuredly going to be a "proper" ending to the game being patched in later via DLC, for which they are going to charge extra for, of course.

And then, later on, there's this part:

"In a new statement, Hudson is more conciliatory towards fans who felt closure was lacking, claiming that these concerns are 'valid' after all. You should read the lot, evasive and vague as it may be, but the key part is this:

'Throughout the next year, we will support Mass Effect 3 by working on new content. And we’ll keep listening, because your insights and constructive feedback will help determine what that content should be. This is not the last you’ll hear of Commander Shepard.'"

So, yeah, that's exactly what they are and probably always were planning. Release a crap ending, get everyone all angry about it, and then DLC in a BS "true" ending. Mr. Meer is absolutely correct when he says that they're "playing with fire" by doing this.

As for me, I still haven't even bought ME3 yet. As time passes, my desire to do so lessens ever more. Again, I'll probably cave in and pick it up someday down the line, when I can find it dirt cheap. But I'm not going to be paying full price for this crap, not at all. And, again, after this I will probably never buy another BioWare game, unless and until they (and more importantly, their EA overlords) finally come to their senses and realize that what they are doing is not good business in the long run (though it's excellent business for them in the short term, unfortunately).

Seriously, though, it's not even just BioWare/EA that's doing this crap. There's also Final Fantasy XIII-2. Before that, there was Fallout 3 (which "fixed" the vanilla game's crappy ending with the Broken Steel DLC), and yet, I don't much recall there being any sort of issue (I almost said "fallout"... >_>) with that. I mean, sure, there was a minor brouhaha over the ending sucking, but when the DLC came out, most people were just glad to get a better ending. (Personally, I never even finished the vanilla game of Fallout 3, so have little use for any of the DLC. I'm currently waiting for the Steam version of the GotY edition to hit a 66-75% off sale before giving it another try.) Are people finally, finally starting to wake up to this blatant, abject BS crap that these game companies are doing to them now, and have been doing to them for some time? Or am I just being overly optimistic here? I'll be pessimistic and say that I'm probably just being overly optimistic.
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So, in addition to all of the other stuff that's wrong with ME3, I hear a lot of people complaining about how the ending is nonsensical or pointless or otherwise just plain bad. I've been trying to avoid spoilers, so I don't know if this is just the Internet being the Internet or if these are actually valid complaints.

Could anyone who has played through and finished ME3 let me know WITHOUT SPOILERS OF ANY KIND if you agree with the general consensus that the ending sucks? Or is the Internet just blowing a lot of hot air? I mean, if there was one thing that the Mass Effect series has gotten right in the past, it has been the story. I'd hate to think that they managed to screw even that up in the final game. :/ I'm not looking for specific plot points or anything (WITHOUT SPOILERS OF ANY KIND), I just want to know if you give the endings a general overall "Yes, it was good and the Internet is full of it" or "No, it completely sucked, the Internet is totally right" or "Eh, it was okay I guess but not nearly as awesome as it could have been."


Well, so far I've gotten a "...yes, the outrage is justified on multiple levels. Not just a 'bad' ending. 99% of ME1~ME3 is pure awesome storywise, ME3's last 10 minutes pees in the face of the entire franchise and its unique storytelling." response via Twitter. I can safely say that this is a bad sign. :/

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My ability to give a crap about Mass Effect 3 continues to spiral ever farther down the drain.

This isn't really news though. It's still the case, apparently, that you don't have to play the multiplayer in order to get the best ending. No, you just have to have played the previous two games absolutely perfectly (which is kind of difficult given that there are bugs in those games that screw over some of the minor quest results, as well as bugs in the process of carrying over data from ME1 to ME2) in addition to playing the singleplayer part of ME3 itself perfectly as well, including all of the mind-numbing minigame crap.

You used to be great, BioWare, but not anymore. I won't ask what happened to you and why you became so crappy though, because I already know the reason for that.


Oh, and here's another thing. I don't have Xbox Live Gold anymore, so even if I wanted to play ME3 multiplayer (which I vehemently do not) I couldn't do so, at least not without paying Microsoft some arbitrary non-insignificant amount to reactivate a Gold account.

So there's that too.

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So, on top of everything else wrong with Mass Effect 3, it looks like they have also "streamlined" the dialog system. If/when I do eventually get around to playing this game, I'll still likely stay pure Paragon or pure Renegade regardless, even though it apparently doesn't matter anymore.

On top of all of that, generally speaking, even ignoring the whole reputation thing, it's not like the Mass Effect dialog system wasn't already "streamlined" from what BioWare's older games had. You went from having tons of dialog choices to choose from in a numbered list to having, like, maybe three or four total responses at any given point: the color-coded Paragon selection, the color-coded Renegade selection, the white "neutral" selection, and maybe an occasional "request more info" selection, which usually just opened up another dialog wheel with one or two word topic headings, rather than any actual dialog choices.
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Dear BioWare,

If this Thing™ that you are doing (and have been doing at least since Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2, except that you're gouging everyone this time, rather than just used buyers) is something that you feel the need to "defend" from everyone who is calling it a very crappy thing, then perhaps you should take a step back and consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't be doing said crappy thing?


Someone else who is also very sick and tired of Day 1 DLC, regardless of any bullshit excuses and rationalizations for it.

In any case, between this and all the other crap swirling around this game, I've pretty much decided now that I'm just going to wait for a "Game of the Year" or "Ultimate" or "Complete, and not hacked up into various pieces of DLC" version of Mass Effect 3 before I bother to get it, if I get it at all. I can wait. I've got plenty of other things to keep me busy in the meantime. If such a version of the game is never released, then I can still wait until the hacked up version is suitably bargain bin price, such that it plus any DLC (assuming the DLC is even still available at that point) would be around the price of a normal full game altogether, rather than as it is now, i.e. a game at full price plus what will likely end up being an additional almost full game's price worth of DLC on top of that.

My only regret now is that I didn't do the same sort of thing for Mass Effect 2 as well, given that all of the DLC for that game that I may care to get currently comes to a total of 2480 Microsoft Points, or around $31 (and if I ever do get it, it will only be if/when there is a sale on it). But then, there hasn't been an "Ultimate" version of ME2 made available yet (at least, not for the Xbox 360 anyway), which leads me to be pessimistic about there being one for ME3 either. Oh well.


And would you look at that. Yet another industry brown-nosing op-ed piece by that dumbass Chris Pereira guy at 1up.com. This guy's starting to bug me even more than Jim Sterling of Destructoid does.

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I'd completely forgotten that I'd cancelled auto-renewal until I got an email from them today. I went to the website and was able to successfully remove my credit card info this time as well, so guess I won't have to do anything drastic.
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First Sony and EA and now Microsoft as well.


I was thinking of cancelling my Xbox Live Gold membership soon before it auto-renews in January anyway, purely for monetary reasons, but hadn't entirely committed to it yet. But this, however, just gives me another reason to do so. Thanks, Microsoft! But then, I'm pretty sure the clause applies to the free Silver accounts as well. :/

It looks like these things are being challenged in at least some states, according to that Kotaku article, and I'm glad that's happening. Hopefully these clauses will get struck down soon enough. Then again, given how ponderously the legal system tends to work, it could still take years before anything comes of it. (Also, given that big corporations similar to this all but run the country/government these days, who knows if they'll actually get struck down at all. /pessimist)

Well, at any rate, at least I can stop giving Microsoft money every year for increasingly I-don't-give-a-crap-about-any-of-this-stuff service. And yeah, I was thinking of cancelling my subscription last year as well, but didn't do it yet because I'd already renewed it for another year at the limited time discount price. That doesn't apply this year, though, so I probably will actually go through with cancelling it this time. I just hate that they force you to actually call them to cancel it, and don't just offer an easy way to do it via the website or through the console itself. They certainly let you sign up through those easily enough. ¬_¬


Oh wait, they actually do let you cancel automatic renewal via the website now, apparently. That's cool, I guess. Of course, I had to accept the new EULA in order to log in and do so. :/


(EDIT 2)

However, while I was able to set automatic renewal to "off", I got a so-called "error" saying what was essentially "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." when I tried to remove my credit card info. I am going to assume for now that this is because it is tied to a still active LIVE Gold account. As such, I won't raise a stink over it yet, and will instead wait until after the 1/22/2012 date (the date the account is supposed to expire) and see if I can do it then. If I can, good enough. If I can't, though, that's when I start trying to bring the wrath o' god down on them (i.e. I actually call them and tell them to remove it). If that doesn't work... well... we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. ¬_¬

(/EDIT 2)
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Though I said I would wait until after Christmas, I changed my mind and bought it anyway.

Here is what I have to say about it. )

With all of that said, however, I do think it was pretty poor form on the part of some TellTale employees to review their own game on Metacritic. Although, I do think it is incredibly ironic that it was Gamespot of all places that apparently broke this story, given their own lack of review integrity. Also, if you read a lot of the low user review scores on Metacritic, they're giving the 0 scores not because the game is actually that bad, but to "teach Telltale a lesson" or whatever crap. As such, you can safely and completely ignore the incredibly far too low overall user review average score when trying to determine how good the game is. I would personally give it around a 7-8 at least (and that's on a 1-10 scale, mind you, and not on the "7-10 scale" used by most professional reviewers these days).
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As far as I'm concerned, virtual applause is even more meaningless than achievements/trophies, and I already (mostly) don't care about those. (Besides, the Super Smash Bros games already had the virtual crowd reactions thing long before Super Mario 3D Land, so this isn't really anything amazing and new either.) I mean, it's not something that will prevent me from playing a game, obviously, but it's still something that simply doesn't matter to me, outside of when it gets explicitly talked about in articles like this.

If people feel like they must have achievements or applause or whatever in their games before they feel like they're worth their time to play (and some of the commenters under that article explicitly and depressingly stated this was the case), then, well... I feel like that's just one more bullet point to go on my "Things I Find Sad And Wrong About The Video Game Industry/Community Today" list. A minor one, mind you, but it still goes on there. If playing the game isn't innately its own reward, then perhaps they should reevaluate why they play video games at all to begin with.

Really, I've long felt that people actively seeking out incredibly crappy games that they otherwise wouldn't have touched with a ten-foot pole, just because those games allow them to get easy achievements scores, is bad enough. But if the opposite is true and people are actively avoiding games, no matter how awesome they may be, merely because they don't have achievements... well, that's even more retarded, in my not at all humble opinion.

Also, on a related note since it was mentioned in the article/comments as well, I think the very concept of being able to redeem achievements for tangible, real life rewards is an abominable one, and I hope it never becomes a realit- oops, too late. Huh... it never really occurred to me until this moment, but... why does it seem like it's Ubisoft lately, more so even than the more likely suspects of EA or Activision, who are the ones actually pioneering a lot of these incredibly terrible new ideas such as this and, of course, the always online DRM crap that we've seen way too much of lately? Seriously... Ubisoft came up with that asinine always-connected-even-for-singleplayer crap, and people justifiably went apeshit over it. But later, Blizzard comes along and does pretty much the exact same thing, and yet now people are actively defending their decision to do it as though it's all of a sudden somehow a good thing just because it's Blizzard doing it. What the hell?! The Uplay achievements-for-rewards thing isn't nearly as obnoxious as the always online crap is. Why couldn't the others have latched onto that, as dumb as it is, rather than the other, which is many orders of magnitude worse?
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How about that.

I had no idea it was out already. Well, it looks like it just came out today actually, but still.

From what I can tell, while the game is episodic, it looks like all four episodes are already available from the get go, which is something of a departure from Telltale's other episodic games. I usually wait until the entire "season" is released, which normally takes months, but if this one's already fully released at the start, then there's nothing stopping me from going ahead and getting it now. If I'm wrong about that, someone can leave a comment to correct me.

It definitely looks interesting, but even so, I'll probably wait at least until after I get back from Christmas vacation to get it, as Skyrim and Skyward Sword will be way more than plenty until then.
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I've been ranting a lot about all the crap that the video game industry is pulling lately. Well, here is yet another, though it's a bit of a blast from the past. Feel free to ignore as you see fit.

Read more... )
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I'll answer the questions posed here (though my answers should be easy to predict for anyone who has been paying attention).

Yet another rant behind cut )

(And, as always, the majority of commenters on Destructoid have proven themselves yet again to be the absolute nadir of all the gaming sites that I read. No surprise there at all.)

[1] - For example, just fast forward from this post another four months and see what BioWare is doing with Mass Effect 3. In that case, everyone has to pay for the Day 1 DLC, across the board, regardless of whether the game is bought new or not, which makes it even worse than the crap mentioned here.


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