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Note to self for future reference.

From what little I've messed with it so far, it seems like Fallout (Equestria) meets Metroidvania meets MLP:FiM. It'd be very difficult to go wrong with that combination.
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What a world we live in.


Also, this:

You know, I never once thought I'd ever write a post that would have the tags donald trump, wrestling, and my little pony friendship is magic all be applicable, and yet, here it is.

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Here is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanmade game that just got greenlit on Steam. And here is someone bringing up the very valid point that this game is going to get killed so hard once Hasbro finds out about it, a thread in which the game creator (and a whole lot of other people) exhibits an extreme lack of understanding about how this sort of thing always ends up (and that, of course, answers the question I posed in the title of this post). This game will be Cease and Desisted into oblivion, no matter what Mr. Alex_Orangel says, just like so many other MLP fan projects have been in the past, and those weren't even trying to get onto an incredibly high profile distribution service like Steam, as this one is. Also, all the people saying that this somehow doesn't infringe on Hasbro's copyright of My Little Pony are either blind or stupid or both, because it obviously does.

As such, despite how good it may look, I'm pretty much just going to forget that this thing even exists, until the inevitable news that it has been buried by Hasbro comes along.

(EDIT) Just to be clear, I'm not saying I want the game to be killed, because I don't. I'd love to play this game if it ever saw the light of day. I'm just saying that it is almost assuredly going to be killed, and, as such, I don't want to invest any interest or hype into it. I hope I'm 100% wrong and it does make it, without getting C&D'd into oblivion. (/EDIT)
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Once upon a time, there was a fan-made fighting game based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Then Hasbro came along and, naturally, put a stop to it, because lawyers gonna law. But then, Lauren Faust, the creator of MLP:FiM, got in touch with the group that was making the MLP fighting game and told them she would help them make a new game, with original characters and setting.

That new game is called Them's Fightin' Herds, and there is an IndieGoGo campaign for it and it is also on Steam Greenlight.

Just thought I'd spread the word, for the benefit of the zero or one people on my LJ F-List that might have even a little interest in it.
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Looks like this game has been available for a while, but I wasn't aware of it until now. It's the follow up to the first two Canterlot Siege games, and is more of the same tower defense sort of thing, except even more complicated. And you're playing as the villains this time.

Haven't played much of it yet, and certainly haven't beaten it yet, so I don't have any l33t strategies or anything, except that a few fully upgraded Gildas are god, at least in the early game, especially when paired with a Changeling or two. But then, pairing the short-ranged power hitters with the non-damaging slow-down characters was a good strategy in the previous two games as well, so that's nothing new, really.
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I've already talked about it before, so I'll just very briefly touch on this again here: Obsidian Entertainment or Telltale Games. That is all.
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Okay, I am not a lawyer, but this right here seems like some supreme bullshit to me. Fan videos and games that use characters and/or clips from the actual show are one thing, whether they are monetized or not, but I don't see how Hasbro can have any claim whatsoever on original music that is merely inspired by the show. If actual sound clips from the show are being used in the songs, or if the music in question is a remix of one of the songs from the show, then yeah, maybe then they have a case, but in some of the ones being hit by this, that's not the case at all. And if, as EQD surmises, it's actually because of the pony images in the videos associated with the music, rather than the music itself, then why does the claim mention "audio content" to which Hasbro should have zero right to claim (in my non-lawyer-ish opinion, at least), given that they had zero creative input into it?

Again, I am not a lawyer, so if someone wants to explain how I'm talking out of my ass here, then feel free. I won't be mad (assuming, of course, that I am actually, demonstratively talking out of my ass here).


Then again, if Hasbro is trying to copyright the term "brony" (the news for which somehow completely eluded me until now) or whatever the hell is happening there, then they'll fucking try anything, I guess. *facepalm*

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Been following this one for a while now (note that this is entirely unrelated to Turnabout Storm, aside from them both being MLP/Phoenix Wright crossover-ish things). And now it's released. I'm actually kind of shocked that it somehow managed to make it out without being hit with a Hasbro C&D like most other things.
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So I was watching that and thinking, yeah, that's a pretty cool pony-fied take on the Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia intro, and I thought that was all it was going to be. Then it got to the end and I was like, wait, there's an actual game associated with this? As it turns out, there is. (EDIT) And, apparently, it's almost a year old. How have I not heard of this before now, I wonder. (/EDIT)
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Also, while I'm on the subject of MLP:FIM, the Phoenix Wright/Friendship is Magic crossover series has completed as of the other day. I've made posts about this before, but I'm just going to repost all of the videos here.

Videos behind cut. )

Or you could just go watch it on Youtube itself I guess.
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Remember this? That MLP:FiM tower defense game? Yeah, well, here is the sequel.

Here's my way for getting past Nightmare Moon, at least on the first spiral looking map. First, put a Lyra just below the first turn (coming down from the top) and a bit to the left. Boost her attack and speed to 4 each. Then put a second Lyra in that little groove just at the final turn going into Canterlot. Again, boost her attack and speed to 4 each. Then put a Dr. Whooves between the two Lyras and boost his range to 5. Then go back to the Lyras and get their attack and speed up to 5. Lastly, try to get the range on the two Lyras as high as you can (I can usually get them to 3 each). That should be enough to beat Nightmare Moon at wave 10.

After that, though, you're on your own. Finish upgrading the ponies you have out there, then start putting some of the others. I was able to get up to around wave 42 or so before losing, so far. Don't neglect the ponies' super abilities (e.g. Octavia's constant stream or Bon Bon's explosive attack) or the support ponies (Zecora, Wild Fire, etc.) or the super abilities from the Princesses. Each have their own tab at the bottom.
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Details here. It sucks, but oh well. :/ Hope to be able to come back to this sometime next yearwithin the next decade.
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I'm glad I don't have to put up with this sort of thing where I work. Then again, the full extent of how it went down where I work was that I happened to mention watching the show once in passing a few months ago during a discussion about television, my supervisor said faux-mockingly "So does that mean you are a brony?" and I said "Yeah, I guess so," we moved on to other topics, and then I never brought it up again. I just don't feel the need to advertise the fact that I watch the show in real life, outside of the occasional mention here (if you consider LJ to be "real life" at all). I'm not ashamed of it, it's just not something that needs to be shouted to the heavens. If I found someone in real life (i.e. outside of the Internet) willing to talk about it, that'd be cool, but it's not a big deal to me or anything. That said, I doubt I'd get fired even if I did wear a brony t-shirt* or bring a toy to work**. Certainly nobody has said anything about the five mostly Star Trek related images that I'm currently using as a revolving desktop background on my machine, aside from the occasional "Heh, that's pretty funny" or "I like your background." But, then, it's more "appropriate" for a guy to be into Star Trek/Star Wars/X-Men than it is for him to be into My Little Pony, so there is that to consider as well.

But, in any case, if what the guy in that article says is accurate, and he actually wasn't being a completely obnoxious douche about the whole thing, then I think he got treated wrongly here as I don't think what he (claims he) did was inappropriate at all, especially if other people were doing the same thing, but with more "manly" interests. That boss and his former co-workers sound kind of like giant asshats, at least judging from what the fired dude is saying about them. On the other hand, even if the guy was being an incredibly creepy weirdo about it, I still don't think that, in and of itself, should have been enough to get the guy fired, at least as long as he didn't do something completely over the top like, say, proposition the boss's 9 year old daughter or something. (Because, you know, all bronies everywhere are totally pedophiles, amirite u gais? But seriously, if he did actually do something like that, I would have hoped that they'd have called the cops rather then merely fire him.) Some people go on and on and on and on about sports or whatever that I would personally like to tell to STFU (but don't, because it would be impolite, so I just tune them out instead), but I don't think they should be fired over it (but again, sports is an appropriately "manly" subject). Actually, that's just a hypothetical, since while I do know some people who sleep, breathe, and eat sports, none of them exist where I work. Most of my co-workers actually tend to share my apathy about sports.

(And then I made the mistake of scrolling down to the comments under that article, which are filled with the typical "durr hurr bronies sure are creepy and weird amirite" bullshit that I should have expected would be there even before I scrolled down, given that it's gawker.)

(EDIT) With all of that said, I get that the guy may have been an at-will employee, meaning that they could fire him for whatever the hell they wanted to. Even so, it's still not cool, in my opinion. (/EDIT)

* - Which I don't own yet, but have vaguely considered buying some stuff while perusing welovefine, but then I don't buy t-shirts for any of my other fandoms so why would I for MLP?

** - Which, as I've said elsewhere, I have very little interest in, even if the toys do now look somewhat more show-accurate than they did back when I originally made that comment. (Though I'm still waiting for them to make a proper MLP:FiM video game most definitely. Come on, Hasbro, get it together. A actual, full-fledged, fully backed, official MLP:FiM video game that isn't a crappy iPhone thing would get you mad bank.)
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Okay, the second episode of "Star Trek: Pegasus" has gone up.

It can be found here and here.
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Wait, you mean there are people out there who still actually care about Kotaku? Huh. Go figure. *shrug*

Seriously, I can count on one hand the number of gaming "news"/blog sites that I give a shit about and still have digits left over. Penny Arcade Report (which Gabe and Tycho have since stupidly shut down), Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Forbes Games, and PC Gamer. And even those sometimes sadly seem to be starting to fall to the stupid side that I no longer care about. If anyone has any gaming news sites they want to recommend (that aren't complete crap like Kotaku, Joystiq, 1up, or especially Destructoid), I'm definitely in need of such.


In any case, generally speaking, video gamers have no place in calling out bronies for supposedly being weird. Remember when being a gamer meant you were a nerdy, basement-dwelling, no-shower-taking, anti-social, virgin loser? It wasn't all that long ago when that sort of thing was the commonly accepted view by the "mainstream" when it came to those who played video games, and many still hold that view even today. How would we feel if someone posted a video of, say, any given LAN party or maybe the crowd at a fighting game tournament or, hell, anyone playing a Wii/PS3 Move/Kinect game and said "Ha ha look at those awkward douchebags!"? Yet, now, we have video game "journalists" thinking it's okay to write articles about how "awkward" bronies are? Glad to see that at least some, such as Ben Kuchera, don't find that acceptable.

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This is the best possible thing, on so many levels.

I love how they used clips from the anime for this, rather than from the game itself (which is what, obviously, the original video was about).
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What is it with me and posting these things on or near April Fools' Day? It's not a joke, I assure you.

Anyway, yeah, I've written yet another Star Trek / My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover fic, called "Star Trek: Pegasus" this time.

It can be found here and here. It is the sequel to my previous fic "Where Nopony Has Gone Before", which was itself a sequel to my first such fic, "The Quandary of DisQord".


Mar. 31st, 2013 10:46 pm
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In the course of hearing about Double Rainboom, I also learned of the existence of Snowdrop as well. It's another fan-made episode that was recently released. Couldn't be more different in tone than Double Rainboom, but I think I might actually like it a little bit better.

(Double Rainboom was packed with cameos and easter eggs and the like, too many to count, but I noticed a couple in this one as well, mainly FiM versions of G1 Surprise at around 0:25 and G1 Firefly at around 12:42.)
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(EDIT) Reposting a different embed, since the original upload got set to private for dubious reasons. Lesson to be learned: once this kind of thing is in the wild, there's no suppressing it. (/EDIT)
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It's been about one year, plus or minus two or three days, since I first started watching a little kids' show about colorful talking ponies.

The only real difference between then and now is that I'd say that Rainbow Dash has been bumped up to a close second in my list at this point.


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