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I am amused by this video but simultaneously horrified that anyone takes this man (and by that I mean Alex Jones, of course, not John Oliver) even remotely seriously.

Just so that it is crystal clear, I'd like to point out again that Alex Jones and his InfoWars media product is something which is considered by the current President of the United States of America to be a paragon of journalism (along with Faux Noise, Bratbarf Noise, and the goddamn National fucking Enquirer of all things).

Also, this, again. Alex Jones is either a "performance artist," or Alex Jones is a bona fide kook. Either way, he is full of this.
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To hell with Photobucket.

I just deleted my Photobucket account pretty much the instant I heard about this, which was just a few minutes ago. I already have all of my images stored on my HDD anyway, so absolutely nothing of value was lost, aside from whatever few images I'd embedded in old LJ/Dreamwidth posts. Oh fucking well, I guess.

Now I'll need to be looking for a new, non-dogshit image hosting site the next time I need to embed an image. Either that, or I'll just no longer bother to embed images. *shrug*
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Before I even watch this video, I am going to go ahead and answer the question. Yes, absolutely, monetization is affecting game design. It has been doing so for years now. I and [personal profile] owsf2000 and many others have been ranting about this asinine horseshit for years. It fucking sucks fucking ass fucking hole. It always has fucking sucked fucking ass fucking hole. It will never not fucking suck fucking ass fucking hole.

Now, to actually watch the video.

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I absolutely agree with this video. My only minor issue with the video is that it seems like Ryan and Mike are hugely behind the curve if they're seemingly only just now starting to notice this issue and to have a problem with it, due to "oh noes not muh zeldas" or whatever. Ignoring that quibble, yeah, like I said, 100% agreement with them. The whole goddamn thing goddamn sucks goddamn ass goddamn hole.
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Latest addition: July 25, episode 100.

All previous episodes can be found in this tag.

(I was hoping that by the time Olbermann had made it to his 100th episode, he would have already been able to make a "We've Won. The Long Nightmare Is Finally Over" sort of episode. Alas, no.)

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Since today is Net Neutrality Day and all that, I'm just going to repost this link to one of the first posts I made about Net Neutrality, seven years ago. My stance has not changed between then and now, except maybe to say that I feel like regulations to keep big corporations from shitting all over Net Neutrality are even more vital today.
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A pretty good read.


Again, the perpetual quandary: Is it worse to actually be a racist, misogynist, homophobic, antisemitic, anti-Muslim, idiotic shitsmear on the underwear of humanity? Or is it worse to merely pretend to be a racist, misogynist, homophobic, antisemitic, anti-Muslim, idiotic shitsmear on the underwear of humanity to the extent that nobody can tell the difference at all?

I still don't have an adequate answer for this, except for "it doesn't really matter which is the case, because it's abominable in either case."

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(EDIT) And once again, the refund went through within a couple of hours. Good. (/EDIT)

For the second time now, I have requested a refund for a game on Steam. This time it was for a game (if you can even call it a "game") that only cost a dollar, but I still decided I would rather have my dollar back than to keep this thing.

So, because I pretty much loathe Steam reviews and find them nigh useless (and you can just look at the reviews for the game I linked to above, for examples of why I feel this way), I'll just post a mini-review here, instead.

"Your Friend Hana" is apparently a chatbot. I deduced this from the description and screenshots. It's why I bought it for a mere dollar. However, what the description and screenshots don't tell you is that Hana is apparently a very stupid chatbot. You can find smarter, more sophisticated chatbots for free via a simple <insert search engine of choice here> search. See, my problem was that I was typing complete sentences, and she just kept responding with "What did you say?" I found out later, via the forums, after I had already uninstalled it and requested the refund, that she apparently only responds to single key words. Except that even when I'd tried a single word "Hello," she still replied with "What did you say?" Oh well. I don't think I'm missing anything at all of value here, except for that dollar that I hope Steam gives back to me within a reasonable amount of time.
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Hey, look, yet another reason to say fuck Windows 10. As if we needed more reasons to do so.
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Here is the article on which the Twitter thread is based.

Embedded Twitter thread behind cut. )

Hell, at this rate, maybe I should just bring the Trump tweets tag back. ¬_¬
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Basically, they apparently didn't finish the story satisfactorily in the base game and were planning to finish it via DLC, but now that DLC is no longer going to happen.

So glad I already stopped giving any fucks about Mass Effect, or EAWare in general, years ago, precisely because of asinine horseshit just like this.
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This is his response:

Banal, worse than useless, GOP talking point bullshit behind cut )

Just to note, I never once mentioned "Obamacare" in my message to him. All I said was that I urged him to not support the horrendous AHCA, especially given all the dubious secrecy surrounding it.

So, once again, same as before, Senator Tillis has opted to toe the GOP party line and be a part of the problem rather than the solution. I sincerely hope he is voted out of office the next time he is up for election, but then again, knowing this fucking state, he'll probably be reelected. *weary sigh*
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I started to say "Late night" instead of "Late-at-night," but didn't want it to be confused with Late Night as in the television genre. Can "Late Night" be considered a "genre" now? *shrug* Hell, if I know. I don't watch it anyway, except when it's reposted on Youtube or something and then linked to me via Twitter or Facebook or whatever.


Warning: incoming bizarre, tangential, fucked up, quasi-stream of consciousness Twitter thread embeds.

Shit behind cut )

(Note: "My Immortal" has a rather extensive page on "the other wiki" as well, for what that's worth.)

And then, instead of going to bed, I wrote a Dreamwidth post about it, and then crossposted it to Facebook. And then went to bed.
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Latest addition: June 27, episode 90.

All previous episodes can be found in this tag.

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I was at my sister's house on Sunday with my mom, and while they were off doing other things, I was idly flipping through channels on her TV. I landed on a channel and said, "Hey, that's Wil Wheaton! What's this about?"

It turns out that it was an episode of Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana. (Obligatory TVTropes link.) In fact, I will show you the exact point at which I flipped into the show. It was during Chapter 5, just as they landed at the Skyside Stronghold. I knew immediately that it was a show about a tabletop RPG, but I thought at first that it was mostly in a science fiction setting, what with a ship landing and robots and blasters and cyborgs and all that. Well, it's kind of like that, but also about half-and-half with fantasy as well. Since then, I've gone back and watched the entire series. It's pretty great.

Here, have a redundant embed, too, just for the hell of it.

Youtube playlist embed behind cut )

Also, I am now subscribed to Geek & Sundry in general, and plan to go and watch some of the channel's other stuff. I'd heard of it before, vaguely, but had never really looked into it until now. Basically, this and Counter Monkey are the only real exposure that I've had to tabletop gaming. CRPGs like Baldur's Gate and Planescape: Torment are great, but I guess it's just not the same thing. Maybe someday I'll have a chance to try the real thing (despite being mostly an asocial [not to be confused with "antisocial"] homebody).
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For reference.

Yeah, that is still ongoing. I'm not sure whether it rates a "Holy shit, really?!" or a mere eye roll, because of course it is still ongoing because of course the fat cats in the video game industry are still being utter shitbags about the whole thing.

Twitter thread embeds below.

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Warning: incoming Twitter rant.

Embedded Twitter rant behind cut )
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So, after James Comey said that Trump lied, the White House response was that Trump is not a crook.
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"Media Criticism From 'a Proud Deplorable'"

In case it wasn't already clear, this right here is what sane, Trump-opposing citizens of the United States of America and the rest of the world are up against. The fact that these irredeemable idiots are supposedly proud to be called "deplorable," and, in fact, call themselves "deplorable," tells you pretty much everything you'll ever need to know about them. Words mean things, after all, and these dumbasses are indeed 100% absolutely accurate when they call themselves deplorable.

Seriously, even if Trump himself came out and said, "Yes, I'm a traitor and, yes, I stole the election with the help of the Russians," and then started playing video involving himself, his children, and Vladimir Putin, all of them performing the contents of the worst Aristocrats joke you've ever heard, it wouldn't matter at all, because these goddamned unrepentant asshats would still shriek "FAKE NEWS!" and "WHERE'S THE PROOF?!" and "PROUD TO BE DEPLORABLE HERPITY DURRR!"

Once again, as I've said numerous times in the past, the sheer stupidity, grievous gullibility, incredible ignorance, and horrendous hatefulness of these militant morons never ceases to astonish me. You think I'd be fucking used to it by now, but my befuddlement that these people can be so goddamn terrible (or, hell, that they can continue to exist at all) grows with every passing day and every example of their asininity that I witness, such as the above opinion piece.
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So this bullshit is happening yet again. *weary, frustrated goddamn sigh*

Twitter rant embedded below.

Embedded tweets behind cut )

Just to note: it was only on the weekends that my brother was putting the newspaper in the box himself. The rest of the week, I was reporting it every single time I'd go out there to get the newspaper and it wasn't in the box like it should have been. Had I known that my brother was the one putting it in there on the weekends, and not the paper carrier, I would have been reporting the fuck out of it on those days as well.

For shits and giggles, here are copy/pastes of the complaint emails I sent, starting as of about six weeks ago:

Copy/paste behind cut )

So very MUCH beyond sick and tired of this goddamn fucking horseshit.
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Huh, what a coincidence. You know, what with how I've been playing a lot of this game lately and all (Steam version).

Finally defeated the dragon last night, actually, and started the "post-game" stuff. I think I'll start a New Game+ when I finish that and wait until then to do the DLC/Expansion stuff. It'll be the first game in a very long time that I've looked forward to playing a second time so soon after a first playthrough.


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